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Saturday, September 28, 2013

48 Hour Parking at Changi Airport: How Much?

We all know that taking a taxi late at night, specifically after 12:00midnight, the fare will be 50% more.

Usually, the fare from Changi Airport to my house, by taxi, cost me around S$42.00.  This I considered as expensive.

Why I Decided to Park at Changi?
Few days ago, I have a trip to Penang for two days.  Since I travelled with a companion, I decided to bring a car to Changi and decided not to take the taxi back and forth.

Our flight is at Changi Airport Terminal 1, which has an open parking area.  But instead, I decided to park it at the covered parking of Terminal 2. 

The reason I parked the car there is not for some price difference, because there is none, but I thought that it might rain when we arrive the next two days. It's difficult for us to run through the rain with the baggage and tired faces.

Parking at the Terminal 2 is so energy consuming.  The reason is that we have to walk from Terminal 2 to the Skytrain then going to the Terminal 1.  What a waste of time and effort.

Terminal 2 has a walking distance of about 300 meters, please correct me if I'm wrong with this number.  Adding up the 100 meter walk from the Terminal 2 parking area then the ride on the Skytrain, is not worth it.

How Much is the Parking Fee at Changi Airport
Two days or 48 hours after, we arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 1.  So, the next destination is to walk to Terminal 2, the long walk...Again!

We reached the carpark and placed our baggage inside the car, then headed to the parking gantry.  It cost me S$45.00 dollar parking fee for a 48 hour parking at Changi Terminal 2 airport.

If I compare it when taking the taxi, this is feasible enough.  But, if I stay longer than 2 days abroad, it's not worth to park the car at Changi, better take the taxi.

Let's do the Math:

Rate:  S$20 per day parking fee

Taxi - house to airport (early evening) - S$28.00
Taxi - airport to House (late night) - S$42.00
Total for Taxi: S$70.00

Car - Petrol - S$10.00
Car - Parking - S$45.00
Total for Car: S$ 55.00

Savings: S$15.00 (But next time, I'll park near the terminal)

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How Heavy is the Rain in Singapore

Lately, heavy rains kept pouring Singapore.  There are two types of weather here, rainy and sunny. 

But, sometimes the change of weather is too sudden that you don't know if you need to bring an umbrella or not on your way to work.

It could be sunny in the morning, then when I do my laundry, it will suddenly rain later in the afternoon.

Are There Flush Floods in Singapore?
Last Thursday, 05 September 2013, rain poured down to SG and it's seriously heavy.   It flooded the Commonwealth area and the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) was closed due to this flush flood.  

Watch the video in Facebook. The Page described it as "First world drainage system FTW!"

So, I changed my route to Pan Island Expressway (PIE), but still the traffic was jammed.  Lucky I went to Lornie Road and the it turn out to be OK.

This happened also at Orchard last year and it's really devastating at that time because it went in to the building basements.  But it was quickly solved by the government.

Watch this YouTube video on how heavy the rain in Singapore could be.

Bringing an umbrella, a small one, in your bag every time you go out for a walk in Singapore is highly recommended.

Singapore is still considered as lucky because the flood is not that severe as compared to Philippines where people were evacuated from their houses and report of death is quite high.

Flood in the Philippines (photo from

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beating the Red Traffic Light in Singapore: What is the Penalty?

A Traffic Police Officer was tailing behind me with his siren lights flashing as I glanced at my rear view mirror.  He then drove to my right and I thought that he will be going ahead of me.  What I thought was wrong, he looked at me and I was surprised to see him do that.

Traffic Police Officers should wave their hand, gesturing violators to stop, right?  The problem is that he only looked at me as if nothing had I done wrong.  I drove normally as if nothing happened.  He tailed me again until the traffic light flashed red.

I stopped the car as the Officer walked nearer to my car, he was at my right window looking at me. Alas! He gestured and pointed his hands to the side of the road.  Now I know what he meant...

What Had I Done Wrong?
I stopped and stepped out of the car to ask the police.

"What is my violation?"

"Sir, I saw you beating the red traffic light! Can I have your driving license?" the officer said with a serious face.

"When and where did I beat the red light?  I can't remember a thing."  I explained with a low voice.

He took out his small palm-sized notepad and explained  to me how I violated the red light with few sketches of the junction.  I explained to him that the light was still amber/orange.

"Sir, I will not stop you if you did nothing wrong.  But, I saw you beating the red light!"

What is the Penalty of Beating the Red Light?
My jaw was still locked open while he wrote my identification details at his small notepad.  This I can't believe is happening.

"OK sir, beating the red light is an offence that has a penalty of S$200 with a demerit points of 12."  

Oh my! I have only 12 points remaining from a total of 24 points and a few deductions from my budget.  This is not good.

