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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twitter Account of Ben Alagnam

Today, one of my reader wants to know the update of my blog. So I thought that I should have a Twitter account and name it as benalagnam.  This is a nice idea and I want to thank her for that.

So, I just made my twitter to let you know that you can follow me and know more about me.  This will be your guide and will keep you updated to what am I doing everyday, weekly or monthly.

For each of my post, I will make sure that you will learn something from it and will see it as informative, inspiring and motivational.

Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully you'll follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook account.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What to Prepare Before Going to Singapore (Part 1)

When my EPEC was approved, I was too excited to buy a ticket for Singapore.  I'm so ready to go...

But then, I realized, my world out there is different. I need to prepare everything. How lucky I was to have a friend that will guide me on every details that I need to ask.  What if I don't have one?

The place is new to me, I only knew how it looks from the pictures that I have seen in the internet and the feedback I get from my relatives, who went there as tourists.

Here are some few tips that I would like to share to you on how and what to prepare before going to Singapore to work.

How to Prepare Before Going to Singapore?
Remember that you are in Singapore.  This is not your country and anyone is a stranger.  Even if they say that Singapore is Safe, remember "Less Crime Does Not Mean No Crime!".

I know that each one of us has his own belief. Someone to lean on to in case of danger and depression.  Whatever your Religion may be, always remember to pray. As a Roman Catholic, I always pray to God and believe that He's always there for me to guide me and help me in my Singapore journey.

Ask yourself, "Am I ready to leave my country, mother, father, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister and everyone?"  This is the difficult part where your heart is the target.

You can hit me at my face and can even kick me, it does not hurt me at all...BUT this part hurts me the most.

I took my wife and my son to dinner and malling once a week to have the best bonding moments with them as I could. Before bedtime, I always looked at my cute son and my beautiful wife while they are sleeping. For I know that next few weeks and months, I will not be beside them.  Waking up early at 4am and thinking of the next situation again and again became normal to me.  I always imagine myself sleeping and waking up without them...this gives me tears.

Prepare to be in this situation. The tears will be there always...but you can still fight for it.

Money is everything...This, for me, is applicable in Singapore.  You can not eat, live and travel if you don't have money.  The worst nightmare your friends may encounter is YOU borrowing them money.  Your friends are just here to guide you, but they are not your Bank.

Remember that you came here to solve your problem and not adding problem to someone else. Prepare your money before going here.  Below is some computations that might be helpful. This is for a 2-month budget.

Room Sharing Rental: S$300 x 2 mths  = S$600 (you can find below S$300 much better)
Public Utility (water, gas, electricity)      = S$  60 (depends on your flat-mates usage)
Food:  S$7.50 x 30 days x 2 mths         = S$450 (eat at Hawkers, bring your own water)
Travel: S$3.00 x 30 days x 2 mths         = S$180 (going for interview, job hunt, recreation)
Communication: S$20 x 2 mnths            = S$  40 (buy your SIM here)

I came here bringing P80,000 (S$2,350) for my survival and never borrowed money from a friend.  One friend help me by letting me share his room for a month...See how lucky and blessed I am?

*if you have a question or clarification, please leave your comment below
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Construction Sites in Singapore

Singapore has a lot of construction sites nowadays. We can say that the place is really booming with it's economy reaching high above the clouds.

I was on my way home from work, I was passing by a construction site, which is near the roadside.  I envy their way of putting pedestrians and motorist in their safety priority list.  I have been involved in some small construction in the Philippines, but we seldom practice these kind of things or never had.  

As a motorist, road signs are so helpful, which gives us a warning that construction is on going.  

Look at the picture and notice the battery down to the ground.  If it is in my country, that will disappear few minutes later and found sold at the second hand stores.

As a Pedestrian, walking is easy along construction sites.  As far as safety is concerned, we don't have to worry.  They placed a path of concrete and plastic barrier for us, complete with signs such as "This way to.."
Concrete Barriers for Pedestrians
Notice the temporary concrete path for the pedestrians at the photo below.  After the construction, they will remove it clean.  It will be considered as waste.
Plastic Barrier for Pedestrians
I know that planning for a budget in construction includes this type of safety devices and precautions.  Why can't Philippine construction firms do these as a standard even for a small scale works.

