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Thursday, August 23, 2018

New in Singapore? Here's What You Need to Know!

When you're a newcomer in a country, such as Singapore, you must know more on the culture, environment, and especially the law.

Let's talk about the three areas that we need to be aware of before going to Singapore.

1.  Culture

Multiracial and multicultural is what Singapore is known for.  You can see different races of different origins roaming around the streets.  They are tourists, workers, residents, or locals. 

Majority of the races are Chinese people which consist of about 75% of Singapore's population.  The rest are the mix of other races like Malays, Indians, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Ang Mo's (Singaporean racial descriptor of white people), and others.

During my first months in Singapore, I can't distinguish between a Mandarin and Cantonese speaker. For me, they speak the same language, which is Chinese language. 

As I work with them and getting to know their tone and the way they speak, even though I can't understand the language, I was able to hear words and was able to differentiate between the two.

Every year, I'm excited to list down the holidays, which each race and religion are celebrating.  There are lots of dates to list down and one of my favorite is the Chinese New Year. 

During the Chinese New Year celebration, Chinese people will greet you "Gong Xi Fa Cai" in Mandarin and "Gong Hei Fat Choy" in Cantonese. 

During this celebration, our company will give us money, as a gift "ang pao", in a small red envelope.  Sometimes, I receive a SGD 50 bill or SGD 20. It depends on the mood of my boss. :D

If you're a newly landed worker, go and have network of friends. Go with them and have a little bit of entertainment to get rid of the work-related stress. They are also your support in times of crisis. Help the group and enjoy their company.

Try different things that interests you, specially the food! The food that I like to eat, if I'm craving for a spicy meal, is the Indian and Malay food.   They put lots of chilis and other hot spices in it...Warning! It burns your mouth.

2. Environment

Weather in Singapore is not much to worry about. All you need is a piece of umbrella that fits to your bag or ladies' shoulder bag. It has only two seasons, Rainy and Sunny. 

Weather newscaster be like, "Today is sunny and sometimes rainy, again!". LOL.

I always have an umbrella in my bag, just in case.  Sometimes, it rains the whole day and sunny at the same time. 

Pollution in Singapore is minimal as compared to Philippines in most of the year. But, there are times when there is a haze coming from Indonesia forest fires and is sometimes caused by slash-and-burn "kaingin" by farmers or companies who clears the land for replanting.  As far as I remember, there were haze incidents on 2013, 2014 and 2015

Grass and trees are always green, all year round.  There are lots of park that you can visit to and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Humidity in around 60 to 75%, meaning there's a lot of moisture in the air.  If combined with the warm breeze of summer, it creates a sweat-sticky feeling.

Though it feels this way, visitors from temperate countries love this weather. It's a paradise!

3. Law

I can't talk more about the law for the reason that I'm not a lawyer.  But, I can show you why Singapore is called the Fine City because of the hefty fines and punishment if you break the rules.

1. If you smoke inside the MRT or elevators, you'll be fined SGD1,000.
2. Eating and drinking inside the MRT, the fine is SGD500.
3. Even though same sex marriage is legal in Canada and some other countries, Singapore is not.  There will be a jail term of 2 years.
4. An on-the-spot SGD20 fine if you cross the street 50 meters away from the crossing zone.
5. Don't throw your trash on the streets, you'll end up cashing out SGD1,000 fine.
6. Swallow your saliva and phlegm when you're in public places because you can be fined if you spit it out on the streets and public places with SGD1,000.
7. Penalties for selling gums can be as high as SGD100,000 or prison term of up to 2 years.  There is an exemption on medical gums.
8. ...and many more.

Before going to Singapore, know the rules, culture, environment. 

It's a beautiful country that's why it deserves to have the best treatment from foreigners.  Make it a habit of following the rules strictly, not just Singapore, but for other countries as well.

If you have questions regarding this post, send me a message to benalagnam @ yahoo . com

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Durians in Singapore: Where to Buy the Best Durians?

"Eewww!", this is the reaction of my housemate when I offered him the fruit.  He can't bare the smell of it and more if he eats it.

