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Friday, July 26, 2013

Airline Booking at the Lowest Price in Singapore

Once a year, an OFW, like me, need to go back home to Philippines to visit their love ones.  As for me, I travel to Philippines 5 to 6 trips per year.  Looking at my son and wife's faces in Skype is not enough.

So, advance booking is what I do to get the cheapest price as possible.  But, the need to monitor each Friday or Tuesdays is what I found difficult.  I also hated to have my email subscribed to the airline website.  If these Airlines will send me an email each, there will be five emails all at once. 

What I Found the Cheapest Way?
I also have been traveling quite sometime in some parts of South East Asia including China. Booking is sometimes a difficult task since I have to find the best and cheapest price of the air ticket.

I was lucky because recently, I just found out that I can book a ticket, it may be by Philippine Airlines, Tiger Airways, Malaysian Airlines,  Silk Air, and other airlines, in the lowest price possible.

This is not only for domestic or Asia flights but it is Worldwide.  How Cool!

The best thing here is that I can get the cheapest price even if my flight will be on the next week.  It's really a WOW thing!

I can't say anything better than this!

Where Can I Find this Cheapest Air Ticket!
If you are interested in this, please email me at

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Frangrance Hotel Selegie Contact Number

I have been to the Fragrance Hotel Selegie branch.  This is pronounced as "se-li-ge" and not "se-lij". Anyway, the lobby is wide, with an estimate of 10x5 square meters.

There is a Filipina receptionist there, pretty far as I remember, her name is Michelle. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

You can call the Fragrance Hotel Selegie branch at (65)6337 7888 and you can do reservations at this number (65) 6345 6116.

You may contact them by email

How to get there by MRT?
Ride the MRT Purple Line and head to Little India and exit at Exit A.  The Station is located underground, just walk until you reach the ground floor and you can see a cark park. Walk straight until you pass Rex Cinema and after that, you can see the Selegie St.  Turn right and you can see the 7/11 Convenience Store. Fragrance Hotel is just beside it.  You go in and ask for assistance.

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