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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WiFi and Wireless@SG Hotspots in Singapore

Got problems connecting to the internet in Singapore? There are a remedies for that here.  These remedy are applicable to tourists and those residing here in Singapore.  Although there are 3G and 4G networks available nationwide, but it can only be available for those who are fortunate enough to pay the bills.

One option is to use the Free WiFi hotspots here in Singapore:
1. Hotel and Hostels
2. Branches of Starbucks
3. McDonalds branches.
4. Berrylite Yogurt branches
5. Coffee Bean outlets
6. Tea Leaf outlets
7. etc....

You can ask the counter for this free service password.

What is the other solution?
Why pay when you can get it Free?  So, the other solution is the Wireless@SG, which is developed by Infocomm Development of Singapore (IDA).  This can be accessed both indoors and outdoors in any public places in Singapore with speeds of up to 1Mbps. Not bad for browsing, email and VOIP.

Wireless@SG is powered by the three big network operators in Singapore namely SingTel, M1 and iCELL.

The registration is FREE, please take not that it will only be free to public until 31 March 2013.

Where are the Wireless@SG hotspots here in Singapore?
You can connect to the internet at these locations here.

What are the Steps to Connect to Wireless@SG?
You need to have a local SIM for you to register, you need to visit the customer service section of SingTel, iCELL and M1 and present your passport for identification.

Make sure that your device has a Wifi (IEEE 802.11bg) network adapter. Please click this link to get to the step by step procedure on how to connect to the Wireless@SG.

For the FAQs about the Wireless@SG in each network provider...please visit these sites

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Using the Smart Pinoy DOS in Singapore

When you're here in Singapore and want to connect to your family in the Philippines, you have to be wise on choosing the right medium of communication.

Aside from Facebook, Skype, YM, and a lot more, you can use your mobile to call and text your relatives in Philippines inexpensively.

What is Smart Pinoy DOS?
SMART is one of the biggest telecommunications company in the Philippines.  They have extended their services in Singapore.  This is what they call the SMART PINOY.

Smart Pinoy is a SIM card from SMART Communications, which you can buy at Lucky Plaza, 7-eleven, Cheers and some cellphone dealers here in Singapore.  Buying a SIM in Singapore needs your passport details by the way.

Smart Pinoy offers the SMART PINOY DOS where you can subscribe every month at a value of $2.00, which will be automatically deducted from your load, even if you don't use it quite often.  It will be deactivated if you don't have enough load balance to transact, you can reactivate it but will change your Philippine number.

Smart Pinoy will send you a Philippine number, which is the equivalent Philippine local number of your Smart Pinoy SIM.  This will be the number which your relatives use to contact you.

How to Activate Smart Pinoy DOS?

Text DOS <space> ON and send to 55550.

Smart Pinoy DOS will send you a SMS message stating your Philippine number.

How to call Philippines using SMART PINOY DOS from Singapore?
To call a relative in Philippines from Singapore, you need to have a SMART Pinoy DOS subscription by activating it with your Smart Pinoy SIM.

If the DOS is activated, you can just dial this numbers:

                        1561+Country Code+Area Code +Tel. No.
If your relative's cellphone number is 09213456789 or the Manila landline number is 8231234

               (For Cellphones)  1561639213456789 then press CALL
               (For Landlines) 15616328231234  then press CALL

If you do not put the 1561 at the beginning of the country code, they will deduct to your load in a roaming rate. Painful!!!

     Tip: Singapore should be the one to call Philippines so that the Philippine cellphone has no deduction on its load.  But, if Philippines will call Singapore, then Philippines will be deducted from its load and  Smart Pinoy owner as well.  

What I do is to ask my relative in the Philippines to give me a miss call and I call them back. The cost of the call from Singapore is the same as calling in Philippines locally.

How to call Singapore using SMART PINOY DOS from Philippines?
Smart Pinoy DOS will issue you a Philippines number. Your relative can now contact you using this number.

Example:  Your Smart Pinoy DOS Philippine number is +639209234567

Your relative will just directly dial this number to contact you.

How to Text Philippines using SMART PINOY DOS from Singapore and Vice Versa?
Sending a text message to Philippines is easy, just create a message and send to the Philippine number of your relative.

Example:  "How's Philippines? give my regards to all!!!"  then send to +639213456789-(relative's number)

Philippines can send text messages to Smart Pinoy DOS:

Example: "Please send money, need it badly?" then send to +639209234567-(Smart Pinoy DOS Number)

Philippines text message  to Singapore costs P1.00 (Normal rate) and Singapore's text message to Philippines is around S$0.05.

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If you have other clarifications, please leave a comment below.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Planking in Singapore

Some ignores the idea of Planking and others are annoyed with it and calls it stupidity.  This is now the viral photo idea that is now spreading across the globe and that includes Singapore.