The problem maybe is due to corruption, it's what people always say about it!

What do you think? You can leave your reactions below...

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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Price of Corrupt People in Singapore

I can't deny that corruption in my country is wide-spread.  This grows not only on the tree top but until its roots.  We , the citizens, don't know how to kill corruption or even minimize it a bit. We just stay silent and sometimes murmuring.

This is also the reason why I worked here, to earn more, which my country can't provide. The root cause of it all is Corruption.  No Corruption, less poverty, more jobs and more money for Ben. :))

Anyway, I just want to share a news from Yahoo that one man was charged with five counts of corruption.  If convicted, he will be fined of up to S$100,000 (P3,400,000) and/or a jail term of five years. Take note, this is for each charge. He has five charges, so he may pay five times of it. My goodness!

My country should follow this kind of law and should be implemented with an iron fist!  The problem is that when it's going to be implemented...the jail will be crowded.  They should build a Jail Complex for this.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

How I Found A Job in 4 Days?

Getting a job interview in 4 days is almost impossible for a job-seeking tourist in Singapore.  This is my experience when I went here.

As soon as I arrived in Singapore, I made it sure to send more than 200 resumes a day.  It was daytime when I stepped in the house of my friend and the very first thing I asked him is where can I connect my laptop?

What Tool Did I Use?
Laptop is the MOST important thing that you need to bring when you are job seeking.  Notice that I capitalized the word "most", because it's highly recommended.  This is your tool in finding a job quickly and efficiently.  It was my experience in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and I learned from there.  It is handy and can connect anywhere as long as there is Wifi. It is also the tool to keep you away from boredom.

Remember, you are away from your family and love ones, money is depleting, and no one to talk to because everyone are strangers.  Mr. HP, Mr. Asus, Mr, Dell and the Japanese guy Toshiba-san are the best names that you need.

Job-Seeking Attitude
I stayed away from the entertainment world like Facebook, Twitter and other time-consuming and luring sites.  This I swear not to click on it during my job seeking.

My friend told me that I need to go out of the room sometimes.  He was worried because I was job seeking full time in my room.  He even joked that "Don't jump out of the window, ok!".  The resting time is just going to the toilet, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Because all of this sacrifices, I say, will SOON give me time to travel around Singapore. Which is true!

Now, I have more time to visit Marina Bay Sands, Orchard, Botanic Garden, Chinatown, Pasir Ris Fishing Pond, Singapore Zoo and etc...

What and Where Did I Seek?
I have few other friends who are working in Singapore and they are my guide. Ben Alagnam is not in the blogging world that time *sigh*.  So, I gathered the sites which they've recommended and so I followed.  Here is the list of the job websites.

These are the three websites where I sent my resumes.

I also buy the newspapers every Wednesday and Saturday.  The reason for the specific day is that, this is the day where the jobs are posted in the Classified Ads section.

This is the Newspaper that I buy every
Saturday's and Wednesday's
Where Did I Found My Job?
On the very first day that I started to send my resumes. One caller, a job agent, called up and asked me few questions regarding my status in Singapore.  I thought that it was my lucky day, but unfortunately, they did not call me back. They don't like handsome men in there company. Haha!

Every time my phone rings, I'm making it sure that I have my pen and a notebook to note every details that my caller will say.

So, three days passed and someone called me again in my mobile.  This time, it's a different employer.  The Singaporean-English "Singlish" vibrated my eardrum.  The tone is not so audible because I am not used to understand this kind of language.  My ears seems sticking-red on my mobile and making it sure that I have to hear the right words.

This is what I heard that time...the words that changed my life in Singapore.

"Hello, is this blah blah blah, I am from blah blah and I saw your resume at Jobs Central"

"Yes sir, I am!"

"I would like to arrange an interview with you at our office this day and this time..."

"Yes sir I will go there.  By the way, what is the name and the address?"

As I heard the last word and as soon as we hanged up the phone...I inhaled to my very deep breath and shouted  ...YESSSS!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

How to Save Money in Singapore

I want to share to you my expenses here in Singapore.  This will also be my guide and my reference when my salary will increase in the future.  I will show you my computation at the bottom of this page, but I need to explain it to you one by one.