He handed me my license and informed me that I can write an appeal to the Traffic Police Department and a letter from them will be sent to me.  He drove off leaving me speechless.

Now, I am preparing for the arrival of my letter and I'm drafting my explanation letter to send it to them.  Hoping for a positive result...(finger's crossed)

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Expressways in Singapore

Driving along the expressways in Singapore is, for me, better than Philippines.  The road is too smooth, which you can only count those exposed bumpy areas.

I don't have to bother dodging the uneven pavements and just concentrate on watching the cars and passengers around me.

The road signs are huge enough to see it from a 250-meter distance.  The arrows and lines marked on the road are heated colored-asphalts (white, red or yellow) and around 1/8" thick, which can last for many years.

As compared to my place, the contractors use latex paints (for concrete walls) that can last for less than a year and the thickness is, never mind!  The faster it fade, more money is made! @#$%^$!

What are the Expressways in Singapore!
Anyway, Singapore have a total of 8 Expressways as of now.  These are the AYE, PIE, KJE, SLE, CTE, KPE, TPE, and ECP.

The following is the list of the expanded names of these Expressways.
AYE - Ayer Rajah Expressway
PIE - Pan Island Expressway
KJE - Kranji Expressway
SLE - Seletar Expressway
CTE - Central Expressway
KPE - Kallang-Paya Leybar Expressway
TPE - Tampines Expressway
ECP - East Coast Parkway

One way lanes of the expressways usually have 4 or, like the KJE, has 5 lanes.  So, you can imagine the width of the whole expressways.  My friend told me that US is wider than Singapore.  My goodness!

What are the Speed Limits in Singapore?
Singapore have Speed cameras located at some strategic points and traffic cameras are everywhere.  I can't tell exactly the location, it's up to you to find out.

You can also find out where the location is, when riding a taxi.  Specially at night or dawn, some taxis are running  more than 90km/hr, which is the maximum limit at some expressways.  Once they start to decelerate without any reason to below 80km/hr at PIE or 90km/hr at the AYE, there should be a speed camera ahead.

The speed limit of the expressway depends on the location.  As soon as you see the round sign with white background, red circle line on the outline and with a number, usually 80 or 90 in the center.  That is the maximum speed.  But in general, 90km/hr is the limit.

For the small roads, the limit is usually at 50km/hr.  These speed limit road signs can be seen just after the traffic lights.  Check the sign first so you will not press it more than the limit.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

What You Need to Know When Driving in Singapore

If you are a foreigner and want to drive in Singapore, you need a Qualified Foreign Driving License and an IDP.

For ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nation) member countries, you only need a valid driving licence issued by the relevant driving licence Authority in your country.

If your country is not a member of the ASEAN, you need an additional permit, which is the International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by your country's Automobile Association (AAP).

How long can I drive using my Foreign Driving License and IDP?
You can drive in Singapore within 12 months using those license and permit. After that, you have to convert  it to a Singapore License by passing the Basic Theory Test (BTT).

For more info and updates...visit the link Legal Requirements for Driving License in Singapore.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Car Models in Singapore

I decided to visit my friends to have few chats.  So, I put on my outdoor clothes and went out of my room and down to the bus stop.

Noticed that my cellphone was not ringing for the whole day, I picked it up and decided to check for some features.  Then I came up with the camera settings, So I practiced shooting pictures of the cars passing by the bus stop.

Here are the photos taken from my view.

I then realized that my phone has its potential..hmmm..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Singapore Road TOUR: North Buona Vista to Clementi Exit

There are too many city tours in Singapore and some are expensive. I found a way how to tour you around Singapore by the passenger seat's eye view.  This is interesting for you. You can see the streets of Singapore and the car models, taxis and pedestrian behaviors.

Enough of that long introduction, Watch this video and have a nice tour of the road...

Want more? Please leave a comment below, for which road you want me to cover.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Taxi Cab in Singapore Hotline

I don't use my car if I go to parties because the Don't Drink and Drive policy here is very strict.  You can be fined for a maximum of S$5,000 (P165,000) or 6 months imprisonment for violating this law.

I went to a party with my friends, the party ended at 2:30am and the problem is, Bus and MRT are not available during this time period. So, I decided to take a taxi by calling their hotline.  In just 5 mins, the taxi is beeping...excellent!

Taxi drivers in Singapore are polite and will never cheat you.  Some have GPS and you can pay whatever method you, credit, nets(atm)... name it!

What are the Hotlines of the Taxi's in Singapore?
For Taxi booking, you call these hotlines.