Singapore is also a victim of planking and this can not be stopped.  Who cares and who will?

What is Planking Anyway?
Planking is a photo pose which involves a person or a group, with their body and face lying flat on the ground, on top of a furniture or even at extreme conditions, on top of toilet cubicles.  This is like a log drop as you call it.  Both hands are on the sides and feet pressed together.

To give you an idea, see the photo below where Planking was done on different places of Singapore like MRTs and Marina Bay Sands .

Planking at Marina Bay Sands

Planking at the Singapore MRT
(by: sphyrna.wordpress,com)
And even at the escalators...

Singapore Scalator
These are just few samples about Planking in Singapore. I'm sure that more of them are yet to be taken...

Who Created or Invented Planking?
The first man who was documented to perform the planking, so far, is Tom Green.  He is a Canadian multi-talented actor and best known for his stupid acts.

This video of Tom Green shows how he started the idea of Planking in 1994...Enjoy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Green Man Button at the Pedestrian Crossings

When crossing the streets, you can see a device with a button installed on every pedestrian crossing.  

This is a device that has a stainless round button, a small light (red) indicator and an arrow pointing to the direction of the zebra crossing.  

This is the "GREEN MAN", which you need to press to cross the pedestrian road.

How does the Green Man at the Pedestrian Crossing Works?
If you want to cross the other side of the road, you have to press the round stainless button of the Green Man device.  Once pressed, the light indicator, in red, will light up, indicating that the device is activated.  This will signal the traffic controller box that a pedestrian will be crossing soon.  So, the next turn will activate the green colored man on the traffic light, which means it's now safe to cross the road.  

What if I Forgot to Press the Green Man?
This happens when the road is a one-way or a two-way road and not an intersection.  If no pedestrian presses the Green Man or the light indicator (red) was not activated, it will not change the pedestrian traffic light status (red to green man).  You will wait there forever...not unless one pedestrian on the other side had read my blog. :)

Myth About the Green Man
I was a newbie back then when a friend told me that when you press the green man as fast as you can, it will change the pedestrian signal status fast.  I was shocked with a Huhhh? Is it true?

Actually, each traffic intersection lights are synchronized to prevent  accident.  Traffic lights in Singapore have triggers ( the Green Man) even on cars.  Pressing the device as fast as you can will keep you busy while waiting for the green man, then when the signal will think that it was fast.  But the truth is, the timing is just the same. You are just diverted to some st*pid act. 

You have just shown how irresponsible pedestrian you are, lost 1,000 calories and some muscle tissue building up at your fingers. 

So, this is totally a myth.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Buy MRT Ticket and Card Top Up

As soon as you arrive at the airport and you're at the MRT Station, find a GTM as seen at the photo below.  

What is GTM in MRT Stations?
GTM stands for General Ticketing Machines, where you can purchase your MRT ticket or top up your EZ-link cards.  If you have no Ez-link card, you can buy at the MRT cashier.

Card costs : S$5.00
Free Load : S$7.00
Total Cost : $12.00  

How to Top Up the EZ-Link Card?
If you have your EZ-link card, place it on top of the slot, labeled "Please place here" at the top portion of the machine.  The screen, at the lower corner will display the options of what you will do with your card. 

Press the "Add value" and follow the instructions. You can pay by cash (notes or coins) by inserting it in the slot, located at the upper right corner, or the NETS, at the upper left corner.  

If your EZ-link card is inside your wallet. You don't need to remove it, just place your wallet on top of the slot "Please place here".  It will automatically read your EZ-link card.  Make it sure that no other RF cards are present inside your wallet or else the machine will have difficulty detecting your EZ-link card.

Take note that the minimum top-up value is $10.

How to Buy a Single Trip Standard Ticket? 
Tickets are used if you don't have the EZ-link card. This is a single trip ticket and is useful when you're not staying in Singapore for a longer period.

At the screen, with the "Select Option", choose the Standard Ticket and it will prompt you to choose your destination.  Press directly on the map, at the right side of the screen, the location of your choice.
The machine will prompt you to pay, you can pay with notes or coins located at the upper right corner. Then follow the instructions. Then, the ticket will pop out of the machine bin located the the lower portion.  Tap it on the MRT barrier to open.

Take note that there is a $1 refund if you'll return your single ticket to the cashier or the GTM after using it.  If you don't want for a refund, keep it as your souvenir.

There you have it, happy trip!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Counting Pests in Singapore

I'm an observant type of person. As I stayed here in Singapore, I observed few things, which everyone is annoyed of.  These are the cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes.

Okay, why am I blogging these pests anyway?

This is because I am wondering why there are few of them crawling and strolling around the streets or every corners in Singapore.  It made me curious.