I don't know why people hated Durian so much that they won't bother to taste it.  It's  probably the design of our noses.  Some may have too sensitive sensory glands that they detect Durian as a different poop.

There are only two reactions of people when they taste or smell durian.  It's either YES (they liked it) or NO (I won't taste it)

Durian is regarded by many people in South East Asia as the "King of Fruits", probably because of the thorns that resembles the King's crown or because no fruit can match the penetration ability of its smell, even if placed in a tight container.

Durian is a seasonal fruit bearing tree. But in Singapore, you can buy Durian anytime you want. 
Tips in Buying Durian
There are many species of Durian, probably about 30 of them, but the distinction that is more obvious to us are the taste and colour. 
The colour of Durian meat that I prefer is yellow, there are durians that has pale yellow meat, which is still fine for me.
Durian are classified and labelled according to their taste and color.
1. Black Pearl - It has small seeds in it and is slightly bitter, very pale yellow with gray undertone meat.
2. Green Bamboo - The colour is pale yellow and it has a fibrous meat in it and is sweet.
3. Red Prawn - sticky and sweet orange-red meat.
4. D101 - Not so sweet but creamy.
5. D1 - Milky or creamy in taste and has a pale yellow meat.
6. D13 - This is for beginners, for it is not strong in taste but sweet.  Dark orange in colour.
7. D24 - It's a pale yellow, creamy and bitter taste.
8. XO - The name is taken from the alcoholic beverage taste of XO. Extremely soft and bitter.
9. Golden Phoenix - Juicy and bitter in taste and the colour is pale white-yellow meat.
10. Mao Shan Wang - the most popular and expensive of all durians.  It is also called as the "Musang King".  It has a bright yellow, creamy and sticky texture.  It's has a combination of sweet and bitter taste in one fruit. 
The three most popular among those durians are the D24, XO and Mao Shan Wang (Musang King).
The price of D24 is (S$8 to S$18/kg) and for the XO is (S$8 to S$18/kg) and lastly for the Musang King is (S$15 to S$25/kg).
Rules of Buying Durian
In Singapore, majority of the markets here have durian stands, where they sell different types of durian as listed above. 
One thing that you need to know is that you cannot bring durian inside the MRT.  This is not allowed here in Singapore.  You may eat it before boarding the Train or buy durian at your nearest market and you can walk or ride the bus on your way home.
Where to Buy Durian?
Aside from markets, durians are sold in NTUC Fairprice, Giant, or other supermarkets in Singapore.  Some may sell it as a whole fruit or they remove the meat and sell it in styro foams just like this:
Durian bought from NTUC Fairprice
I bought this from NTUC Fairprice for S$4 - $5 dollars per pack, which I ate awhile ago.  It's already good for 1 to 2 persons.  But for me, it's good for one. Haha!
You can visit the Geylang Area, along Sims Avenue to see the different varieties of Durian.  Just tell the vendor on what type of Durian you like.  I recommend you to buy the low quality first, usually they are priced for S$10 for 3 small fruit.  Then, go for the most popular Durians like D24, XO, and the ultimate is the Musang King, sold per kilogram.  A Durian usually weighs about 1.5 kg/fruit.
Through this, you can taste the durians of different varieties.  Just make sure that you go home without burping, cause your burp is always mistaken as farts, specially in air conditioned area.
Stores have small tables where you can let the vendor open the durian and serve it to you just like eating in an open restaurant.  You can return the durian if their are some defects or rotten parts.  The water is provided for you for FREE that are located at one corner of every store.
How to Go To Sims Avenue?
Alight at the Aljunied MRT Station, walk to Lorong 25 Geylang and it connects to Sims Avenue.  Go right and look for the stores that sells durian.  They are along that area.
Happy Eating!!!Burp!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Find the Hawker Locations in Singapore


I guess you are, it's not because I can read minds but because you had your time to visit this post.  You must be looking for the Hawker's location in your place, right?

You can Google the word hawker or you can just find it here.  I found a website that is helpful for you, tourist or even me, who has been here for few years.

I just want to share this website to you.  Click the image link below.

