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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Most Valuable Item You Need If You're New in Singapore

Few years ago, as I step out of Changi Airport, I still can't imagine how Singapore look like.  The signs were strange to me, names are quite new.   The picture of the whole Singapore is blurry inside my head.

Then, a friend of mine, whom I owe my future in Singapore, had helped me along the way.  He instructed me where and how to go to the most important places for jobseekers.

The most important item that he lent me is the book that I'll never forget for the rest of my life in Singapore. 

At that time, the book was the latest. This is the Singapore Street Directory book, the most important item for me, aside from my laptop.  

I made sure that every time I go out of the my friend's place, I'll bring it along with me. This serves me the guide on where and what to ride to reach my destination.  This is very useful during interviews and walk-in job seeking.

Why is the Street Directory of Singapore Book important?
I know that having smartphones right now is quite an advantage for visitors or even jobseekers in Singapore.

These smartphones can have some apps for the maps of Singapore.  But, some of the visitors don't have these phones or gadgets.  This is also true for those jobseekers, who only have the limited money and time to find a job, which is only 30 days.

Most of the Smartphone Apps needs to be connected online and this is difficult to have when you are just new or just visiting Singapore.

The best item that you can bring along is the Street Directory of Singapore.  It is not that bulky and can be carried inside your bag. 

What is inside:
1. Detailed street addresses
2. Complete housing and commercial block numbers
3. Detailed and updated Expressway road layout.
4. Easy to use guide (user friendly).
5. Preferred choice for expatriates, drivers, motorists, taxi drivers and despatch riders.

Where to Buy the Singapore Street Directory book?
You can buy the Street Directory at the grocery stores, petrol shops and supermarkets.

You can also buy the book even before you arrive in Singapore through online by clicking the link below. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

The View of Sentosa BoardWalk

There are two ways to go to Sentosa if you're at Vivo City.  It's either you ride the Sentosa Express or walk to the Sentosa BoardWalk.

But before that, how do you go to Vivo City?  First, aim for the MRT Purple Line (NorthEast Line) and alight at HarbourFront or you can read the details at my post about How to Get to Sentosa.

How Much is the Difference Between Sentosa Express and BoardWalk?
Sentosa Express cost you SGD3.00 per entry to Sentosa.  You can use the EZ-link or buy a ticket.  This will bring you to all stations (Waterfront, Imbiah, Beach Station).  This route is fast.

If you want to experience and see the sea and feel the sea breeze touching your skin, you can take Sentosa BoardWalk route. Don't worry, if you're lazy enough to walk, you can just take the long walkalator, it's free.

Sentosa BoardWalk cost you SGD1.00 to enter Sentosa.  You can use the EZ-link or buy a ticket beside the entrance.

How to Go to the Sentosa BoardWalk?
Ok, you're now at Vivo City.   Inside the mall, look for the way to Promenade and you will see the sea and Sentosa at a distant.

For a better view, just watch this video in Youtube.

The only difference of the two routes is TIME.  If you have around 20-30 mins of your time to spare, why not use the Sentosa BoardWalk?  After all, it's the view that you're aiming for...

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Save For Your Food and Drinks In-Flight to Singapore

A bottle of water is SGD2.00 inside the aircraft and a meal is around SGD12.00 for a kaldereta or chicken adobo.

For some people, these prices are still affordable, especially to those Overseas Foreign Worker or business traveller.  How about the tourist and even the supposedly tourist that are looking for jobs in Singapore? 

I know how it feels like having the "just exact" cash on hand, budgeting is difficult.

I can teach you how to save few bucks,  starting at your first journey in Singapore. This is for practical people only.  We will start at the Philippine airport... 

Bring Your Food
Before you go to the airport, cook your own food that are dry, like fried liempo, chicken, and fried fish.  Do not bring food that has a strong smell like bagoong, please...

Pack it in a sealed plastic container such as Tupperware or Lock and Lock.  But, if you don't have these containers, don't buy one for the sake of this trip, just buy the cheap plastic containers.

You can bring your packed food and enjoy it during your flight.

How to Bring Water Inside the Aircraft
I know, we are not allowed to bring liquids inside the aircraft if the liquid was bought outside the airport.