I found only 2 cockroaches.  First, I found it teased by kids few months ago.  It seems it's their first time to see one. They poked it with stick while watching it crawling with fear "Please don't hurt me oh dear kids!!!".

Second, it was under death calling.  It was crawling and stretching its arms inch by inch.  It's like one of the Jackie Chan's Kung Fu movies when his enemy is in near death situation saying "You killed my master, you'll pay!!!(in Chinese accent)"

I saw a total of 2 rats. The first one is spotted crawling at the bushes and ran, crossing the streets and into the manhole.  The second one is lying flat dead at the middle of the road, or should I call it a paper rat?

Dengue is the worst virus taken from these pests. So, when I see one, I made it sure that it should be killed instantly.  But, this is Singapore, I have only seen 3 mosquitoes.  Two of them are hitch hikers, staying in my car without permission.  Now, the trouble is, they start to fly when I'm driving, totally annoying.  But of course, I  killed them all!  The second one is when I was sitting at the park.  One mosquito bit me, and I took vengeance, poor thing.

What I observed is that they do fumigation regularly at every HDBs and at parks where these pests are roaming.  The trash are collected everyday, this will prevent cockroaches and rats from feasting inside the bins.

The NEA ( National Environment Agency) is doing a good job controlling these pests in Singapore.  Bravo to them.  There is no such thing as zero pests and even soap will kill germs only 99.9%, there's still 0.1% remaining.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Haircut in Singapore: How Much?

Just got my hair done today and now feeling 2-kgs. lighter...

I usually get my hair cut in the Philippines, this is when I visit home for my vacation.  The haircut costs me just S$1.10 (P40.00) in a barber shop that are along the streets and S$4.00 (P120.00) for those inside the malls.

But this time, I can't wait for my next vacation and I felt heavy with my hair.  So, I decided to go to the barber shop when I passed by along Boonlay market.

I parked my car near the barber shop and placed the parking coupon on the dashboard.  I only placed 30minutes (S$0.50) 'cause I thought that it will not be that long.

I arrived at the barber shop, just an ordinary shop like street shops in the Philippines.  I know from afar that it is a barber shop because of the barber tube sign, which has a swirling blue and red stripes.  Then a banner was posted on their glass door stated as:

Cost of Haircut 
Girl - S$10.00 (P340)
Boy - S$5.00 (P170)
W/wash - S$3.00 (P100)

Wow! This is cheaper than I thought because saloons or barber shops at the Singapore malls will cost S$10 (P340) for boys and S$16 (P520) for girls and might go up depending on the length of the girl's hair.

So, I went in and the barber is a girl, I don't know how to call her...Barbera?  It's like a warrior, hehe! She took her weapon (scissors) and asked me about the style.

I don't have any idea what to call the George Clooney or the Oasis haircut, but I just pointed some pictures of the men at their wall.

Then she told me that it is called a "Spike" with a "Slope". Oh, I see...! Then I told her to start the cutting...She did in just 15 minutes and after that, she gave me this....
Wet wipes after the hair cut
Lesson learned: I better have my haircut done in the Philippines.  I found it expensive here, my goodness!!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crocs Branches in Singapore

If you are a fan of Crocs sandals, flip-flops & clogs, but having a hard time finding the branches here in Singapore.

This is your lucky day, when you found my blog.  I have listed the branches of Crocs in Singapore below:

Crocs Marina Square
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-134/135
(65) 6337 0134

Crocs Vivo City
1 HarbourFront Walk #01-63/64
(65) 6272 0163

Crocs Plaza Singapura
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #03-14
(65) 63347349

Holland Village Market
Holland Village Market #01-10
1 Lorong Mambong

2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore Singapore S018972

RSH Funan
Funan DigitaLife Mall
109 North Bridge Road #02-01A
(65) 63388633

Running Lab
Funan DigitaLife Mall
109 North Bridge Road #03-20
(65) 6336 6775

53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 #02-60/61
(65) 6738 8869

The Heeren
260 Orchard Road #04-23
(65) 6738 8619

Inphinite @ IMM
Inphinite International (IMM)
2 Jurong East Street 21 IMM Building #02-67
(65) 64256783

Inphinite @ Queensway
Queensway Shopping Centre
1 Queensway #02-39F
(65) 6476 3898

Inphinite @ Parkway Parade
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road Parkway Parade #02-37/38/39
(65) 63486828

Metro City Square
City Square
180 Kitchener Road City Square Mall #01-08
(65) 63333322

OG Albert (Ladies' & Kids' Department)
OG Albert Complex
60 Albert Street,
(65) 6210 2222

Outdoor Life
Novena Square
238 Thomson Road #02-60/67
(65) 62554814

RSH Bukit Panjang Plaza
Bukit Panjang Plaza
1 Jalan Jelebu #01-26E
(65) 67699376

RSH Causeway Point
Causeway Point
No. 1 Woodland Square #02-22/23
(65) 68932043

RSH Great World City
Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade #B1-23
(65) 67342983