Hawker is the most convenient place to eat because you can find different varieties of food at a multicultural environment.  This means that you can find Malay, Indian & Chinese food in one area.

Some of the Hawkers have Filipino stores like in Jurong East and Yew Tee MRT station.  I still need to find the other kababayan stores.

Anyway, I'll just make my blog short so you can start looking for a Hawker center near you and start munching.

If you need something to read when you're taking your meal, please feel free to read my blog.  You can gather a lot of information here about Singapore.  Cheers!!!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best Time to Visit NTUC Fairprice

Another day in Singapore, my rest day, very fine Saturday.  So I decided to meet with my friend at Jurong Point, Boonlay MRT Station at 2pm.

After that I went to buy some groceries at the NTUC Fairprice.  Before telling you the perks in NTUC, I want you to know that this store is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Nice right?  By the way, I had tried to buy some groceries at 2am.  This is like 7/11 but in a big scale, a supermarket.

What are the Freebies?
Anyway, I went up at the 2nd floor of Jurong Point and headed to NTUC Fairprice.  The time was around 2-3pm.  I saw an Auntie distributing something.  I was curious and went nearer to her.  A man was sipping a cup of Nestle Coffee beside her.  She was giving a free drink of coffee.  I said, Wow, this is good!

At the far end corner, another Auntie is giving free biscuits.  So, I tried it and it's nice.  And then free fish balls, finger foods and juice(in a small paper cups) are all over the place.  So I thought that this is the best time to visit NTUC.  I printed in my brain memory (2pm-3pm every Saturday).

I am not sure if they're giving away freebies during Sundays.  There's nothing else better than this.  Finished my groceries with a smile and a full stomach.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where to Eat a Crocodile Soup - Jurong Point Mall

It was time for us to bring our guests for dinner.  Since we were near the Jurong Point Mall at Boonlay MRT Station at this time, we took our dinner at the Dian Xiao Er restaurant.  I admit, at first, it's difficult to pronounce the name of the establishment.  It's pronounced as "Dee-yan-shaw-erh" , I hope you got it too.

Anyway, it's in the 2nd floor of Jurong Point Mall at the same level of NTUC FairPrice, along the corridor just in front of Starbucks and beside the Malaysia Boleh.

Dian Xiao Er at Jurong Point Mall
We went in at 5:45pm and was lucky to avail a 15% discount because of their early bird promotion.  But this is only for the first 10 tables.  Nice!

The place is decorated with Chinese patterned lanterns.
Chinese decorated lanterns
What We Had for Dinner?
Peanuts in a saucer were first served and a wet paper towel for your hands...These peanuts are the appetizers to get you ready for the main dish.

Peanut for appetizer
Wet paper towel

We ordered five dishes, soup of the day and crocodile soup for our guests.  Sorry, I don't have the photo of it.  But I got three photos of the other dishes.

Lotus Vegetable with Sweet Peas, carrots and nuts

Duck Meat with herbs

Soup with pork meat and vegetables

Mongolian Pork
The lotus vegetable and soup taste nice and the duck as well.  The Mongolian pork is difficult to tear, you have to hold it by your fingers, in other words "need to boil more", but the sauce is good.

The average cost per serving is around S$18 - $30 and depends on the size of the serving.  All we've ordered are good for 5 persons.

For me, the overall rating is 8 out of 10.  Please visit the place.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Eating A John Sandwich

It was a very busy day, full of unfinished job and yet few are still coming in to our doors.  What I like with my working attitude is that I don't care what my boss wants me to do.  Just finish the job and go on with the next.  That's it! Complaining is just a waste of time and MIGHT decrease my Christmas bonus!

So, enough of that crappy office work.  We went to this Changi Village just after work and found an Indian restaurant.  My colleague invited me to try it since he just tried it few months back.  I was so excited since he will pay for it...haha.

I ordered two prata with cheese, which I had mentioned at one of my post, and a sandwich called John sandwich.  The name of it is not that attractive but the photo on their menu looks delicious.  It looks like this when placed on top of the table.

