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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Remittance, Pagibig and SSS at Metrobank Lucky Plaza

Another month of tears and joy, and it's time to go to Lucky Plaza.  But why is Lucky Plaza or famously known as "LP" connected with the end of the month?  Is it for shopping?

Lucky Plaza is the second home of Filipinos when salary comes at the end of the month.  This is the time of remitting money to Philippines.

Visiting the place is like visiting a mall in the Philippines, you can see a lot of Kababayans queuing at remittance centers, eating and shopping.  You feel like at home.

My monthly destination in Lucky Plaza is the Metrobank Remittance center.  Although there are other remittance centers inside the mall, I have chosen this bank for a good reason:
  • I have a Metrobank account in the Philippines and sending money is a mouse click away.  My wife can withdraw the money at the atm machine at once.  No hassles of showing company IDs and all.
  • I can pay for my PagIbig and SSS as well, it's free when I send it together with my remittance.
  • The exchange rate is the same with the market rate.
  • It is Metrobank, I can't say more.
I have doing this for several years now and the service is consistently good, they even renovated the place to a better and wider area.

How to Go To Metrobank Lucky Plaza?
Go to the MRT RED line and alight at Orchard MRT Station, 
  • then exit at EXIT A 
  • walk through the tunnel leading you to the Tang Plaza
  • You can see the escalator at the right going up to the main Orchard Road.
  • Walk your way going to the direction of the traffic.  This will lead you to Lucky Plaza.
  • Go up to the 3rd floor and say Hello to our Kababayans there.
Map of Lucky Plaza

Have a nice month end and hope to see you at Lucky Plaza.

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If you have questions and comments about this post, please feel free to leave a comment below. You can be anonymous, for those who are shy.

You can email me at if you need some help about Singapore, but not about money, OK? :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DBS Singapore Online Remittance from Singapore to Philippines

If you have a DBS account, you can enjoy their new launch special just by sending money to Philippines.

DBS is launching their online remittance from Singapore to Philippines.

You can enjoy a $5 cash rebate* when you send money to the Philippines via iBanking. 

How to get the cash rebate?
Simply enter the promo code PHP5. Please take note that the promo is only valid for the first 5000 customers who send a minimum PHP 1000. 

*Terms and conditions apply. 

For more details, please visit the DBS website.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to Continue the SSS Contribution for OFW in Singapore?

Back when I was working in the Philippines, a portion of my salary is deducted from my paycheck every month.   This portion is for my Social Security System (SSS) contribution as what it's known by every worker. 

This is the standard procedure for all employers aside from deducting us for the PhilHealth and Pagibig Funds.

What is the purpose of SSS in Philippines?
SSS is a social insurance program that was designed by the Philippine government on 1957 to provide a retirement and health benefits to the Filipino private sector employees who are enrolled in the system.  The membership is mandatory and the employer also pays part of the contribution.

A member of the program can avail a loan to SSS as a salary or calamity loan with low interest rates.

For more information, you can go to this link...Philippine SSS.

What about SSS for OFWs in Singapore?
My SSS contribution ceased when I started working here in Singapore.  I wasn't aware about it until my flatmate told me that I can still continue my contribution as an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW).

Aside from the health and loan benefits, what I like most from SSS is its retirement benefit program.  This will be helpful for me if ever I go back to the Philippines and stay there for good.  As I reach the retirement age, SSS will provide me these benefits and soon be independent from my children at that time.

The pension is quite small but it can be of great help for an oldie like me.  This will provide me money to buy my basic needs and a bit help for my medicines.

As an OFW, still strong to do the tough jobs and gains salary in return, is a great opportunity to plan for the future.  We all know that we are now in the Active Income state and should be building our Passive Income as soon as possible before we are soon be incapable of doing these tough jobs.

OFW's SSS Payments can be continued as a Voluntary Member and can choose an affordable  monthly contribution.  Just remember that the more amount you pay your SSS now will have a great impact on your Retirement Pension amount. 

The maximum voluntary amount that an OFW can contribute is at P1,760 (more or less S$50.00).  See the table below:

Where and How to Continue the SSS Payments?
In Singapore,  SSS is located at the Philippine Embassy  and at the Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road. 