Everyday, my transportation starts with a two (2) bus stations from our HDB, then three (3) MRT stations and six (6) bus stations to my office and vice versa.  The cost of my transportation for one way is S$1.24. So my budget for a day is S$2.48.

I was cooking last few months ago, but I stopped.  I am already tired from work so cooking is not a good way for me to relax at home.  Then each time I cooked my food, there were only few recipes that I knew.  It can be ginisa, fried egg, fried chicken.  I found it unhealthy for me.

I decided to eat at the hawker station near my office.  This time, I can eat different varieties of food.  The breakfast is a noodle (bihon, canton) then I will partner it with two dishes (vegetables).  The noodles serves as my rice.  The meal cost me only S$2.00.

My lunch is a complete meal, one meat and one vegetables with rice.  Sometimes I eat only 2 vegetable dishes with rice.  It costs me S$2.30 for the combo.

My dinner is again one meat and vegetables with rice. Again the price is S$2.30.

I don't buy those groceries for cooking, I only buy those refreshments such as juices, milk, bread and snacks.
Fruits are my life, I don't go out of the groceries without a bag of fruits.  Each fruit costs an average of S$2.00 per pack.

Every 2 months, I buy my detergents, soap and other beauty products for men. haha!

My average weekly budget for this is S$15.00 and the products are S$10.00.

Luxurious Ben
I am not a fan of branded clothes.  As long as it's comfortable and a bit touch of durability, then it's fine with me.  The clothes that I wore are bought from Malaysia and sometimes in Philippines when I go home for a vacation.  My budget for my luxury in a month is just S$50.00.

Car Parking and ERP
Singapore has ERP(Electronic Road Pricing), which is located mostly in a congested areas like Orchard, Somerset and the rest of the city.  The ERP has gantries that will detect and deduct money from the cashcard, which is inserted in every Singaporean vehicles.  If you forget to insert your cashcard, then S$30.00 fine will be billed to you.

When I go to this areas, it will deduct an average of S$2.00 from my cashcard. So, I included it on my expenses.

ERP is the reason why I don't bring my car to the city.  But, even if I am far from that place, I still have to pay my HDB carpark.  They call this as season parking, which I apply and pay monthly at the HDB.  My monthly parking fee is S$90.00.

Room Rental
I have one roommate and we share a S$700 room rental in an HDB flat.  That means, each of us pays S$350 every month for a 3 x 5 meter room area .  The internet and cable TV is free, but the PUB (gas, electricity, water) is divided for 6 persons. I usually pay around S$7.00 for it because our landlord is paying the first S$200.  The flat has three rooms (masters, 2 common rooms) and a wide living room and a kitchen.

Roaming Around Singapore
Every Saturday and Sunday, me and my friends will go out to see the beautiful sites of Singapore.  My budget for this is S$20.00.  I was lucky to have those friends who are "Kuripot" (thrifty) and don't need to spend too much for other nonsense things.

So, I have explained to you each of my expenses and I will give you an idea on how I budget my money.

Salary   -   S$2,000
Savings -  (       400) (20% of my salary)
   Balance: S$1,600
Transportation:  S$2.48 x 22workdays - S$  54.56 (If I don't bring my car at home)
Food : (S$6.60) x 22workdays            - S$145.20
Groceries: S$20.00 x 4 weeks             - S$  80.00
Luxury:                                                - S$  50.00
Room Rental: S$350.00 + S$7.00       - S$357.00
Roaming Around: S$20.00 x 4 weeks  - S$  80.00
                                   Total Expenses:   S$766.76 ~ S$770 (rounded-off)

Balance           - S$1,600.00
Less Expenses - S$   770.00
   Extra Savings:  S$   830.00 (P28,220)

Total Savings: S$1,230 (P41,820)

The extra and part of my savings will be alloted to my airfare and some goes to expenses in the Philippines.

This computation that I made is for your reference.  It may differ because of our preferences in life.  It will totally depend on you on how you manage it.

I have saved this amount, and so can you!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stolen Crocs in Singapore

Excited to see the swimming pool, we packed up early.  Usually, when going to places like swimming complex, we just wear our shorts and flip flops and we're good to go.  But in the pool, you have to wear the swimming wear.