This is really nice. It's like a scrambled egg which is laid flat together with a sandwich.  The sauce tastes like barbecue.  This costs S$4.00 and might as well consider it as a best buy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sipping Hot Coffee in a Straw in Singapore

When you buy coffee from a coffee shop like Starbucks or McCafe in Singapore, they usually place it in a mug or a coffee cup.  If it's for take out (take away), they'll place it in a styrofoam cup or a waxpaper cup and you take it out with the stirrer and extra sugar.

But, at the hawker stations in Singapore, they serve it differently when you take it out (ta-pao).  They pour the coffee at a plastic bag with a straw.

Hot Coffee inside a plastic bag
with a straw in Singapore
Take note, the coffee is still hot at the time.  Now, the way to drink it is to sip from the straw.  This is quite awkward since we are getting used to sipping cold liquids, right?  Singapore hawker stations are truly unique.

Warning: Be careful sipping the coffee from the straw, it will burn your upper lip.  I burnt mine...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

How to Pay in Singapore

One thing I admire in Singapore is the method of payment when you are buying items, food, bills payments and even services .

This is where I can say that bringing cash/notes are optional in a case to case basis.  As what I have experienced when purchasing something, Hawkers are the only places where I pay cash.

Paying Taxi Cab
Back in the Philippines, some taxi driver's don't want to use the taxi meters for the hundreds of reasons they're complaining about.  I have to pay in CASH and even ask you for additional payment if you were stuck in traffic.

This is not what you'll experience in Singapore.  Taxi cabs in Singapore are equipped with credit and debit card readers where you can just swipe your card for your payment.  For me, I used my Debit card from POSB bank to pay for my fare.   These cards are handy and safer than cash.  But, of course, you can also pay cash.

HDB Season Parking Payments
I have to pay HDB for my Season Parking every month.  Payments can be done in the HDB payment centers or the Singapore Posts by cash or Debit/Credit cards.

The most convenient way for me is to pay online.  Few clicks on the mouse, as long as I have my POSB Bank account and online passwords, will be so easy for me.

Buying Groceries
Having plenty of cash makes your pocket or wallet bulky.  Although it's safer in Singapore when talking about robbery, it is more convenient for me not to bring a lot of cash. This is what I do when buying my groceries in Fairprice or even buying Parking Coupons in the 7-eleven stores.

Just a swipe of my POSB Debit Card will do the rest.  I just key in my PIN number and everything are payed.  But, of course, my card should have money in it because it's a Debit card not a Credit.

Airline Ticket Payment
I think this payment system is already been familiar to everyone. But, for the sake of information, I'll include this for you.

When I purchase airline tickets for my way back home to Philippines, I use my Citibank Credit card (Philippine account).  This is easy, but I have to pay the amount in Peso, so Citibank will convert the Singapore Dollar billing to Philippine Peso with a higher currency rate of around P3.00 per S$1.00 (estimate).

This is the most convenient way of paying, but if I'm not careful enough, it will blow my eyes as soon as I see my billing.

Topping Up my EZ-link card
GTM (General Ticketing Machines) is used to top up the EZ-link card aside from the ticketing booth.  This is convenient since you can pay cash just by inserting it to the cash slots.

One way and the easiest is to pay by NETS.  My POSB card is linked through NETS, so all I have to do is to insert my card to the slot and key in the PIN and that's all it takes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peanut Servings in Singapore

Good thing about Singapore is that you can eat different varieties of food.  The food stalls (Hawkers) are selling Chinese, Indian and Malay food. If you're lucky enough to find Filipino food around, share it to us through a comment below.

Then one day, in a far far away place called Hawker Station, where everyone are eating, I saw this type of dish. This surprised me for it's only eaten as a snack in Philippines.  

This is my first time to experience eating it as a dish. At first, I was kind of laughing with my friend but concealing it not to be obvious and may cause an insult to the Uncle vendor.

So, I ordered it together with my rice and other vegetables and took a photo.

Peanut eaten as a dish.
Guys, those are peanuts...I'm serious!  I can't believe what I'm eating together with my rice.  If I do this in the Philippines, they might laugh at me. 

