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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Know the SSS Contributions Online and Text Messaging?

When you want to know how much you had paid on your monthly Philippine Social Security Systems (SSS) contributions for the past few years of your work, you have to go to the SSS office and fall in the long queue.

At the end of the line, you can get a piece of paper printed with your contributions.  This is all the same with loan payments and benefits claim.

Until they changed it to an online query type.  Wherein you can register and log in to the SSS website and view your contributions, loan payments and benefit claims online.

How to Check SSS Contributions and Benefits Claim Online?
If you do not have an SSS account, you can visit and register at the Social Security System Online Member User ID Registration portal.

Key in all the details and you can log in at anytime with an internet connection. Here is the link:

SSS Online Member User ID Registration
If you are already registered online, you can visit the SSS Official Website to check the status.

How to Check SSS Contributions Using the SMS Text Service?
Not anyone has an internet connection, but they can also check the status of their SSS contributions, loan payments and benefits claim with the use of their handheld phones through text.

The Social Security System had come up with a text service, TEXT-SSS, for phone text users.  This is more convenient since you only need to send a text inquiry, as explained below, with a minimal fee of P2 or P2.50 pesos.

This will save both the time and money involved in going to the SSS offices.

What are the Advantages?

  • Employees can keep track of their SSS status anytime and anywhere
  • Be on guard against employers who are not paying SSS for their employees
  • Save time and money 
  • No need for queuing at the SSS Offices
  • SSS officers can concentrate on their priorities 

How to Register to TEXT-SSS
Members can register by sending their SSS number and birth date using the format: 

SSS REG <SS Number> <MM/DD/YY>...and send to 2600

SSS text transactions require a Personal Identification Number (PIN) code, which will be sent through text after successful registration.
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

GoAutoDial an Internet Based Telephony Solution: Proudly Pinoy!

In Singapore, I've been bombarded with calls from an unknown phone numbers, offering me some of their products.  

I have no idea on what they're offering because they speak on Mandarin.  How unlucky they were that I'm a non-Mandarin speaker.

But do you know that every call they make will cost their company a certain amount which they'll pay with the call service provider? 

Then what happens to the calls they made on me or to someone who does not answer "Unknown" numbers?  It will just be another money wasted, right?
A Filipino Company Found A Solution
As an OFW, I've been always proud to see and hear Filipino achievements, and this time, it will make my day.

A Filipino company GoAutodial Inc., is a three-and-a-half year old Filipino I.T. company owned and managed by veterans of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), IT, retail and direct selling, telecom and media industries. 

The product that they developed is called VoiceBlast.  It was specially designed and catered for business owners who needs to save cost from marketing on blanks (cold calls) or wasting a marketing call on someone that has a negative response, like me.

A business owner can simply sign up for FREE and starts configuring the VoiceBlast campaign profiles just like fixing a Facebook profile and with the following terms:

1. No long term contract requirements
2. No Monetary deposits.
3. No Monthly subscription charges...and lastly,
4. No SETUP Fees

How Does VoiceBlast Works?
Once a Mandarin speaking company or any organization, subscribed to VoiceBlast, wants to call prospected client for a marketing promo, a GoAutoDial’s cloud based automated dialer, aptly called JustGoCloud, calls a list of pre-listed telephone numbers that were uploaded into the web app.

As one of the prospected client, like me, answers the call, what I can hear is a pre- recorded voice message that prompts me to press "1" or any number designated to a certain category.

Ex: “Hello, this is Great Adventures Travel. We have a Buy 1, Get 1 Free promo for Boracay. Press 1 if you’re interested and we’ll call you right away.”

This will make me feel not obligated and may or may not press the button "1".  Curiosity always pumps in to someone that is asked this way, so for me, I'll press the 1.

Once I press "1", the system will connect me to the telemarketers or field sales people for them to close the sales.

It is a 99% sure that who pressed the button is interested to learn more about the product and it's up to the sales people to do more talking and convincing.

The pre-recorded voice can be configured in the campaign profile of the business owner in accordance to his preferences.  The business owner job is to upload the pre-recorded voice message, upload the leads or telephone numbers to call, and click to begin the VoiceBlast.  This can be operated anywhere as long as an internet is available.

If someone doesn't press the button or simply hang up for he is not interested or just a non-Mandarin speaker, the VoiceBlast charges for an affordable price, and it is not charged by the full minute, but by six seconds.  So an 18 second call will cost a business owner for only P2.00.

No Answer, No Charges!

What is it for OFWs?
OFW's are always thinking of ways to build their own business to be in Philippines for good.  When their business starts, an OFW owner needs to think of ways on how to let it grow and improve it.  One of the ways to improve the business is through marketing.

Since this is a Internet based system, the OFW owner can control the campaign in any country he may be.

VoiceBlast will also be helpful to those who are just starting their business and a bit tight with their marketing budget.  Signing up is easy, just visit the site at or

Thanks to this new business solution, Filipinos are undoubtedly Awesome!

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