Anyway, as we reached the place, we headed to the locker room.  My friend was wearing his Crocs sandals and me wearing my Oakley's.  I decided to place my Oakley sandals inside the locker because I knew that "Zero Crime Does Not Mean No Crime".  I was getting used to hiding precious things, because of the place where I was born.  But, my friend just placed his Crocs sandals just beside the bunch of other swimmer's sandals lined up out of the lockers.  He said, "This is Singapore, no one will touch your sandal".

We went in to the dressing section and changed our swimming attire.  The pool was so nice, slides and an olympic-sized pool is what they have there.  Oh, I forgot to tell you...I LOVE SWIMMING!!!

What Happened to the Crocs?
So, we enjoyed a lot and that took us almost a whole day.  Tired and wasted, we jump out of the pool and headed to the locker area, then took our showers.  My friend asked me if I've seen his Crocs. I said NO! We were together then...hello!

There is no other conclusion to think but the Crocs was STOLEN!  That's because he did not put his sandal inside the locker...careless bastard! We saw a camera inside the locker room and decided to ask the information center if we could review the camera.  Then, we asked the lady in the information if we can do that.  The lady informed us that they can only do that if we have the Police report.  Ahhh, Okay!

Boarding the Bus Without Sandals
So my friend and I decided to just go back home without him wearing any sandals/slippers at all.  We boarded the bus and pretended that nothing is wrong.  The guy in front of us looked at us and down to my friends feet.  We hold our breath to avoid blowing out of laughter...

We reached home Crocsless and tired...

Experience at Suntec JobsDB Job Fair (March 25-27 2011)

Too tired, just came from the JobsDB Job Fair at Suntec today.

I was excited to tell you guys about my experience in the Job Fair 2011.  But before that, I would like to remind you that tomorrow, that is March 27 is the last day of the fair.

If you have not visited the fair yet, you might change your mind after reading my story.

My Experience at Suntec Job Fair 2011
I was hurrying up to reach the meeting time with my friend.  So I alighted at the City Hall MRT Station and took a 15-minute walk to Suntec.  The sign "Suntec City" is all over that I don't have to worry where I'm going.

So I met my friend at Level 1 and  filled up a registration form with my name, IC or Passport number and went to the Registration booth to get a career card.
Registration booth
The career card has a barcode on it, where it will be used on my job applications later on. I haven't updated my resume at JobsDB yet, so I was asked to do it at the 4th floor and they gave me these...
Dyson give aways and the career card.
Inside the Hall 
Off we go to the 4th floor and two guys at the front door checked our career card and gave us a signal to go in.  The first thing we saw was the recruitment booth of the Police Force.  Too bad, we can not apply because we are not Singaporeans...denied on the spot!

We proceed to the updating section, located at the back end of the exhibition hall.  The signs of "UPDATE" and "SCAN YOUR RESUME" are big enough for us to notice.  So no way for us to be lost.

There were an estimate of 50 computers lined up but we have to queue in.  When it was my turn, first thing I've noticed was that my resume database at JobsDB website is empty.  Seems like I neglected it for a year now.  I have to start from the beginning, need to encode my details again, name, birthday, current occupation, etc... What a waste of time.  I should have brought my resume in paper or in a thumb drive.

Anyway, things are not always perfect so I encoded my details, blah and blah...After that I was given a green circle sticker.  That means I'm ready to go to every booth and apply for the position that I fit in.

The Process is Too Damn Fast!
I tell yah, the process is amazing.  Ok, every booth has a computer and a scanner.  They also have a list of jobs posted on every corner of their walls.  Some of the recruiters put their list of jobs in a sheet of paper, which you need to borrow from them.

I queued up to apply for a position. At my turn, they asked for my career card and scanned it to display my name on the database, then they asked me what position do I want.  They searched the position and the list of jobs are all there.  Few clicks of the mouse were made and my application is DONE!  That took me 2 minutes and five blinks!

There are also computers and scanners on ever corner of the hall so that you can apply to other employers who are not present at the exhibit.  This is how to do it...

1. Scan the career card to login
2. View and select the desired jobs
3. Click "Apply/Submit" to deposit resume information
4. Click "Close window" to continue viewing jobs or "Logout" to exit.