Seriously, I never experience eating peanuts with rice.

I remembered that there is this Malay food that serves fried peanuts with small dried fish.  They call it as "Ikan Bilis".   This is served together with roasted chicken with rice as what they call "Chicken Rice".  

This is my favorite fast food. I call it that way because it's a food that is fast to serve and it's good.

How about you, what's your favorite meal in Singapore?

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Price of Beer in Singapore

We, Filipinos, are social people, making it sure that we meet friends and few acquaintance every weekends.

One way to celebrate with friends is through drinking beer.  So, last weekend, together with my friends, we planned to drink beer and buy "pulutan" (finger foods).

What are the brands of beer in Singapore?
We went to NTUC (FairPrice Grocery Store) to buy few cans of beer,  and there are lots of them.  I checked the beer corner and found few brands.

These beers are quite famous in Singapore; (Tiger, Anchor, Raffles, San Miguel, Guinness, Carlsberg, Heineken, Scool, Asahi & Kingfisher). These are all what my eyes could remember.

For me, no matter how famous the beer is, they taste just the same with others, still bitter.

How much is the Beer in Singapore?
Being known as the thrifty guy, I looked for the brand that is the cheapest.  I found one brand and it's the beer labeled as Anchor.  As I rolled my eyeballs to the shelves, I found a beer that is on sale, Yes! So I took 1 box, which has 6 cans, and was labeled as Raffles.

I bought few "pulutan" and hurriedly headed to the counter.

I'll show you how much is the total cost of my items in the receipt, just to give you an idea.

Raffles Exp Lager (6 cans)       - SGD 8.95  (cans in 330ml)
Anchor Beer (6 cans x 2)         -        22.40
Camel Peanut Ikan/Bilis (80g)  -          0.76
Lemon Cuttlefish ( 120g)         -           2.45
Peanut with shells (150g)         -           1.15
               Total with 7% GST  -          35.70

We headed back home, excited, and placed all the beer inside the fridge to chill, and prepared for the drinking session.

How much is the Price of Beer in Bars/Pubs in Singapore?
Of course, beer in pubs and bars are more expensive than in the grocery store.  These pubs need to pay taxes to the government, you know!

The beer costs from SGD 12.00 to SGD 14.00 each can, my goodness!  The taste will just be the same, but of's different if a pretty girl is drinking at the next table and stealing glances with you. (day dreamer!!)

So, better drink beer once a year, to save money and spend it with your family.  Cheers!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Prata in Singapore Addict!

I am an Addict!  Yes, I admit...

My addiction started when the taste of one Indian food here in Singapore hit me.   At first, it doesn't taste that great and the aroma is awful at the first taste.  It feels hot inside my mouth and my breath smells too spicy.

Once I've learned to pair it with a coffee, it then started to play at the tips of my taste buds.  I then started to crave for it almost everyday.  When an Indian food store is in reach, I long to buy and get a bite of it.

What Am I Addicted To?
This is an

Friday, August 19, 2011

Peach Strawberry for a Dessert in Singapore

I was tired from a day's work and was hoping to get few refreshments along the workplace.  Luckily, the stalls at the Hawker Stations are not closed yet so I happened to see one that was selling desserts.

I looked at their menu and saw few deliciously-looking snacks and one attracted my appetite.

It was labeled Peach Strawberry and the rest are Chinese characters.  I pulled my coins out of my pocket and counted, just exactly SGD2.00 dollars for a snack.

The snack has a grated ice, like "halo-halo" (mixed sweets) with a toppings of sliced peaches and a sugar syrup.  It was spread with sweetened strawberry and poured with an evaporated milk.
Peach Strawberry with grated ice dessert.
Prices of Desserts in Singapore
The price of desserts in Singapore ranges from SGD1.80 to SGD3.00 at the Hawker Stations.  This will also depend on what location you are in.  

Unlike desserts in Philippines,  Singapore is less sweeter.

It was quite refreshing for a SGD2.00...

What's your snack?