At the Philippine Embassy
You need to fill up your details in the SSS form OW-1 and submit it at (Window 2) for processing and verification.  You will be guided throughout the process.

At the Lucky Plaza
At the Lucky Plaza, it's in the same level and a few stores away from the Philippine National Bank (PNB).

You will be asked to complete the same form for OW-1 and will be guided throughout the process.  Prepare the necessary documents as listed below:

a. Photocopies of Identification Card (IC) and Passport
b. Original copies of your IC and Passport
c. Your SSS number or ID

You can download the form here...

The next payments can be done in Remittance centers that are also located at the Lucky Plaza.  For me, I'm paying at the Metrobank level 3 at Lucky Plaza.

Plan your future and be independent as you reach your retirement age.

SSS Singapore Contact Details:

Embassy of the Philippines20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395Phone: (65) 6235-5604 (Lucky Plaza)Telefax: (65) 6732-1858Email: /sssatsingapore@yahoo.comRepresentative: Marites C. Marin

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Monday, April 4, 2011

How to Save Money in Singapore

I want to share to you my expenses here in Singapore.  This will also be my guide and my reference when my salary will increase in the future.  I will show you my computation at the bottom of this page, but I need to explain it to you one by one.

Everyday, my transportation starts with a two (2) bus stations from our HDB, then three (3) MRT stations and six (6) bus stations to my office and vice versa.  The cost of my transportation for one way is S$1.24. So my budget for a day is S$2.48.

I was cooking last few months ago, but I stopped.  I am already tired from work so cooking is not a good way for me to relax at home.  Then each time I cooked my food, there were only few recipes that I knew.  It can be ginisa, fried egg, fried chicken.  I found it unhealthy for me.

I decided to eat at the hawker station near my office.  This time, I can eat different varieties of food.  The breakfast is a noodle (bihon, canton) then I will partner it with two dishes (vegetables).  The noodles serves as my rice.  The meal cost me only S$2.00.

My lunch is a complete meal, one meat and one vegetables with rice.  Sometimes I eat only 2 vegetable dishes with rice.  It costs me S$2.30 for the combo.

My dinner is again one meat and vegetables with rice. Again the price is S$2.30.

I don't buy those groceries for cooking, I only buy those refreshments such as juices, milk, bread and snacks.
Fruits are my life, I don't go out of the groceries without a bag of fruits.  Each fruit costs an average of S$2.00 per pack.

Every 2 months, I buy my detergents, soap and other beauty products for men. haha!

My average weekly budget for this is S$15.00 and the products are S$10.00.

Luxurious Ben
I am not a fan of branded clothes.  As long as it's comfortable and a bit touch of durability, then it's fine with me.  The clothes that I wore are bought from Malaysia and sometimes in Philippines when I go home for a vacation.  My budget for my luxury in a month is just S$50.00.

Car Parking and ERP
Singapore has ERP(Electronic Road Pricing), which is located mostly in a congested areas like Orchard, Somerset and the rest of the city.  The ERP has gantries that will detect and deduct money from the cashcard, which is inserted in every Singaporean vehicles.  If you forget to insert your cashcard, then S$30.00 fine will be billed to you.

When I go to this areas, it will deduct an average of S$2.00 from my cashcard. So, I included it on my expenses.

ERP is the reason why I don't bring my car to the city.  But, even if I am far from that place, I still have to pay my HDB carpark.  They call this as season parking, which I apply and pay monthly at the HDB.  My monthly parking fee is S$90.00.

Room Rental
I have one roommate and we share a S$700 room rental in an HDB flat.  That means, each of us pays S$350 every month for a 3 x 5 meter room area .  The internet and cable TV is free, but the PUB (gas, electricity, water) is divided for 6 persons. I usually pay around S$7.00 for it because our landlord is paying the first S$200.  The flat has three rooms (masters, 2 common rooms) and a wide living room and a kitchen.

Roaming Around Singapore
Every Saturday and Sunday, me and my friends will go out to see the beautiful sites of Singapore.  My budget for this is S$20.00.  I was lucky to have those friends who are "Kuripot" (thrifty) and don't need to spend too much for other nonsense things.

So, I have explained to you each of my expenses and I will give you an idea on how I budget my money.