For your information, you can buy drinks inside the airport and can bring it aboard the aircraft.  These liquids are available at the stores located after the immigration security checkpoints. But, the price of these drinks are more expensive.

So, the best way to have a cheap water inside the aircraft is to bring an empty water container or empty plastic bottle.  Once you passed the security checks at the immigration, look for the drinking fountain/station.  Some of it can be found outside the toilet.

Refill your water container and now you can bring it aboard the aircraft.  Even while on flight, you can ask the steward to refill your empty bottle.  They are friendly enough to refill it for you.

This is even applicable when in Changi Airport Singapore. You can see a lot of drinking fountain/station here and are always located outside the toilet.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Long Does the SPass Application Take?

Few days ago, I told you guys about the renewal of my EP, which was rejected by MOM.  So, my employer sent an appeal to the Ministry if they can reconsider my application.

We've waited for about 3 weeks and finally we received a letter from the Ministry of Manpower.  I regret to inform you guys that my Employment Pass (EP) appeal has been rejected.

What Did We Do After the Rejection? 
In addition, to make the situation worse, is that my EP is going to expire for the next 7 days! Well, life is really challenging and there's no other option but to go on with it.  This doesn't affect me big time since we can still apply for the SPass.  But what did we do next once we received the rejection letter?

My boss, called the Ministry of Manpower and requested a letter to extend my permit to work in Singapore.  The next day, a letter was received stating that I can still stay and work here in Singapore for the next 30 days and the letter together with my expired pass should be shown to any government body once they requested it.

What's the Step to Get the SPass?
Quite a relief, I can still work in Singapore for the next 30 days, but I still need to have a long term pass.  My boss sent all my requirements (Degree Certificate, TOR and also my wife's Diploma and TOR).  The third requirement is quite surprising, but we applied for the SPass anyway.

Two working days later, my boss sent me an SMS and informed me that my SPass application was approved.  A smile on my face is the obvious expression after reading the text.   Relieved and motivated, I hurried to the office and asked my boss for the next step.

Medical Exam Taken
Each renewal or new application of a pass requires a medical examination from a clinic or hospital in Singapore. This examination includes the Chest X-Ray (PTB test) and HIV Test.

The IPA (In-Principal Approval) from MOM includes a medical form, which the applicant should bring along  to the doctor and have it signed, this is the proof that the applicant is fit enough to work.

The medical examination includes the physical and a Chest X-ray, but HIV was not included at this time.  On the previous year, they required me for the HIV test and lucky that I have a negative result. Wew!!!

The Chest X-Ray and the physical examination is quite fast.  It took me 2 days to get the result at the clinic, personally.

Next Step After the Medical Examination?
I handed the result and the IPA to my boss and she sent it to MOM online.  A letter from MOM came in the next day and it was the letter of issuance for my SPass.  It stated that I have to get the SPass Identification Card at the Work Pass Services Center (WPSC).

Where is the WPSC?
The Work Pass Services Center (WPSC) is located at:

         Tanjong Pagar Complex, 7 Keppel Rd. #02-06, Singapore.

Click this link to go to the map of Tanjong Pagar Complex.

The nearest MRT is the Tanjong Pagar (EW15) but you have to walk around 10-15 mins to the WPSC.

What is the Total Timeline of the SPass Application?
Online Key-in               :  1 working day
SPass IPA result           :  2 working days
Medical Exam               :  3 working days
Pick Up (Spass IC)      :   4 working days
                  Total days :  10 working days

Please take note:  This is my timeline, it may vary depending on the applicant's status.

Hope that your Spass will be approved SOON! Please leave a comment below if you do...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

45-minute Drink All You Can Beer in Singapore!!!

Alcoholics, this is your time!  I'll tell you why...

Disclaimer: I am not alcoholic, but a social drinker...and take note, if you're below the legal age of drinking, please don't read further.

If you drive and love to drink? Leave your car at home...

Where did we go?
My friends and I decided to have a trip that is not famous with the tourist.  We checked with my colleague about a place and found that the TIGER Beer factory is open for public viewing every weekdays (10am to 5pm).

So, we went for the tour one Friday afternoon and was so excited about it.

