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Friday, June 27, 2014

Birthday Gifts and Greetings in Singapore

It's time for me to go back home for the birthday celebration of my youngest.  He's getting older now and chubbier!  I'm thinking on some birthday greetings for him, which I can find it on this website.

Free Birthday Greetings Website

My airline ticket is from Jetstar, although there are few of the airlines serving Singapore to Philippines, but I found JetStar convenient and cheaper.

Now, I have to prepare on buying a gift to my son, thought of giving him a tablet to play with,  but he's only a toddler.  I'm afraid it will not last long at his cute little hands.

There are electronics shops that are cheap here in Singapore and you might as well try at Sim Lim Square.

SIM LIM Square is a mall here in Singapore where all that you can find are electronics.  From electronic massager to Computers and Tablets. You'll definitely find any type of electronics here especially for the photographers.

TIP: Do not immediately buy the item that you want.  You go to other shops (5 shops are better) and haggle the price until it's free (just kidding).  

You can do it here and you'll be surprised how high are the first few shops that you've been.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

West Coast Park in Singapore: Let's Visit the Place!

What a fine day to visit some beautiful places in Singapore.  This time, I visited a park where I could  smell the sea breeze, play with the sand, and watch people fishing.

There are few beaches and coastlines here in Singapore, I've been to some of those places, this time I have to start my blog at the west side of Singapore.

The west side of Singapore has a park and is located at the coastline of Pasir Panjang, as what they call the West Coast Park.

This is where children can enjoy playing around with different types and designs of playgrounds, a wide picnic area and places where joggers and soccer fanatics play around.  Fishing is allowed at the coastline. 

You can see yachts docked at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club and Ben Alagnam signature printed at the sand. (LOL)

Going to West Coast by Private Vehicle or Taxi
The good thing about the parks in Singapore is that at some areas, they have free parking.  Just like the area where I parked near the Vintage Car Rental.

Going there by taxi is also easy, just tell Uncle Driver to bring you to the West Coast Park, either near the McDonalds or near the Vintage Car Rental. 

There's no problem where you alight and start your exploration, just roam around and enjoy the place.

Here is the photo, which I took near the parking area.
West Coast Parking Area

West Coast Park Entrance
How to Visit West Coast Park By Bus?
Aim for the MRT Green Line and alight at the Clementi MRT Station, go inside the Clementi Mall and head to the Clementi Bus Interchange

Take the Bus 175 and alight at the 6th bus stop, in front of West Coast.

Have a Peek Inside the West Coast Park

This is totally the place for family gatherings, specially the kids where they will enjoy the uniquely designed playgrounds.
Flying Fox

See the green trees surrounding the park and the wide picnic area covered with trimmed green grass.  Perfect for walking toddlers and your little cuties.
I took a 180 degree view of the green field.  The panoramic view is not that perfect though.
Panoramic View of Singapore West Coast Park
Green grass and trees around West Coast Park Singapore

You can also see squirrels chasing and playing around the trees.  The pathways cut the green grass fields and leads you to the coastline.

I really enjoyed watching the fisherman throwing his fishing rod into the water.  This will make me feel I'm at my hometown.
The view of Jurong Island is amazing, just in time when the sun meets the dark clouds, a sign that a heavy rain is coming soon.

See the stretch of the coastline,  it's protected by a concrete breakwaters.  This is the place for people who loves fishing. 
Coastline area at West Coast Park Singapore

Coastline area at West Coast Park Singapore

This is a small portion of the West Coast where you can feel the sand at you feet and have a dip in the saltwater and hear the waves crashing to the shore.

Every time I feel bored or stressed from work, I visit this place to regenerate my mind. The sound of the waves and the feel of the sand at my feet is a feeling that keeps me near my home.
Visit the West Coast Park and experience it for yourself. 
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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Find the Hawker Locations in Singapore


I guess you are, it's not because I can read minds but because you had your time to visit this post.  You must be looking for the Hawker's location in your place, right?

You can Google the word hawker or you can just find it here.  I found a website that is helpful for you, tourist or even me, who has been here for few years.

I just want to share this website to you.  Click the image link below.

Hawker is the most convenient place to eat because you can find different varieties of food at a multicultural environment.  This means that you can find Malay, Indian & Chinese food in one area.

Some of the Hawkers have Filipino stores like in Jurong East and Yew Tee MRT station.  I still need to find the other kababayan stores.

Anyway, I'll just make my blog short so you can start looking for a Hawker center near you and start munching.