And so the job hunting went on and on until I was tired and exhausted.  We decided to take our snack at the level 1 to refresh our energy and the second reason is, we have to be back at 6pm at the Hall because there is a raffle.

Remember the registration form that I mentioned above? I dropped it in to the drop box so I have the chance to win an iPAD... :( this is a sad face, you know why? My name was not picked. No iPAD...cry and cry!

It's alright, the most important is that I was able to send my resume to those employers.  Who knows, they'll offer me the salary which I can now afford to buy an iPAD!

What do you think? Please leave your comment below!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Claiming My EPEC

I had a nice sleep last night but my back still aches. My friend went to work and our flat-mates are all out too. So, I was the only man left in our flat.  I looked out the window and decided to take pictures of Toa Payoh.  I was feeling happy, excited but the loneliness is still deep in my heart.  I have no one with me, who will call me daddy and hops on my back.  I have no wife telling  me to eat my breakfast, because the soup is getting cold.  Those are the things that I miss a lot.

My worries are still there. My EPEC is not yet served and I got only 30 days to find a job, do my Medical, and a lot more.

So, I sat down at my bed (a folding sofa)  and took out my documents from my bag.  I remembered that MOM(Ministry of Manpower) told me to arrange an appointment with them when I arrive in Singapore.

I took my laptop out and was surprised that the outlet does not fit.  Singapore has different Electrical Standards from the Philippines, they have Line, Neutral and Ground. Luckily, my friend has his adapter.

I browsed the net and found the contact number of MOM, General Inquiries 6438 5122.  I dialed the number and told them my problem.

They arranged an appointment for me at 3pm on the following day and said that I just ask the Information at level L1 and I should bring along my passport.

You can see the smile on my face at that time.  It was a perfect day for me...Truly a blessing!

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Diploma and Degree: What's the Difference?

One of my reader, didn't mention his/her name, asked me about this and I also find it worth sharing.  I thank her/him for this.

I was disapproved at my first EPEC email sent by MOM asked me if my documents are all authentic.

What was the reason?
In Singapore, Diploma means a 4-year course and below, which is equivalent to a vocational studies or 3-year course studies in the Philippines.

I have two degrees in Engineering. In the Philippines, we usually indicate the title as "Diploma in ____ .jpg" because this is what we used to do.   So I used this term Diploma as the title of my files.  The MOM officer thought that I have two vocational courses and not the two Engineering Degrees.  That is why they ask me if all are authentic.

I explained to them and they ask me to re-apply again, so I changed the title to "Degree in ____ .jpg". I was then Approved.

What Photo Size?
MOM gave you the maximum byte size, so you need to follow their rules.  Singapore is a strict country and don't mess with their rules.

For the photo size, it should not be greater than of what they require and should be clear enough so they could read. This should be translated in English if it's in your native language.

I hope I have explained it clearly, if anything bothers you or you have a violent reaction, LOL! Please leave a comment below.

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My First Trip to Singapore

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Have Been Banned by a Forum Site!!!

Can someone tell me and explain to me why am I being banned from the Singapore Expats forum?

It happens that I just wanted to share my views and insights of Singapore.  I was once a newbie in Singapore and I know how it feels to know nothing about the place.

When you are the only one in a place, where everything are new. What will you expect?

Anyway, this is what they want, so I'll just keep on posting for those who needs more information about Singapore. Hopefully the forum will learn that I'm here to share.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Singapore Observes Good Friday

We're on a holiday and that means I'm stuck on my laptop. After a day start at work, a 3 day rest comes over. What a nice timing.

This is the moment that I would like to thank God for giving me the job that I didn't expect to receive it in just 2 weeks of my stay in Singapore. He is very kind to me inspite of what happened in the land of sand, the United Arab Emirates.

This is what we always say, if one door closes, the roof opens! And so it did! Thank you again, my Creator, my Friend and my Everything.

Singapore observes this day and it was declared a holiday. Time to be with Him and always pray that we will be in our strongest and healthiest mode, always.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore Vocabularies

For the few days of my stay in Singapore, few words have been drilled to my fresh brain. These are the vocabularies that I never had heard when I was in the Philippines.