The Tour at the Tiger Beer Factory in Singapore
We booked our tour ticket online for S$16.00 per adult, a day before the tour.  Arrived and excited 10-minute before the tour schedule, we took photos of the entrance.  We presented our Identification Cards and  Passports for foreigners and they gave us a Tour Card Pass.

Tiger Beer Factory Ticketing Booth
Tiger Beer Gate
The tour guide came just before the scheduled tour and she brought us to the main entrance of the Tiger Beer Factory.  There are a lot of memorabilia displayed all over the place, what I like most is the touchscreen TV for watching the history of Tiger Beer Singapore.   I saw a souvenir shop at the place but have no budget for buying so.

I took a photo of the table which is covered by a glass and in it are the bottles of the different types of beer that are manufactured inside the factory.  I was surprised that Heineken Beer is one of them. Cool!

Tiger Beer Factory beer display
After a 15-minute introduction from a video and the tour guide, we went inside the brewing factory and unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside.   So, these photos are taken outside the factory where you can see the ingredients used in making your favorite beer.  The process is highly confidential.
Ingredients Description


Oh, by the way, they need to add WATER!!! I did not took a photo of it because it's HIGHLY confidential. LOL!

After a 45-minute plant tour, they taught us a quick training on how to properly serve a beer in a chilled glass.  Better to visit it personally and learn it by yourself, the next part of it is to drink your own serving and it's a Tiger beer. Ahh!

What are the different varieties of beer in Tiger Beer Tour?
The most exciting part is here, the Beer Appreciation Section!  This is your chance to taste the different types of beer, namely:


Sorry if I forgot to mention a brand or two, but as far as I remembered, I tasted all of this.  I took a photo of the Archi Pelago, which is my favorite beer so far.  It's because of its aromatic flavor.

Archi Pelago Beer taste test, my favorite so far

Tiger and Heineken Beer are served in a big chilled glass and others are served just like the photo above.  They'll give you 45 minutes to drink beer all you can.  Hurry but don't mess up.

I end up not remembering the other brands. Hik, Hik $%^$&^%*&!!!

How to Book at Tiger Beer Brewery Tour Singapore?
Go online and book at Tiger Beer Tour Booking and Check out the Tour Booking Info.

Have a nice tour and drink!!! Please leave your comment and experience below. Hik..Hik !^@%&^74 (drunk)!!

How to Get There?
1. Alight at Boon Lay MRT Station
2. Ride the bus 182
3. Approximately 20-minute ride

Car: (Drivers should not be drinking)
Tuas West Road corner Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Indian Passport Holders and Visa Applications to Singapore

Author: Jeevan Gopal 

Readers to note, this post is about Indian passport holders and Indian Visa applications only !.

Do I need to visit the Mumbai or Chennai Consulate ?
It all depends on where your passport was issued from. Mine was issued at Mumbai, so I applied to the Mumbai Consulate. For passports issued in Southern India, visa applications would go to the Chennai Consulate and for Northern Indian Passports, it will be Delhi.

Please do check these links, depending on where your passport is from. Please make sure and call the Consulate, where your application be submitted!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Extension of Short Term Visit Pass / Tourist Visa

If your Short Term Visit Pass is due for expiration and you need to extend it, you have to apply for an extension at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in Singapore.

There are two purposes which you can extend your visa.  It's either for Social Purposes or Seeking Medical Treatment.  Take note that this extension is for ICA approval and consideration, it may not be approved at all times.  

If you want to extend your Short Term Visit Pass for Social Purposes, you can visit the link HERE...

For Seeking Medical Treatment Purposes, click the link HERE...

Friday, July 15, 2011

MOM Selected Institutions List for EPEC

NOTE: As of December 01, 2011, EPEC Scheme is discontinued by MOM...Read More.

Applying for EPEC is frustrating especially when you're REJECTED.  The difficult thing is you don't know what was the reason of the rejection, it's just hanging.

Before you apply, you must consider the list of Institutions or Schools, which MOM (Ministry of Manpower) had selected.  The applicant must possess selected university qualifications.

