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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

One of the Top Florists in Singapore to Visit

Shop at A Better Florist if you want to rely on the greatest florist Singapore ever had. I would recommend it to anyone, no matter what your budget is like, what your personal taste is, they have the complete package.

They are talented, fast and different, and know how to cater to customers. In fact, they are so great they have a flower delivery Malaysia loves, the best Hong Kong flower delivery and a flower delivery Dubai adores.

What Makes Them So Special?
They stand out primarily by their same day flower delivery. Rarely does a florist offer same day flower delivery, every single day. And if they do, it isn’t free. With A Better Florist, you get the best Singapore florist free delivery you could imagine.

Holidays, weekends, important dates, they are always available to deliver to any part of Singapore, which is probably why so many Singaporeans love them.

Baby Hampers
Aside From Flower Delivery, What Else Do They Have?
But apart from the flower delivery Singapore you’re going to enjoy and love taking advantage of, you’re going to love browsing through the collection of bouquets and flower arrangements.

There’s a lot of chic and trendy hand bouquets, huge and stunning floral arrangements, along with plenty of fruit baskets Singapore loves to get and gift hampers Singapore always needs to grab on the go.

There’s enough to keep you occupied for an entire afternoon, but in essence, it’s also easy to shop on their website, because the collections are neatly organized.

So it’s quick to switch from wreath flowers to grand opening flowers in literally 10 seconds.

Fruit Basket
One of the greatest things about this flower shop is that they don’t store their flowers in the shop for too long, so that they never compromise the freshness. The bouquets are always ready to bloom when they arrive to their destination.

As much as it is important to have gorgeous flowers to gift to someone, it’s equally important that they are fresh and vibrant, which is something A Better Florist knows.

All of the hampers and fruit baskets can be personalized, and by adding your personal touch you’re going to send the right message to your loved ones and make them feel truly special and one-of-a-kind.

Can They Customize?
From the get well soon hamper to Valentine’s Day hampers or the baby hamper you usually gift for baby showers, you can ask them to make it from scratch. Give them your ideas, they will use their wisdom and skills to bring your ideas to life. And they are so good at it!

When you’re looking for a reliable online florist, you can easily get frustrated, but with A Better Florist the choice somehow becomes easier. Whether you need a flower delivery Abu Dhabi can count on or the best florist in Kuala Lumpur, A Better Florist is trustworthy in every country.

And finally, the web is filled with testimonials and reviews about A Better Florist so you can find out more information and see how other people feel about A Better Florist in Singapore, as the best HK florist and flower delivery Hong Kong needed.

The positivity around this service doesn’t end, which indicates that A Better Florist really does have something special to offer.

All you have to do is to try them out!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Birthday Gifts and Greetings in Singapore

It's time for me to go back home for the birthday celebration of my youngest.  He's getting older now and chubbier!  I'm thinking on some birthday greetings for him, which I can find it on this website.

Free Birthday Greetings Website

My airline ticket is from Jetstar, although there are few of the airlines serving Singapore to Philippines, but I found JetStar convenient and cheaper.

Now, I have to prepare on buying a gift to my son, thought of giving him a tablet to play with,  but he's only a toddler.  I'm afraid it will not last long at his cute little hands.

There are electronics shops that are cheap here in Singapore and you might as well try at Sim Lim Square.

SIM LIM Square is a mall here in Singapore where all that you can find are electronics.  From electronic massager to Computers and Tablets. You'll definitely find any type of electronics here especially for the photographers.

TIP: Do not immediately buy the item that you want.  You go to other shops (5 shops are better) and haggle the price until it's free (just kidding).  

You can do it here and you'll be surprised how high are the first few shops that you've been.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

West Coast Park in Singapore: Let's Visit the Place!

What a fine day to visit some beautiful places in Singapore.  This time, I visited a park where I could  smell the sea breeze, play with the sand, and watch people fishing.

There are few beaches and coastlines here in Singapore, I've been to some of those places, this time I have to start my blog at the west side of Singapore.