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garrett Popcorn Locations in Singapore

A lot of tourist wanted to know where to buy the best popcorn in Singapore.  Disclaimer, I am not paid for this post *sad* (it's what you call passion) :D

Anyway,  to help you and all the tourist to find the Garrett popcorn, here's the list of locations.

Where are the Garrett Popcorn Locations in Singapore?

Garrett Popcorn Citylink Mall
Citylink Mall #B1-26A, 1 Raffles Link, 039393
Tel : 62389918

Garrett Popcorn Great World City
Great World City #B1-06, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, 237994
Tel : 67333688

Garrett Popcorn Parkway Parade
Parkway Parade #B1-83P & 83Q, 80 Marine Parade Road, 449269
Tel : 63463303

Garrett Popcorn Resorts World at Sentosa
Resorts World at Sentosa #01-077, 8 Sentosa Gateway
Tel :  68846728

Garrett Popcorn Tampines Mall
Tampines Mall #01-32, 4 Tampines Central 5
Tel :  67827577

Enjoy eating the best popcorn that I had.  Every time I go for a vacation, there's always a Garrett Popcorn "Pasalubong" for my family.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ordering at Hawker

I remembered my first time to order food at the Hawker.  Hawker, by the way, is a food center or food court where you can buy different types of dishes from Indian, Chinese and Malay cuisines.  I tried them and all are superb.

But as a first timer in Singapore, how do you order your food?  These are few tips that I should share to you.

You have to queue to order your food. No waiters and order takers are around.  I'm from the Philippines and used to say "Dine In" and  "Take Out" when ordering.  This is totally not applicable here in Singapore.

If the stall keeper will ask you these words..."Makan", "Eat here", "Pack It", "Tapao" or "Take Away".  These are quite confusing when pronounced by the Chinese.  "Makan" is pronounced as Ma-kan, easy to understand.  "Eat Here" is different, it's pronounced as Eat-hi-yia, "Have in Here" as Hav-in-hyia, "Pack It " as Pa-keh, "Tapao" is Ta-paw and "Take Away" is Teh-a-we. These sounds are based on what I heard from them. It may sound different from other people but at least a little bit closer to that.

So what are the meaning of these words?
As soon as you reach the counter, you can say to the Auntie or Uncle that you will "Makan".  Makan is a word that means Eat.  You can still say "Eat" with an eating hand gesture, but Makan is the fastest way they can understand and more proper than with a hand gesture.

Another word is "Eat here" or sometimes "Have in here", same as Makan.  This means that you will be eating inside the Hawker (dine in) so they can serve your food in a plate.

If you want to take out or bring home your food, you can say "Tapao" or "Pack It". They will prepare your food in a styrofoam or in a waxed paper and pack it in a plastic bag.

There you go, have a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

South Africa Yellow Plum

I was at the grocery store and looking at the fruits display.  There I can see common fruits such as apples, green or red, big and small.  It was common so I decided to look for more on the other end of the fruit stand.

A yellow fruit attracted my iris, so I went nearer to it. It has a unique name "South Africa Yellow Plum".  So, I decided to take 1 pack, which has about 10 pieces of it.  The price is SGD2.15 for a 500g pack.  Not that bad at all.

I went home and washed two of the plums and stared at it while holding it on my hands...looked at the nice yellow, almost neon-colored fruit.  This is my first time to see this.

Then my mouth just opened from the look of it and took a half bite.  My face started to crumple as the sour taste crawled down to my tongue. I took another bite and the sweetness of it came after. The fruit is not that ripe, I thought.

Then the second fruit was waiting and thought I could give it a chance to be eaten.  The first bite on the second fruit was totally different.  The sweetness of the plum was overwhelming.

I got the ripe "South African Yellow Plum"...the juice is just right.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Philippines Bananas

Fruits are my favorite and I make sure that I have one every night.

I went to FairPrice to buy one type of fruit and I saw something hanging on the fruit stand.  It's a banana, yeah, a common thing...but when I saw the label, I was surprised.  It was labeled as "Philippines Bananas".  I thought that I just read it wrongly, yes, there is an "S" in the Philippines.