The main reason why MOM had made this qualifications is from the wide range of criteria:

  • Global and country institution rankings by independent accreditation boards
  • Hiring history by top companies in Singapore
  • Validation by HR consultants in listed countries
  • Employment outcome of the institution's graduates
  • The institution's enrollment standards
What are the Institutions selected by MOM?
I am from the Philippines, so I will list down the institutions that are qualified by MOM in my country.

PhilippinesAsian Institute of Management
PhilippinesAteneo de Manila University
PhilippinesDe La Salle University

To verify your school, institution or university, whatever you call it, you can click the link below.  Choose your Country and click Search.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Helping Newbies in Singapore

In my country, Philippines, we have this way of helping someone may it be an individual or a group, which we call "Bayanihan".  One's practice will go in chains and leads to helping others who are also in need.

I started this blog, which I knew at the beginning that it will help thousands of aspiring people wanted to visit Singapore. It doesn't matter who they are as long as I helped them in any way I can.

The feeling of first timers, newbies, stranger, alone in a city specifically in Singapore is what I had experienced.

Doing it in my own is such a risky experiment.  I don't know what will happen if I do this or that...because of this, It changed my way of doing blogging.

I believe in our Bayanihan, so I made this blog and my new free Forum Site to help Singapore hopefuls, tourist or a Singapore fan in the journey of their lifetime, from planning to making it the reality.
Singapore Newbie (Singbie Forum)

Please support the Forum Site by joining and sharing your own experience and asking questions. Thanks in advance.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Surviving Singapore for 30 Days

One Singbie (Singapore Newbie) asked me few questions that are worth sharing to you guys.

What is the Best Place to Rent in Singapore? 
The most essential part when staying in a strange country is the place to stay.

If you're a tourist looking for a job, or a Singbie here in Singapore, that means you need to survive for 30 days.  But how to survive is just a common question, which also you can answer.  I'll explain it further...

You need to be financially prepared.  All money going out of your pocket should be avoided.  If you will rent a room, which is commonly priced as S$600/room, or sharing a common room for 2 person costs S$300/person is quite normal.  This includes aircon (A/C), internet and some tenants includes PUBs (gas, water, electricity).  Sometimes you have to add S$50 for those facilities.

A Chance of a Lifetime
If ever you have a single chance of living with a relative or a friend, this is a huge BONUS for you. This is a chance of a lifetime.  All job seekers are longing to have one, but they end up in backpackers (budget hotels with double decks) just to survive for 30 days.

Please do not show your Filipino trait as "Mahiyain" (Shy) or "Ilang" (Uncomfortable).  This is Singapore...and you must not act this way. Survival is the key and take this all out from you.  If you can't avoid this because it roots down in you, then ask your friend or relative that you might as well share with them a grocery or a room rent.  They will surely say that...

     "Never mind, what are friends/relatives are for?".

If they say so, then say Thank You and just give them some few groceries at random or give them gifts that will make them happy to have you. If you are lucky to find a job, give them a gift of 42" LCD TV.  This will give them a really big smile and thank you with tears, haha!...But, it's totally up to you on how to thank people who helped you when you're down.

What's the Difference if I Rent a Room Without My Friends and Relatives?
There is a big difference if you'll rent a room or common room without them. Living with them or not, you still need to live with other roommates. But, these roommates are a total stranger to you.  You'll never know when your valuable things will disappear, because some of them are Magicians....So, will you rather pay S$300 to stay with them or stay with the guidance of your relatives/friends?

Choosing the Right Place
Do not be choosy in selecting the location.  You are still job hunting and you don't know the location of your future employer.  Singapore is just a small country, easy to travel during interviews and even from the start of your work.  In fact, I travel 50 minutes from my previous house, my friend's, to my work.  Then I relocated to a 30-minute travel.

Be patient, take a deep breathe whenever you hear some foul words coming out from your relative or a friend during your 30-day stay.  Just inhale on the first day and BIG exhale for the 30th day of FREEDOM...

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Friday, May 6, 2011

24-Hour Singapore Itinerary

One of my reader requested an itinerary from Ben. The best thing is, it's only good for 24 hours. A challenge of a lifetime.  This is like the Amazing Race Ben's Episode.

Anyway, this is what I thought for this 24-hour Singapore Itinerary.