The west side of Singapore has a park and is located at the coastline of Pasir Panjang, as what they call the West Coast Park.

This is where children can enjoy playing around with different types and designs of playgrounds, a wide picnic area and places where joggers and soccer fanatics play around.  Fishing is allowed at the coastline. 

You can see yachts docked at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club and Ben Alagnam signature printed at the sand. (LOL)

Going to West Coast by Private Vehicle or Taxi
The good thing about the parks in Singapore is that at some areas, they have free parking.  Just like the area where I parked near the Vintage Car Rental.

Going there by taxi is also easy, just tell Uncle Driver to bring you to the West Coast Park, either near the McDonalds or near the Vintage Car Rental. 

There's no problem where you alight and start your exploration, just roam around and enjoy the place.

Here is the photo, which I took near the parking area.
West Coast Parking Area

West Coast Park Entrance
How to Visit West Coast Park By Bus?
Aim for the MRT Green Line and alight at the Clementi MRT Station, go inside the Clementi Mall and head to the Clementi Bus Interchange

Take the Bus 175 and alight at the 6th bus stop, in front of West Coast.

Have a Peek Inside the West Coast Park

This is totally the place for family gatherings, specially the kids where they will enjoy the uniquely designed playgrounds.
Flying Fox

See the green trees surrounding the park and the wide picnic area covered with trimmed green grass.  Perfect for walking toddlers and your little cuties.
I took a 180 degree view of the green field.  The panoramic view is not that perfect though.
Panoramic View of Singapore West Coast Park
Green grass and trees around West Coast Park Singapore

You can also see squirrels chasing and playing around the trees.  The pathways cut the green grass fields and leads you to the coastline.

I really enjoyed watching the fisherman throwing his fishing rod into the water.  This will make me feel I'm at my hometown.
The view of Jurong Island is amazing, just in time when the sun meets the dark clouds, a sign that a heavy rain is coming soon.

See the stretch of the coastline,  it's protected by a concrete breakwaters.  This is the place for people who loves fishing. 
Coastline area at West Coast Park Singapore

Coastline area at West Coast Park Singapore

This is a small portion of the West Coast where you can feel the sand at you feet and have a dip in the saltwater and hear the waves crashing to the shore.

Every time I feel bored or stressed from work, I visit this place to regenerate my mind. The sound of the waves and the feel of the sand at my feet is a feeling that keeps me near my home.
Visit the West Coast Park and experience it for yourself. 
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Most Valuable Item You Need If You're New in Singapore

Few years ago, as I step out of Changi Airport, I still can't imagine how Singapore look like.  The signs were strange to me, names are quite new.   The picture of the whole Singapore is blurry inside my head.

Then, a friend of mine, whom I owe my future in Singapore, had helped me along the way.  He instructed me where and how to go to the most important places for jobseekers.

The most important item that he lent me is the book that I'll never forget for the rest of my life in Singapore. 

At that time, the book was the latest. This is the Singapore Street Directory book, the most important item for me, aside from my laptop.  

I made sure that every time I go out of the my friend's place, I'll bring it along with me. This serves me the guide on where and what to ride to reach my destination.  This is very useful during interviews and walk-in job seeking.

Why is the Street Directory of Singapore Book important?
I know that having smartphones right now is quite an advantage for visitors or even jobseekers in Singapore.

These smartphones can have some apps for the maps of Singapore.  But, some of the visitors don't have these phones or gadgets.  This is also true for those jobseekers, who only have the limited money and time to find a job, which is only 30 days.

Most of the Smartphone Apps needs to be connected online and this is difficult to have when you are just new or just visiting Singapore.

The best item that you can bring along is the Street Directory of Singapore.  It is not that bulky and can be carried inside your bag. 

What is inside:
1. Detailed street addresses
2. Complete housing and commercial block numbers
3. Detailed and updated Expressway road layout.
4. Easy to use guide (user friendly).
5. Preferred choice for expatriates, drivers, motorists, taxi drivers and despatch riders.