If you need something to read when you're taking your meal, please feel free to read my blog.  You can gather a lot of information here about Singapore.  Cheers!!!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Best Gate in the World in 2013

Have you ever been to the Best Gate in the World?
Gate is the very first location where you invest a lot in beautification.  This is to let your visitors see before they go in to your home. 

The first impression of each visitor as soon as they visit your home is the most important to achieve. You want them to be blown away and be totally relaxed once they enter your place.

Singapore Has The Best Gate in the World!
A country is a big scale of a house (home).  The visitors are those from neighbouring countries or even at the farthest east and west side of the globe.

The Gate of a country is the airport and is obviously where the visitors had their first glance as soon as they arrive.  As long as you can read the English alphabet, you will not be lost in Singapore.  A lot of big signboards that directs you to each terminal designations can easily be spotted.

Digital clocks with large size numbers are positioned few meters apart that you can keep track with time.

Oh, I forgot to mention the free use of computer with internet that are located at a strategic corners of the airport.

Singapore had made its gate as attractive as she can.  The Terminal 1 (T1) is decorated with unique Kinetic Rain Sculpture that can change figures once each piece of raindrop is positioned.  It can be in a wavy figure or even an aircraft.  Watch the video below or at the Youtube channel.

On the other side of the airport, which is the Terminal 2 (T2), you can see the beautiful sculpture inside a small garden.  It's a colourful tiled flower-like structure that has live flowers enclosed in it.

The flooring is made up of wood with small LED lights that changes colors at a given time.  A small pond flows continuously within the garden.

This is definitely the best place to relax, be calm and release your flight stress.  The artificial sound of the forest is played on the speakers placed at a strategic position around the garden.  This simulates the sound of a rainforest.

It's A Shopper's Paradise
After visitors visited the garden and calmed down for while, there are places where shopaholic visitors love and enjoy.

Terminal 2 is surrounded by shops that sells high end products from bags to chocolates.  This will make you feel like you're not inside an airport.

What is the Best Airport of the World in 2013?
The gates of Singapore are its airports and no doubt that the world had voted the Singapore Changi Airport as the World's Best Airport in 2013.

It was voted at the World Airport Awards at the Passenger Terminal EXPO in Geneva.

I've been to the best airport in the world, so can you! 

Plan your next vacation in Singapore and see why it's the No. 1!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

45-minute Drink All You Can Beer in Singapore!!!

Alcoholics, this is your time!  I'll tell you why...

Disclaimer: I am not alcoholic, but a social drinker...and take note, if you're below the legal age of drinking, please don't read further.

If you drive and love to drink? Leave your car at home...

Where did we go?
My friends and I decided to have a trip that is not famous with the tourist.  We checked with my colleague about a place and found that the TIGER Beer factory is open for public viewing every weekdays (10am to 5pm).

So, we went for the tour one Friday afternoon and was so excited about it.

The Tour at the Tiger Beer Factory in Singapore
We booked our tour ticket online for S$16.00 per adult, a day before the tour.  Arrived and excited 10-minute before the tour schedule, we took photos of the entrance.  We presented our Identification Cards and  Passports for foreigners and they gave us a Tour Card Pass.

Tiger Beer Factory Ticketing Booth
Tiger Beer Gate
The tour guide came just before the scheduled tour and she brought us to the main entrance of the Tiger Beer Factory.  There are a lot of memorabilia displayed all over the place, what I like most is the touchscreen TV for watching the history of Tiger Beer Singapore.   I saw a souvenir shop at the place but have no budget for buying so.

I took a photo of the table which is covered by a glass and in it are the bottles of the different types of beer that are manufactured inside the factory.  I was surprised that Heineken Beer is one of them. Cool!

Tiger Beer Factory beer display
After a 15-minute introduction from a video and the tour guide, we went inside the brewing factory and unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside.   So, these photos are taken outside the factory where you can see the ingredients used in making your favorite beer.  The process is highly confidential.
Ingredients Description


Oh, by the way, they need to add WATER!!! I did not took a photo of it because it's HIGHLY confidential. LOL!

After a 45-minute plant tour, they taught us a quick training on how to properly serve a beer in a chilled glass.  Better to visit it personally and learn it by yourself, the next part of it is to drink your own serving and it's a Tiger beer. Ahh!

What are the different varieties of beer in Tiger Beer Tour?
The most exciting part is here, the Beer Appreciation Section!  This is your chance to taste the different types of beer, namely:


Sorry if I forgot to mention a brand or two, but as far as I remembered, I tasted all of this.  I took a photo of the Archi Pelago, which is my favorite beer so far.  It's because of its aromatic flavor.