September 1 (Thursday) 
11:15am - Singapore Immigration Checkpoint.
11:45am- Out of the airport and proceed to MRT Station to TUAS.
12:15nn - At Changi MRT Station. Buy the EZ-link card (S$12)
12:25nn- Arrive at Tanah Merah Station, transfer train to TUAS (just 10 steps from the train door)
12:35nn - Arrive at Outram Park. Walk/Transfer to board the MRT (NE Purple Line) heading to Harbour Front MRT Station.
12:45nn - Arrive at Harbourfront and take your lunch at Vivo City (Food Republic) Level 3
01:55pm - Board the Sentosa Express (S$3), can use your EZ-link, just beside the Food Republic.
02:00pm - Arrive at Waterfront Station and buy tickets for Songs of the Sea (S$10) at ground floor.
02:05pm - Walk and proceed to Universal Studios (S$72).Enjoy!!!
06:00pm- Go out of Uinversal and walk your way to Songs of the Sea passing through Merlion (Pictures).
07:30pm- Queue to watch the Songs of the Sea.
08:40pm- Proceed to Beach Station and board the Sentosa Express back to Vivo City.
08:50pm- Arrive at Vivo and proceed to Harbourfront MRT Station
09:00pm- Board the Harbourfront MRT to Chinatown.
09:10pm- Arrive at Chinatown. Read this post for details 360 Chinatown & Chinatown on New Year

Option A
10:00pm- Board the MRT to Clarke Quay (bar hopping) and check-in to any hotel afterwards...

Option B
10:00pm - Ride the Taxi (S$13 estimate) to Marina Bay Sands (Casino, Helix Bridge, City Viewing)
11:15pm - Ride the Taxi (S$18 estimate) to Changi Airport and sleep there. Read this, Sleeping at Changi.

September 2 (Friday) 
6:00am - Depends on where you have stayed, aim for the MRT(Green Line) to Changi Airport.
6:45am - Arrive at Changi Airport and go visit the beautiful places inside.
8:00am- Check-in
9:30am - Bon Voyage to MANILA, Philippines!!!
*This is for your guide only, it may not be exact, but at least an estimate. Leave your comment if there are clarifications.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What to Prepare Before Going to Singapore (Part 2)

This post is the continuation of the What to Prepare...Part 1.

What Documents to Prepare?
Looking for a job in Singapore needs documents.  The Employer and MOM wants to see the copy and should be supported with the originals.  Of course, they don't know if it's fake or real, but they (MOM or Employer) will investigate it further...Fans of Recto, better watch out!

Before anything else, make sure that all your documents are complete, such as:
  1 pc   - Airplane ticket (with return ticket)
  1 pc   - Invitation Letter / Hotel Booking
  2 pcs  - Identity Card (Driver's License or any valid IDs)
  1 pc   - International Driver's Permit (if you want to drive in Singapore)
  1 pc.  - Passport (latest or at least have 6 months validity)
  1 pc   - EPEC (Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate) Certificate Original
24 pcs. - Photos (passport size with white background)
  1 pc.  - Transcript of Record
  1 pc.  - Degree/Diploma Certificate Original
  1 pc.  - Marriage Certificate
  1 pc.  - Birth Certificate
10 pcs. - Curriculum Vitae (CV) / Resume
* If you have questions, please leave your comment below...

Don't do the hassles of photocopying here in Singapore.  I remembered the price per copy was S$0.20 (P6.80).  Better photocopy all your documents in your country or wherever the cost is lesser.

Things to Bring Before Going to Singapore
After gathering the documents above, you have to prepare your things and start packing below.

  1 pc.  - Laptop with Wifi (for job-hunting), just buy the adaptor here.
  1 pc.  - Cellphone (that can work for International networks)
  1 pc   - USB (storing your CV/Resume)
  1 pc.  - Notepad (for listing schedules of interviews and details)
  1 pc.  - pair of slippers / flipflop (buying food at nearby supermarkets)
  1 pc.  - rubber shoes (walking and walking and walking)
  1 pc.  - leather shoes ( for interview)
  1 pc.  - sunglasses
  1 pc.  - small umbrella 
  7 pcs.- socks
  7 pcs. - underwears (I need to case you forget!haha)
  7 pcs. - t-shirts (for travelling)
  2 set. - sleeping attire
  1 pc.  - towel
  2 pcs. - Shorts
  2 pcs. - Maong pants (Jeans)
  2 pcs. - Formal pants (business attire)
  2 pcs. - Long sleeves (1st & 2nd interview, signing of contract)
  1pc.   - soap
  2pcs.  - deodorants
  1 pc   - hair gel (for untouchable hair)
12pcs.  - shampoo in sachet
  1 pc.  - toothbrush (fresh breath during interviews)
  1 lot   - MONEY (refer to Part 1 of this post)
I have given you the long list, it really depends on what you want to bring. These, for me, are the essential things to bring or I may say it as the optimum gadgets.  This serves as your guide to help you prepare yourself on your quest to Singapore.