Salary   -   S$2,000
Savings -  (       400) (20% of my salary)
   Balance: S$1,600
Transportation:  S$2.48 x 22workdays - S$  54.56 (If I don't bring my car at home)
Food : (S$6.60) x 22workdays            - S$145.20
Groceries: S$20.00 x 4 weeks             - S$  80.00
Luxury:                                                - S$  50.00
Room Rental: S$350.00 + S$7.00       - S$357.00
Roaming Around: S$20.00 x 4 weeks  - S$  80.00
                                   Total Expenses:   S$766.76 ~ S$770 (rounded-off)

Balance           - S$1,600.00
Less Expenses - S$   770.00
   Extra Savings:  S$   830.00 (P28,220)

Total Savings: S$1,230 (P41,820)

The extra and part of my savings will be alloted to my airfare and some goes to expenses in the Philippines.

This computation that I made is for your reference.  It may differ because of our preferences in life.  It will totally depend on you on how you manage it.

I have saved this amount, and so can you!

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sending Gifts to Philippines from Singapore

Christmas is coming and I need to send gifts to my relatives in the Philippines. What I was thinking now is to send shampoos, detergents, soap or lotions.  These things can be ideal to send because its in liquid form.  If you bring this with you through the airport would cause you delays and even rejection from the airport customs.  It is because liquid substance are not aloud to be hand-carried.  If you check those in, you'll consume your free baggage just for these liquids.

Anyway, my box arrived few days ago and I need to fill it up.  I have my television set, an old one, ready for packing.  Then the next will be things for my relatives.

Where can I send my gifts in Singapore to Philippines?
There are many box forwarders in Singapore and you can find them in Lucky Plaza.  I asked few of my friends about the price, ranging from S$90 to S$110.  It depends on how big the box is, it can be in a 23x23x41" that is what they call SUPER MEGA and the TIPID box is 18x15x18".  You can choose the size you want.

The forwarder that I have inquired  is the ASIAPAC Services.  You can call them at +65 6738-1390 to 91. Their location at Lucky Plaza is at 4th floor, unit number 28.

My box is the MEGA box which is 24x24x37".  This will be ideal for my television and there are extra spaces where I can insert few other things.  You can fill it up as long as you can cover, at any weight.  This costs S$105 dollars and the delivery charge of the box is S$10, but can be deducted to the total cost.

I better be packing now and have to send it before their Wednesday cutoff.  It will be sent on Friday to Philippines. This will take 2 weeks to arrive, so better start now. Kawee!!!

If you have some questions? Just send a comment below, thanks!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Remittance: Sending Money to Philippines

I got my month salary yesterday and need to complete my obligations. Remittance is my monthly routine, sending part of my money to my family. So, I just want to share with you few things regarding remittance...

Where to Send or Remit money from Singapore to Philippines?

It sounds easy, but quite a little bit risky. My way of withdrawing money is not to withdraw far from the remittance station. Given that you have this large amount of money that is worth thousands of pesos in your pocket-converted from Singapore dollar to peso, you should be aware that even if it's Singapore, some places wouldn't be safe. A tip that you should consider when bringing money in any other country.

I boarded the Green Line MRT to Raffles Place Station and transfered to the Red Line going to Orchard. Lucky Plaza is my target destination and it's in that place, it's also where the Philippine remittance stations are located and the place where Filipinos meet.

How to Send or Remit money?

There are plenty of remittance stations in Lucky Plaza. You can remit your money in Metrobank, PNB, LBC, BPI, etc... What I have is the Metrobank where I can send my money directly to my Metrobank Philippines account.

If you are going to use Metrobank, you first need to get a registration form from the teller. You'll need to put your information and options to what account your money will be sent. They will then give you an identification card. This card can now be used in your future remittance.

You have to fall in line or Queue, as a Singapore term, then wait for your turn. When called, show your ID to the clerk, say the amount you want and where to send. Pay SGD4.00 for every transaction. This will just take 3 minutes to complete. Do not forget to sign and confirm the receipt. Check all the amount and information written on that receipt.

Keep all the receipt because Metrobank has a promo where they will deduct S$1.00 in every three transactions with them.

After the remittance, go out and stroll around Orchard. A great place to be.

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