Archi Pelago Beer taste test, my favorite so far

Tiger and Heineken Beer are served in a big chilled glass and others are served just like the photo above.  They'll give you 45 minutes to drink beer all you can.  Hurry but don't mess up.

I end up not remembering the other brands. Hik, Hik $%^$&^%*&!!!

How to Book at Tiger Beer Brewery Tour Singapore?
Go online and book at Tiger Beer Tour Booking and Check out the Tour Booking Info.

Have a nice tour and drink!!! Please leave your comment and experience below. Hik..Hik !^@%&^74 (drunk)!!

How to Get There?
1. Alight at Boon Lay MRT Station
2. Ride the bus 182
3. Approximately 20-minute ride

Car: (Drivers should not be drinking)
Tuas West Road corner Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best Time to Visit NTUC Fairprice

Another day in Singapore, my rest day, very fine Saturday.  So I decided to meet with my friend at Jurong Point, Boonlay MRT Station at 2pm.

After that I went to buy some groceries at the NTUC Fairprice.  Before telling you the perks in NTUC, I want you to know that this store is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Nice right?  By the way, I had tried to buy some groceries at 2am.  This is like 7/11 but in a big scale, a supermarket.

What are the Freebies?
Anyway, I went up at the 2nd floor of Jurong Point and headed to NTUC Fairprice.  The time was around 2-3pm.  I saw an Auntie distributing something.  I was curious and went nearer to her.  A man was sipping a cup of Nestle Coffee beside her.  She was giving a free drink of coffee.  I said, Wow, this is good!

At the far end corner, another Auntie is giving free biscuits.  So, I tried it and it's nice.  And then free fish balls, finger foods and juice(in a small paper cups) are all over the place.  So I thought that this is the best time to visit NTUC.  I printed in my brain memory (2pm-3pm every Saturday).

I am not sure if they're giving away freebies during Sundays.  There's nothing else better than this.  Finished my groceries with a smile and a full stomach.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Visiting the Gardens By The Bay

The opening day of the new recreational park in Singapore was last Friday, 29 June 2012.  The following day was opened for  public and it was our opportunity to visit the place.

Singapore named it as the "Gardens By The Bay".  The name speaks for itself as it has lots and lots of tropical plants of different varieties.  Located at the back of the Marina Bay Sands (MBS), it is a nice location for photography since it's facing both the MBS and Singapore Flyers.

How to Get to the Gardens By The Bay?
The place is accessible from Marina Bay MRT Station, Marina Bay Sands and Bayfront Station.

Marina Bay MRT StationYou need to exit at the EXIT A and walk your way to the place.
Bayfront Station - At this station, look for the EXIT B.
Marina Bay Sands - Go to the Marina Expo and climb at the overpass going to the gardens.

Check this map to see the whole view: Gardens By The Bay Map

How much is the Entrance Fee?
Some of the amenities are free for public viewing but the best attractions have their respective fees.
The opening hours is:

Bay South Garden - 05:00am to 02:00am daily
Cooled Conservatories and OCBC Skyway - 09:00am to 09:00pm daily.

These are the places with Entrance Fees:
Flower Dome
Cloud Forest
OCBC Skyway

Check out the prevailing rates here.  Gardens By The Bay rates and hours of Admission.

When is the best time to visit the Gardens By The Bay?
For me, I recommend that you go there at 4pm as the sun's heat is not that intense.  This time, you can take photos of the different views of the place with the sun's light source.

Once approaches the sunset, the place transforms into a colorful beautiful light displays from all over the place.  This is what I like most.  Change your camera settings to night mode and it will capture the beautiful structures of the Garden's by the Bay with their lights on.  Superb!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Location of the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Havelock Road

After I called the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and told them that I will claim my EPEC personally to their office, they arranged an appointment for me.  

I searched at the Singapore Map for the location of the (MOM) Ministry of Manpower, Havelock Road.

So the day that I went to MOM, I was early as my scheduled time for the reason that I considered the time that will be wasted in finding the location.  

How to Go to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Havelock Road?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

iFly Singapore: Experience the Thrill of Indoor Skydiving

My friend had just arrived from the Philippines and I need to let him see the beauty of Sentosa.  We went there at around 3pm in a sunny Sunday.