Comfort and City Cab Taxi ------(6552 1111)
SMRT Taxi ----------------------(6555 8888)
Maxi Cab / Limo -----------------(6452 0220)
Prime Taxi -----------------------(6778 0808)
Silver Cab -----------------------(6363 6888)
Smart Taxi -----------------------(6485 7777)
Transcab -------------------------(6555 3333)
Taman Jurong Radio
    Phone Taxi Services Ltd. ------(6265 4553) 24 hrs
6-Dial-Cab ----------------------(6342 5222)

Taxi is convenient but expensive when you ride after 12:30am.  They will add 50% of the total fare during that time.  The flag down rate is around S$3.00 for the new car models and S$2.80 for the old ones.  The other rates depends on what type of taxi you want.  You can call the hotline and ask them for the rates.

During morning commutes, you should take the Bus or MRT.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Basic Theory Test for Driving

I am proud to tell you guys that my score in the BTT (Basic Theory Test) for driving is 47 out of 50.  But still I will not know what was the 3 mistakes.  Anyway, I'll tell you how I prepared, took the test for BTT.

But wait...Before you apply for a BTT, you must have a Qualified Foreign Driving License and an International Driver's Permit (IDP).  You can drive in Singapore within 12 months using  these two license.

What to Prepare before the BTT?
I have done the scheduling of my exam and waited for the judgement day, BTT examination.  But before that, few months ago, I purchased the Basic Theory Handbook. This serves as my reviewer, everything you want to know about the rules, road signs and what to do during driving are found inside.  I bought it for S$6.00, the receipt that they gave me is a large A4 size paper and was a little bit surprised with that.

I reviewed the book, a month before the test and tried to observe the actual road signs and rules comparing with the handbook if anything is unclear to me.

What happened during the BTT Exam?
I arrived 30 mins before my test, a little nervous and excited as well. My passport, passport size photo , and IC (Identification Card) is with me, brought a pen just to be sure.  Ate my lunch,fish and rice, at the 1st level of Bukit Batok Driving Center Cafeteria. Quite expensive though, because of the fish. Fish dishes are expensive in Singapore, S$3.50 was taken from me because of that.

After my early lunch, I went up to the 2nd level and in the Classroom 1.  There were few people waiting at the corridor, holding their Handbooks.  I didn't brought mine because it will just make me stressed.

Few minutes past, the officer called us to come in.  The room was huge, an 8x10 meter area, my estimate. I showed my IC and passport to the officer waiting at the entrance and he gave me a sheet of paper, where the computer number is indicated as well as a Password. I sat down to my designated computer screen and looked around.  Waited for further instructions from the officer.

The officer showed us an instruction video and later gave us the go signal to key-in our password on the  computer LCD touchscreen.  The touchscreen are lined side by side and with another on front.

Every question is displayed per page one at a time. You can press the button on the LCD corresponding to your answer. After you finished each question, you can press the next button to proceed to the other and the Question List to check whether you missed a question.  There are total of 50 questions and you have 50 minutes to complete.

Cameras are in every corner of the room. Definitely, you cannot copy to the one next to you.  Also, you have different questions at a given time.

After you have answered all the questions and you're confident enough to stop the test. You have to press the End button and the result will then be displayed instantly.

What to do After the Test?
I printed my results at the kiosk and went directly to counter to get my queuing number.  The counter is just beside the classroom 1.  I waited for an hour, completed the pink form, then at number was called.  I presented the Passport (photocopy and original), IC, Philippines driver's license and passport size photo.  Then I paid S$50.00.

They gave me a temporary drivers license in a form of a paper and told me that I have to wait for my driver's license card delivered at my home address.  I went home and bought the Probationary Plate in the Popular bookstore for S$13.50.  The plate should be displayed for a year at the front and back, top right, as facing the car.  See this photo...

IDP Conversion to Singapore Driver's License

Saturday, December 18, 2010

IDP Conversion to Singapore Driver's License

I'm so happy to tell you guys that I passed the Singapore Driver's Basic Theory Test.  This is my key to get the Singapore Driving license.  Just to share you my story  on how to convert your Foreign Driving License and an (IDP) International Driving Permit to a Singapore Driving License.

Reason Why to Convert Foreign Driving License and IDP to Singapore Driving License?
I'm recently using my International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Singapore temporarily, but I decided to convert it to a Singapore Driving license.

This is not an option for me, but a must!  The Government LTA(Land Transportation Authority), LTO Philippines counterpart, requires the IDP holders to convert their driving permit to a Singapore driving license before the 12 month IDP validity period or the expiration of my Philippine Driving License, whichever comes first.

What do I need to pass to convert my Foreign Driving License and IDP to Singapore Driving License?
You need to pass the BTT (Basic Theory Test).  This is the test required as the first step.