Alight - If you're riding in a bus or any other Singapore's transportation medium, say this word when you want to unload.

Backpackers - These are people renting a bed-space and pays about S$20 a day.

Anaps - This is what they call people born in India. Filipinos invented this.

Itik - Another name calling for Indian people.

Expats - Workers from other countries working in Singapore.

HDB - A residential building , in Filipino terms, it's well known as Condominium but with a low cost.

Hawkers- A "Karenderia" type eatery, but it's clean. Famous for cheap varieties of food ex: 1 rice, 2 veg, 1 meat combo costs you SGD2.70. Drinks not included.

Uncle - Address to older males (ex. Uncle, where is the MRT?)

Auntie - Address to older females (ex. Auntie, how much is this?)

Brother - Address to males with the same age levels

Top up - also known as load in cellphones and EZlink card

These are all for now, I'll keep you updated. Keep in touch.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

EPEC Approved, What's Next?

It was September 2009 when I got a good news from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Singapore.  I sat for a moment in silence, closed my eyes and inhaled deep down to the rock bottom, and shouted...WAHHHHH!

Success! Finally I got an EPEC.  I told my wifey about it and was so happy to know the news.  At first, there were so many plans on my mind, and don't know how to start.

The letter from MOM, which I have received upon their approval was:
"We are pleased to inform you that your application for an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) EPEC-2009-xxxxx has been approved. Your certificate will be sent to your mailing address:"
How long will the EPEC Certificate be sent?
They did not said how long will it take to send it, so I decided to do some research. There were informations online that it will take 1 month to receive my copy.  My plan to Singapore was not that urgent so I decided to wait for a month.

I waited for some time until my calendar turned to the next page, November, but no EPEC copy had arrived.     Then I decided to wait for another month, another page was torn down to fire a charcoal...and the month is now December.

I begun to worry. Two months of no copy is already not good.  I need to inform MOM. So I decided to email them,
I have received an email from MOM on Sept. 2009 stating as follows.

"We are pleased to inform you that your application for an Employment Pass
Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) EPEC-2009-XXXX has been approved. Your
certificate will be sent to your mailing address:

        Address in PHILIPPINES"

Until now, I still haven't receive the certificate from your office.
They replied to me that they will resend it as soon as possible. So, again, another days and months of waiting...until the date was February. That was 5 months after my approval.  But then postman, with a dog biting on his feet, came.

Again, I sent a follow up email and told them:
"I would like to inform you that I still haven't receive the letter, EPEC, from your office.  Kindly check if it was already sent to the address below:


I am planning to go to Singapore after I receive the letter.  Hoping to receive it soon."
Their reply was:
The certificate has been mailed.  It might be lost in the process of delivering.  You might want to provide an alternative address for mailing.
I gave them a new address and hoping that someone will knock on our door with the copy of my EPEC.

Until it was time for me to go to Singapore, my copy did not arrive.

I don't know who to blame...

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Reasons Why Filipinos Work Abroad?

These questions dug in to my mind when I started to chat with some of my friends around the net. They are so happy of what they have now and what they do. Friends that you have known for years and have discovered their weakness and strengths.

Some of them are not been expected to do things such great that even the Mr. Nice can't do. Yet, they landed on the job that I envied me a lot.

This was the reason why I started to think of working abroad. Doing this can earn me some skills, experience and ambition to do things right in the future.

I am just one of the millions of Filipinos who dreamed going somewhere and some point on earth. But, all don't have the same reasons. These lists are some of it;

1. Financial - Every one has financial problems especially us in the Philippines. Some can not bear to see the rice and salts served on their plates. Filipinos are family driven, and family are worth dying for.

2. Getting Out of the Law - When someone is in trouble, a need of getting out of the fire is essential. The only thing to do is go out of the country.

3. Hated the present Government - They don't like the government. Some of them migrated to other countries to see the greener pasture.

4. Experience and Skills Upgrade - Skills and experience are essential in a growing being. It boosts the moral and confidence which may lead to doing business back at home or having an ambition to be the head of a company.

One of these reasons can be yours, but, it could be in combination. Whatever it is, think of it twice and ask yourself, Do I really need to go abroad?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is My First Post

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