We alighted at the Waterfront Station and walked our way to Universal Studios, Resort World Casino then to Merlion.  We take photos here and there until we reached the Beach Station.

Going Inside iFly Singapore 
I looked around and something caught my eye, a new building just beside the Beach Station.  We can see the big screen outside, showing video with a man doing a skydive. It's the new iFly Singapore themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. WOW!!!

I was curious, as a little boy, so I asked my friends if we can go inside and see.  At first,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Man Button at the Pedestrian Crossings

When crossing the streets, you can see a device with a button installed on every pedestrian crossing.  

This is a device that has a stainless round button, a small light (red) indicator and an arrow pointing to the direction of the zebra crossing.  

This is the "GREEN MAN", which you need to press to cross the pedestrian road.

How does the Green Man at the Pedestrian Crossing Works?
If you want to cross the other side of the road, you have to press the round stainless button of the Green Man device.  Once pressed, the light indicator, in red, will light up, indicating that the device is activated.  This will signal the traffic controller box that a pedestrian will be crossing soon.  So, the next turn will activate the green colored man on the traffic light, which means it's now safe to cross the road.  

What if I Forgot to Press the Green Man?
This happens when the road is a one-way or a two-way road and not an intersection.  If no pedestrian presses the Green Man or the light indicator (red) was not activated, it will not change the pedestrian traffic light status (red to green man).  You will wait there forever...not unless one pedestrian on the other side had read my blog. :)

Myth About the Green Man
I was a newbie back then when a friend told me that when you press the green man as fast as you can, it will change the pedestrian signal status fast.  I was shocked with a Huhhh? Is it true?

Actually, each traffic intersection lights are synchronized to prevent  accident.  Traffic lights in Singapore have triggers ( the Green Man) even on cars.  Pressing the device as fast as you can will keep you busy while waiting for the green man, then when the signal will think that it was fast.  But the truth is, the timing is just the same. You are just diverted to some st*pid act. 

You have just shown how irresponsible pedestrian you are, lost 1,000 calories and some muscle tissue building up at your fingers. 

So, this is totally a myth.

Please click the Like button bellow if I answered your query... 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rooms for Rent

A Singapore Newbie will always find a home to stay.  Some find a shelter from their relatives or friends.  How lucky they were.

What if you don't have a place to stay and the difficult part is where to find for an accommodation?  This is a big problem for you.

Nothing to worry about Newbies, I have made a Board at the Singapore Newbie site (Room for Rent) to help you find the rooms for rent.  You can click the site below.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Toilets with TV Screen Display

There are no comfort rooms here in Singapore because they call it toilets.  I remembered when I ask one janitor on where the comfort room is, he can not understand me.  I thought that he can not speak English, so I do the act of doing a hand wash.  He told me, "ahh, toilet ah!" , pointing at a corner.

So I went to that corner and found the toilet.  The toilet is wide and the coolest thing that I discovered is that they have this 5" TV screen on each urinals.  When you're doing your thing, you can see ads display on it.  A unique toilet indeed.

Where Can I Find this Toilet with TV Screens?
This toilet is located at ION Mall.  When you alight at the Orchard MRT Station, follow the path to ION Mall and up to the 2nd level.  Find the toilet there.  Sorry but this is for BOYS only.

How about you Ladies, did you see one of these at your toilets?  Please leave your comment below...

TV Screen Display on each of urinals.
I took this photo as fast as I could as someone might
think that I am spying him.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paya Leybar Air Base Open House 2011 Experience

My skin and face have sunburn, reddish that looks like the "lechon", roasted pig.   This is the effect if exposed to the blistering sun while checking out the Fighter jets, helicopters and the weapon systems of Singapore.

We arrived at the Singapore Air Base in Paya Leybar at around 11:00am.  The free shuttle bus keeps on arriving at a 3-minute interval, bringing passengers from Hougang and Eunos MRT Station.  Some boarded the bus 90 and others arrived with their cars.  Luckily, I did not bring mine because I was expecting difficulties to find a parking area.  It turned out that my decision was right.

Below are the photos taken during our trip.
Fighter Jet's butt, this is where the exhaust comes out.
Look at those huge bombers and carriers.
This will carry military personnel to combat.
The Apache, the gun moves in relation
with the pilots point of view.
The crew demonstrated how to arm an Apache helicopter
Look at that fighter, my baby!
Fighter jet displaying its bombs and bullets
This jet has long rockets.
You can ride and experience being a pilot.
But you need to queue.

I'll definitely be coming again next year 2012 Open House!

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