* If you have questions, please leave your comment below...
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Saturday, April 23, 2011

What to Prepare Before Going to Singapore (Part 1)

When my EPEC was approved, I was too excited to buy a ticket for Singapore.  I'm so ready to go...

But then, I realized, my world out there is different. I need to prepare everything. How lucky I was to have a friend that will guide me on every details that I need to ask.  What if I don't have one?

The place is new to me, I only knew how it looks from the pictures that I have seen in the internet and the feedback I get from my relatives, who went there as tourists.

Here are some few tips that I would like to share to you on how and what to prepare before going to Singapore to work.

How to Prepare Before Going to Singapore?
Remember that you are in Singapore.  This is not your country and anyone is a stranger.  Even if they say that Singapore is Safe, remember "Less Crime Does Not Mean No Crime!".

I know that each one of us has his own belief. Someone to lean on to in case of danger and depression.  Whatever your Religion may be, always remember to pray. As a Roman Catholic, I always pray to God and believe that He's always there for me to guide me and help me in my Singapore journey.

Ask yourself, "Am I ready to leave my country, mother, father, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister and everyone?"  This is the difficult part where your heart is the target.

You can hit me at my face and can even kick me, it does not hurt me at all...BUT this part hurts me the most.

I took my wife and my son to dinner and malling once a week to have the best bonding moments with them as I could. Before bedtime, I always looked at my cute son and my beautiful wife while they are sleeping. For I know that next few weeks and months, I will not be beside them.  Waking up early at 4am and thinking of the next situation again and again became normal to me.  I always imagine myself sleeping and waking up without them...this gives me tears.

Prepare to be in this situation. The tears will be there always...but you can still fight for it.

Money is everything...This, for me, is applicable in Singapore.  You can not eat, live and travel if you don't have money.  The worst nightmare your friends may encounter is YOU borrowing them money.  Your friends are just here to guide you, but they are not your Bank.

Remember that you came here to solve your problem and not adding problem to someone else. Prepare your money before going here.  Below is some computations that might be helpful. This is for a 2-month budget.

Room Sharing Rental: S$300 x 2 mths  = S$600 (you can find below S$300 much better)
Public Utility (water, gas, electricity)      = S$  60 (depends on your flat-mates usage)
Food:  S$7.50 x 30 days x 2 mths         = S$450 (eat at Hawkers, bring your own water)
Travel: S$3.00 x 30 days x 2 mths         = S$180 (going for interview, job hunt, recreation)
Communication: S$20 x 2 mnths            = S$  40 (buy your SIM here)

I came here bringing P80,000 (S$2,350) for my survival and never borrowed money from a friend.  One friend help me by letting me share his room for a month...See how lucky and blessed I am?

*if you have a question or clarification, please leave your comment below
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to Activate EPEC to Long Term Visit Pass

NOTE: As of December 01, 2011, EPEC Scheme is discontinued by MOM...Read More.

As soon as you have the Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC). You can now apply for a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP), given that you have entered Singapore with a valid Visa and stayed minimum of 10 days.

I wasn't able to activate my EPEC or apply for a LTVP because I was lucky to get a job in 4 days.  My employer applied the Employment Pass for me.  So, I am still holding my EPEC copy until now.

Since my reader, Mark, asked me on how to apply for the LTVP, I have done few research on this and was lucky enough to have the links.

How To Apply for a LTVP?
This is also known as "Converting EPEC to a Long Term Visit Pass", in forums.  You can click the link below for the detailed procedures:

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