Where to convert your Foreign Driving License and IDP to Singapore Driving License?
My Philippine driving license will expire on or before my birthday, so I decided to go for conversion.  There are three locations where you can apply for a driving license conversion:

(Ground level Traffic Police COunter)
2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4
Singapore 757387
Tel: 64826060

(2nd level Traffic Police Counter)
815 Bukit Batok West Ave 5
Singapore 659085
Tel: 65611233

(2nd level Traffic Police Counter)
205 Ubi Ave 4
Singapore 408805
Tel: 67478272

I went to the nearest driving center, which is the Bukit Batok Driving Centre.

What is the Process?
It was on a Saturday morning, I went directly to the information center.  Asked the beautiful lady about the process on how to apply for the conversion.

A form was given to me and got a queuing number. I sat down at a red seat and filled all the information.  The place is air-conditioned and clean as usual. It's like getting inside a bank branch in the Philippine, but wider.
My number was displayed on the LED display and indicating the counter number.  The officer was very hospitable. "How's Noynoy Aquino and the Philippines?" he asked.  I was surprised with what he asked because he's a Singaporean.  "I said, he's alright and we're hoping for the progress." I replied with a smile.

He then asked few details of my information, and stapled some other forms and asked me to proceed to the payment kiosk.  You will use your NETS card for this. Costs me about SGD11.00.

After the payment. You will proceed to one of the computers, it's lined up about 10 units and you can choose any.  You then choose your BTT (Basic Theory Test) schedule. When the time I scheduled mine on October, the earliest schedule was December. So better apply early...

After you have chosen your schedule, proceed to the printer to print your copy.  Just scan your IC( Identification Card), ID, as what we know in the Philippines.  Keep the copy.

If you have some questions, please leave it as a comment below and I'll research it for you...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Parking Coupons and the Penalties in a Singapore Way

My friend parked in a parking area. Instead of peeling a new parking coupon, he placed a used coupon on his dashboard instead.  He thought that this can save him money by doing this.

After few days, a letter from HDB (Housing Development Board)  invited him to come to court to appear against a case for using a used parking coupon.  Surprised and don't know what to do, he asked his friend, an experienced one about the nature of the courts invitation. His friend just told him that it's alright, you just go there like a confession.

The day came, scared to death, was seating in a chair with the HDB representative on the other side.  The judge on his front and a man called his name to stand on front.  The judge then gave him the penalty of...SGD800.00 (PHP26,400) for using a used parking coupon.

What is a parking coupon?
A parking coupon is paper board with a 6"x8" inches in dimension.  Usually comes in colors (violet, orange and yellow depends on its value). It has holes punched partially on it where you can completely peel the designated number of the year, month, day and time you have parked your vehicle. It has a serial number like a receipt.

Where can I buy these coupons?
Coupons come in booklet, with a SGD0.50, SGD1.00 and SGD2.00 value.  You can buy in any convenience store like CHEERS and 711 with a minimum of one booklet per transaction. A SGD0.50 value coupon cost SGD10.00 per booklet. Just tell the cashier that you want to buy a Parking Coupon.

What will you do with it?
After you turned off your engine in a parking area, take a coupon with corresponding value for the time you want to park on the area.  Each parking space indicates the amount of parking per 30 mins. Usually, like the HDB and public places, SGD0.50 per 30 mins.  So if you want to park for 2 hours on that area, you need to peel 4 pieces of coupon with SGD0.50 value.  The time peeled on the coupon should be continous...

For example: You parked at 8:00am at HDB parking area with SGD0.50 per 30 mins fee.  Then you want to stay for 2 hours, so until 10:00am.

Peel the designated year, month, day of the 4 coupons. For the time, peel the first at 8:00am, second at 8:30am, third at 9:00am and fourth is 9:30am.

If you have a coupon of SGD1.00 value, just peel two pieces of it with the time at 8:00am and 9:00am.

Display these coupons on your dashboard so that the parking personnel will see it clearly.

Make sure that you have to stay for just 2 hours or else, if time elapses, you need to pay SGD30.00 for not displaying a parking coupon.

Follow the rules and everything will be flawless!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Driving In Singapore

I got so lucky that my job here in Singapore involves driving. You can go anywhere around the place while doing your job. Nice one right? The problem now is that I am getting fat because of this.

Previously, I go home without a car since going home at Singapore is so easy by trains and buses. I walked 10 mins to the MRT station and ride a bus to my office. That's the easiest part. Since Singapore is a rainy place, sometimes you have a hard time commuting.

Anyway, going back to the car thing. Yeah, that's a good thing having this luxury but the problem is it comes with a cost. What do I mean?

Parking in Singapore will cost you SGD90.00 a month for a HDB parking fee, these are the parking for HDB tenants. By the way, HDB is a building residence, condominium-as commonly known in the Philippines, type housing but with a lower rental fee than a condominium.

During weekdays and Saturdays, parking at the public places is SGD1.00/hour and worst is inside the malls, which cost you SGD2.50 first 3 hours and SGD1.50/hour for the next additional hours.

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