Where to Buy the Singapore Street Directory book?
You can buy the Street Directory at the grocery stores, petrol shops and supermarkets.

You can also buy the book even before you arrive in Singapore through online by clicking the link below. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

The View of Sentosa BoardWalk

There are two ways to go to Sentosa if you're at Vivo City.  It's either you ride the Sentosa Express or walk to the Sentosa BoardWalk.

But before that, how do you go to Vivo City?  First, aim for the MRT Purple Line (NorthEast Line) and alight at HarbourFront or you can read the details at my post about How to Get to Sentosa.

How Much is the Difference Between Sentosa Express and BoardWalk?
Sentosa Express cost you SGD3.00 per entry to Sentosa.  You can use the EZ-link or buy a ticket.  This will bring you to all stations (Waterfront, Imbiah, Beach Station).  This route is fast.

If you want to experience and see the sea and feel the sea breeze touching your skin, you can take Sentosa BoardWalk route. Don't worry, if you're lazy enough to walk, you can just take the long walkalator, it's free.

Sentosa BoardWalk cost you SGD1.00 to enter Sentosa.  You can use the EZ-link or buy a ticket beside the entrance.

How to Go to the Sentosa BoardWalk?
Ok, you're now at Vivo City.   Inside the mall, look for the way to Promenade and you will see the sea and Sentosa at a distant.

For a better view, just watch this video in Youtube.

The only difference of the two routes is TIME.  If you have around 20-30 mins of your time to spare, why not use the Sentosa BoardWalk?  After all, it's the view that you're aiming for...

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How Heavy is the Rain in Singapore

Lately, heavy rains kept pouring Singapore.  There are two types of weather here, rainy and sunny. 

But, sometimes the change of weather is too sudden that you don't know if you need to bring an umbrella or not on your way to work.

It could be sunny in the morning, then when I do my laundry, it will suddenly rain later in the afternoon.

Are There Flush Floods in Singapore?
Last Thursday, 05 September 2013, rain poured down to SG and it's seriously heavy.   It flooded the Commonwealth area and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) was closed due to this flush flood.  

Watch the video in Facebook. The Page described it as "First world drainage system FTW!"

So, I changed my route to Pan Island Expressway (PIE), but still the traffic was jammed.  Lucky I went to Lornie Road and the it turn out to be OK.

This happened also at Orchard last year and it's really devastating at that time because it went in to the building basements.  But it was quickly solved by the government.

Watch this YouTube video on how heavy the rain in Singapore could be.

Bringing an umbrella, a small one, in your bag every time you go out for a walk in Singapore is highly recommended.

Singapore is still considered as lucky because the flood is not that severe as compared to Philippines where people were evacuated from their houses and report of death is quite high.

Flood in the Philippines (photo from

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Discover the 2013 World's Best Airport

Yes, I know, I'm not a Singaporean but a 100% Filipino.  But, this time I have to admire not my country's airport but the Singapore Changi Airport. I'll show you why.

NAIA 3, for me, is the best airport in the Philippines.  It's clean and organized as compared with the NAIA 1 and 2 or other domestic airports.

Singapore Changi Airport is different, it has a lot to share to the visitors and is undoubtedly organized and clean.  You won't be bored here because food and amusement are everywhere and the relaxation points as well. 

Sharing you this is not to brag about Singapore, but to let you know that we (Filipinos) can achieve this.  Our country will soon be like Singapore or even better.  If the economy will keep on moving upwards, why not?

I can't describe it by mere words. Just watch the video for you to find out. 

It's the 2013 World's Best Airport, by the way...if you're a fan of Changi Airport, visit their page on Facebook.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

360 View of the Marina Bay Sands Helix Bridge

Me and my friend decided to visit the Marina Bay Sands and just take photos and videos to enjoy the day.  So, we alighted at the bus stop along Raffles Avenue and walk our way to the Helix Bridge.

The bridge is awesomely designed.  We can see the city and the Merlion, which is a centimeter height from our view.