A Del Monte product that costs S$1.50 per kilo.  The price is not that bad...I bought eight pieces of it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice Cream in a Box

It was rainy few days ago and now the sun said, "Hello World" and "What's up Ben?".  I felt hot...uhm, I mean perspiring hot and decided to have a cold snack.  Just remembered that I bought an ice cream in a box last month and it was in our freezer.

I took it out and opened.  Since it was my first time to buy this ice cream, I was surprised as I opened it, it was a boxed ice cream without any cover.  What I expected is that it should be in an aluminum foil or something.

I dig in few scoops of it and since the flavor is Durian, the smell of it is all around the kitchen.  I don't care about that, my flatmates are not around and this is my favorite fruit.

I bought it from the kids doing door to door selling and thought it was nice to have some and help them learn how to do business.  It cost me S$15 for one box though, pretty expensive.

It taste sweeter than Selecta ice cream but its deliciously cold.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eating Buko in Chinatown

 When I was in Chinatown, I saw this stall selling this type of drink.  I was curious enough to take a little peek on to the ice box.

A similar fruit from the Philippines digged in to my memory.  We call this as "buko" or young coconut.

I thought, naahhh...have already taste this fruit and we have plenty of this in the Philippines.  But, then I decided to buy one just to have a taste of it.  The Auntie asked me if I want the S$1.50, the small size, or the S$2.00, which is the bigger size.  So the bigger the better and I took it.

She broke the tip off the coconut and as soon as the top part is open, she placed a straw.  Nice! In the Philippines, we placed it in a cellophane with a straw.  This time, it's in the fruit itself.   

The coconut juice is sweet and the coconut shell is handy...Is it really a Fruit or a Nut? I wonder!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hawkers in Singapore

My stomach is growling when I see this place.  Stomach says, it's time to eat our meal.  This place is famous to all low-budget-eating people, like me...LOL.  We call this as Hawker.

When I first heard this word, like "Have you been to a Hawker?".  What comes in my mind is some sort of a guy thing.  I was wrong because it was spelled differently...Guys, you know what I mean! 

Anyway, you can see hawkers like the photos below and some are found underneath HDB buildings or commercial buildings.
Hawkers, eatery in Singapore
The Hawker has tables and chairs, usually in mono blocks.  The place is quite similar to "Karenderia" , eatery in Philippines.  But this is cleaner, I think!  I have no negative feedbacks taken from these places.  I haven't seen a single fly since I arrived in Singapore.  If your lucky enough to see one, you've just WON a free raisin on your plate. LOL!

First, when you come to eat at the Hawker, you have to find a chair and a table.  Put something on it and that place is already reserved.  I noticed that some put a single pack of tissue paper on top of the table and whallaa! It's reserved. What the..#@$!  So better be the first to place that tissue paper, huh!

Inside the Hawker has different types of food and stalls. You have to go to your favorite stall and place your order and wait for your food.  Unlike with restaurants, they'll take the order for you.

After you have taken your food, get some fork and spoon or chopstick, and proceed to your reserved table.  Some Aunties, like waitresses, they come at you and asks an order for your drink.  Other Hawkers don't have this type, so you have to go to the Drinks stall to order.
One type of stall where they served noodles
Get your stomach a break and try those food varieties.  I'm sure you will have a fine day!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kway Chap for Dinner

I haven't taken my lunch and need to visit my friends and just bought some snacks...

What did I bought?
Ice cream, S$4.50 a half gallon
Budget bread S$1.20 (taste like Gardenia)

It's time for me to go home, I was still hungry and wanted to eat something unusual.  I don't want to go home and cook dinner.  So, I went to the hawker just beside their HDB and look for something to eat.

There is a food named Kway Chap. I thought that this might be delicious.  It's a mixed type dish with pig's intestine, pork, tokwa, tofu and half egg.  This costs me S$3.50 with a free Kway but without drinks.

I took a picture of it for you to see.  This is a little bit expensive but good enough to award myself for a week's job.

Kway Chap (left) and Kway(right) with chili inside the small container.
Worth S$3.50 without drinks.

For me, nothing beats the taste of Chinese cousine, this is what I like in Singapore.  Yummy!!!

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