IMM Building
2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-29/30
(65) 65679308

RSH Junction 8
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
9 Bishan Place #02-15/16
(65) 62562989

RSH Jurong Point
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Centre 2 #02-02/03
(65) 68620889

RSH Lucky Plaza
Lucky Plaza
304 Orchard Road #01-36
(65) 67345338

RSH Parkway Parade
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road, #01-58/59
(65) 64409175

RSH Stadium
Takashimaya Shopping Centre
391 Orchard Road, #B2-15/23
(65) 65388888

RSH Suntec City Mall
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-157/159/161/163
(65) 63321495

RSH Tampines
Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5 #02-17
(65) 67818702

RSH Terminal 1
Departure /Transit Lounge West
Singapore Changi Airport T1, #02-37
(65) 65452209

Running Lab @ Velocity
Novena Square
238 Thomson Road #01-47
(65) 62531998

Running Lab @ Tampines One
Tampines One
10 Tampines Central 1 #03-20/21 Tampines 1
(65) 67820926

Tampines Central 1,
Tampines 1 Mall Sportslink unit# 02-12/13
(65) 62600615

Isetan Tampines
Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5
(65) 67887777

OG People's Park (Ladies' & Kids' Department)
OG Building
100 Upper Cross Street
(65) 6535 8888

OG Orchard Point (Mens' & Kids' Department)
OG Orchard Point
160 Orchard Road
(65) 6317 2222

RSH Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road, #03-18/19
(65) 67325288

RSH Somerset
313@Somerset #05-05
(65) 68344935

Metro Paragon (Ladies' Shoes Dept)
290 Orchard Road #02-28
(65) 6835 3322

Isetan Orchard
Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
(65) 67337777

Isetan Scott
Shaw House
350 Orchard Road
(65) 67331111

American Club - Energy Retail Shop
The American Club
10 Claymore Hill
(65) 6739 4405

RSH Tanglin Mall
Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road, #01-21/24
(65) 67355875

RSH Thomson
Thomson Plaza
301 Upper Thomson Road, #03-48B
(65) 64539755

Interpax Shoes
Holland Road Shopping Centre
211 Holland Avenue #03-20
(65) 6468 1558

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Right Way to Wash Your Hands

There are many ways and steps on how to clean our hands. One suggests that you have to use "Safeguard" soap to get rid of the 99% of germs...Nice! Another said that NO! It's not need to wash for as long as 15 seconds. 

Okay, so I think the seconds with a soap seems logical.  But, the most famous way is to sing one Happy Birthday song while washing. If you don't know the lyrics, just hum it.

Then, an innovator came in and told the public that one Happy Birthday song is not enough, it should be Two!!!  What is really the right one?  So, that means all I did before was totally wrong and have been eating more of the bacteria all along. Common!!!

Washing your hands the Singapore Way!
So, one day, I was in my client and received a call, from nature.  I went in the toilet and saw this sign...

another innovator's idea. So all of the steps were wrong.  I have eaten all the germs, bacteria and everything before this!!! What the...?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Power Outlets in Singapore

The most important thing for a tourist or a new comer in a country is communication.  This, of course, needs devices such as cellphones and computers.  It might not be a high tech one, as long as it's functioning well.

When I arrived in Singapore, I took out my cellphone to charge it.  Then inserted the power cord connector to my phone and the other is on the outlet. A big surprise popped up! The outlet is not the same with the Philippine standards! What the....!!!

This is what Singapore outlets look like, with ON and OFF switch on it.  Safety awareness indeed! All Singapore outlets are with these type.

Two wires for Line and Neutral and 1 Ground, usually at the top.
With safety switch on it.
My roommate has a Nokia charger with this type of plug, so I borrowed his for a while.  The plug has two pins and the grounding is made up of plastic.
Nokia charger in Singapore

Two pins are Line and Neutral,
the plastic one on top is the Ground (not used)

Side view of the charger.
 So, on the next day, I bought the adapter for my cellphone and laptop as well. This cost me less than S$5.00. You can insert a Philippine standard plug and the ones with rounded pins. This is what it looks like.

Adapter plug.
I was happy to have an all in one adaptor, this I bought in Fairprice Supermarket. One adapter to rule them all!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Washing my Clothes

It's time to wash my dirty clothes.  This is done every Sunday while surfing the internet. The job is simple, I just load my clothes at the washing machine, put some detergent and softener and press Start.  

Where do I dry my clothes?
The next thing to do is take them all out and is ready for the final drying, in a bamboo stick.  This sticks have a slot outside the building window.  
It's like waving your shirts to your neighbours just like Emilio Aguinaldo, waving the flag, the first President of the Philippines.

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