The place is not that crowded.  Tourist are scattered everywhere, bringing their camera along.  I can see some bringing bags with a label Channel, Louis Vuitton and other luxurious brands.

Enough of that fashion thing, I have to let you see the view of the Helix Bridge, the Art Science Museum and a little bit of the city.  Enjoy watching the 360Ben...

Watch my channel in YouTube.. 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How it Rains in Singapore

I was hungry and was at 2:00pm, got my umbrella and headed to the Hawkers.  Eating alone, so I started to take a video of the rain dropping.  This is how Singapore rains...a usual and unpredictable weather.  Singapore has two seasons, rainy and sunny.  You'll never know when it rains...

Dieses Video ansehen...

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Documentary About Singapore

How did Singapore boomed to a first world country? Singapore is an island country that has a population of around 6 million.

Foreigners, who have stayed to work or travel here, were amazed and wondered how did a small island rose to develop faster than any country in South East Asia, which became one of the world's Top Countries for investors and expats.

Watch the video to see more about Singapore and its economic success. 

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, February 4, 2011

Singapore Botanic Garden

Got a long holiday this week because it's Chinese New Year. So, I decided to go to the Singapore Botanic Garden to see the beautiful flowers, orchids in particular, and took photos of it.

I took the entrance at Nassim Gate located at Nassim Road, where the Visitor Center is located and there are available carparks. The parking nearest to the Center is full so I decided to park in front of Raffles Building.  The carpark at raffles has a capacity of more than 500 parking lots.  It took me 15 mins to find the right carpark.

Because it's Chinese New Year, the entrance were all in red danglers and a lot of Chinese decorations. I took a 360Ben here at the Entrance of Botanic Garden. Watch these...

The Symphony Lake
The view of the lake is Awesome!  I took photos of it.  The field surrounding the lake is wide and you can have your picnic and gatherings there.  Bring your food, packed lunch and some matting for you to sit.

Open field around the lake

This is a slope going to the lake and the stage.

The stage has a unique design.
Has a resemblance with a clam or some kind of a leaf.

At the National Orchid Garden
This is my favorite part. I paid S$5 for the entrance, was so excited to look at the beautiful flowers.  You know me, I like flowers, I'm a flower-lover guy! See some of the pictures which I took.

At the entrance of National Orchid Garden

You got to see this place in person...there's nothing you can compare when you're there and holding those flowers.

That was a fulfilling day, but tiring.  I think,  I had walked a total of 4 kilometers...whew!  Maybe, it's time to make a brand name for me, "The Working Tourist!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinatown Singapore: 360 View of Pagoda Street

The escalator from the MRT Station to the Pagoda Street is one of the longest escalator, as what I have been.  The others are from Dhoby Ghaut and Little India.

Anyway, I took a 360Ben of Pagoda Street Chinatown, just before Chinese New Year.  Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kranji MRT Station

When you are going to Johor Bahru Malaysia from Singapore, you have to alight at Kranji MRT Station.  If you are not familiar with the place. No worries, I did a 360 view of it.

See the 360 view in video...

I have taken some photos with information below as your guide.

Go down to the ground floor and turn left
This is the ground floor, as you top out, turn right
Then you can see this corridor,
go straight to the bus 170 to Johor Bahru, Malaysia
That bus is the BUS 170 to Johor Bahru, Malaysia

If you have a request to 360Ben, please leave your comment below.  Thanks...

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Orchard Road 360 Degree View on Christmas Time

I took a 360deg view of the Orchard with the beautiful lights everywhere.  If you're living near Makati, The Fort, Finlinvest and way up Quezon City, this is quite the same. 

I am in the part standing near the MRT Station and the other side is the Tangs Plaza and Lucky Plaza. The street will be closed during December 24 where people can walk and have some fun on the streets with vendors, performers all around.  You can bring your own food and drinks, better than buying in here.  Buy your stuff at FairPrice near your place.

There are plenty of spots where you can sit and chat with your friends.

See the photos of Orchard Road.

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