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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Singapore Fighter Planes and Weapon Systems

I am so excited to tell you this guys...really I'm serious! My hands are now shivering to write this important news.

Airplanes are my favorite vehicle or should I say vessel, since elementary days...I played it on family computer games, "Top Gun" , where I pay 25 cents per 5 minutes at our neighbor's house. I even queued up with my friends to play it in the "Game and Watch".  This is how young Ben grew up and paying for technology. hehe!

Anyway, when I arrived in Singapore, these airplanes can be seen flying around their skies.  They are the F16's and the AWACs.  I can only see them up above and witness how they fly with V formations.

"Our Airforce, Defending Our Skies"
 Singapore Theme
Today, I am happy to tell you that RSAF ( Republic of Singapore Air Force) will be having their Open House 2011 on 28th & 29th of MAY.  It is at Paya Leybar Air Base (scroll down on how to get there).

Admission is FREE
9:30am to 7:00pm (May 28)
8:30am to 7:00pm (May 29)

What are the Attractions?
They will have these attractions:
1. Aerial display
2. Aircraft rides
3. Aircraft Arming Demos
4. Concerts
5. Display of (RSAF) Aircraft and Weapon system.

How to Get There?
By TAXI - Alight at a designated drop-off point

By Bus -Take SBS Bus 90 or 94 and alight at the opposite of Air Force Museum

By MRT - There are FREE Shuttle service at Hougang and Eunos MRT Station

Honestly, my hands are still shivering with excitement...

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Friday, May 6, 2011

24-Hour Singapore Itinerary

One of my reader requested an itinerary from Ben. The best thing is, it's only good for 24 hours. A challenge of a lifetime.  This is like the Amazing Race Ben's Episode.

Anyway, this is what I thought for this 24-hour Singapore Itinerary.

September 1 (Thursday) 
11:15am - Singapore Immigration Checkpoint.
11:45am- Out of the airport and proceed to MRT Station to TUAS.
12:15nn - At Changi MRT Station. Buy the EZ-link card (S$12)
12:25nn- Arrive at Tanah Merah Station, transfer train to TUAS (just 10 steps from the train door)
12:35nn - Arrive at Outram Park. Walk/Transfer to board the MRT (NE Purple Line) heading to Harbour Front MRT Station.
12:45nn - Arrive at Harbourfront and take your lunch at Vivo City (Food Republic) Level 3
01:55pm - Board the Sentosa Express (S$3), can use your EZ-link, just beside the Food Republic.
02:00pm - Arrive at Waterfront Station and buy tickets for Songs of the Sea (S$10) at ground floor.
02:05pm - Walk and proceed to Universal Studios (S$72).Enjoy!!!
06:00pm- Go out of Uinversal and walk your way to Songs of the Sea passing through Merlion (Pictures).
07:30pm- Queue to watch the Songs of the Sea.
08:40pm- Proceed to Beach Station and board the Sentosa Express back to Vivo City.
08:50pm- Arrive at Vivo and proceed to Harbourfront MRT Station
09:00pm- Board the Harbourfront MRT to Chinatown.
09:10pm- Arrive at Chinatown. Read this post for details 360 Chinatown & Chinatown on New Year

Option A
10:00pm- Board the MRT to Clarke Quay (bar hopping) and check-in to any hotel afterwards...

Option B
10:00pm - Ride the Taxi (S$13 estimate) to Marina Bay Sands (Casino, Helix Bridge, City Viewing)
11:15pm - Ride the Taxi (S$18 estimate) to Changi Airport and sleep there. Read this, Sleeping at Changi.

September 2 (Friday) 
6:00am - Depends on where you have stayed, aim for the MRT(Green Line) to Changi Airport.
6:45am - Arrive at Changi Airport and go visit the beautiful places inside.
8:00am- Check-in
9:30am - Bon Voyage to MANILA, Philippines!!!
*This is for your guide only, it may not be exact, but at least an estimate. Leave your comment if there are clarifications.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Best Time to Visit Marina Bay Sands

After we visited the Art Science Museum, we went down to the foot of the Marina Bay Sands. The sun is waving goodbye to the tourist scattered on every corner, taking photographs.  Some are setting up their high powered cameras with expensive lenses on its stand, preparing to capture the scene as Singapore reveals its secret.

The lights started to lit up, revealing the jaw-breaking beauty of MBS and the City.  The reflection of the buildings with the lights and a touch of shadows bounces of the waters of Marina.

The sun started to set and was like putting make up on the beautiful face of a lady (Singapore).  It enhances its beauty with the blending of the city lights. I looked to my left and saw these trees and lighted boardwalk...

The best time to visit the place is during sunset, which is at 6:30pm to 7:00pm.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Five Dollar (S$5) Entrance Fee at Universal Studios Singapore: Is it True?

Note (as of Sept. 10, 2011): I asked the USS attendant and she said they will resume this $5 entrance on September 16, 2011. Please wait for further announcement or call +65 6577 8888 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +65 6577 8888      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

Is it really true that the S$5 entrance at the Universal Studios Singapore is OVER?  Does it exist?

These questions had challenged me one Saturday morning.  What is really the truth about this entrance fee that cost less than 10% of the normal one.

I jumped off my bed, took my bath and put on my clothes.  A pair of shorts, t-shirt and a flipflop is what I wore that day.  Then at 3pm, I arrived at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore, the ticketing section.

I've been to this place about 5 times now and it looks just like before, though the globe was under repair.  They covered it with blue-painted cardboard, and made those tourists unlucky and disappointment.

Anyway, I'm not a tourist, sort of...I asked the girl at the ticketing booth, wearing red uniform, about the S$5 dollar entrance fee.  She told me this:

Universal Studios Singapore
Entrance Fee : S$5
Every Friday and Saturday
Time: 6:30pm (selling of tickets)
         7:00pm - 10:00pm
Fireworks: 9:00pm depends on the weather.  If its raining, definitely no fireworks, so better pray not to rain, for this is the only chance.
Restrictions: No rides and half of the Universal Studios is only open for thrifty tourists, haha.  You can take pictures until Madagascar and before the Galactica.

So I queued up at 6:00pm and luckily, they started selling tickets at 6:15pm. The line is long with a 10 seconds per accommodated person. It took me 15 minutes to get the ticket.

Yes, I got the ticket and waited for the 7:00pm opening of the gate.  At 6:50pm, the people queued up to the gates so I hurried and joined them.  The gate opened and this is what it looks like....

So indeed, the myth of the S$5 Universal Studios Singapore is TRUE!...If you happen to be at Singapore on a Friday or Saturday itinerary, come visit the place, it's worth it.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Weird Building at Marina Bay Sands

The excitement of Ben is pumping when the itinerary for the weekend is the Marina Bay Sands.  

I was there at the opening of the Marina Bay Sands Helix Bridge few months ago, but we are not allowed to come in at that time, only half of the bridge was open.  

But this time, the place is fully open, so that means, we can take photos and videos...*demon laugh*. As we're approaching the Marina Bay Sands, I made it sure to take a photo of it...   

Marina Bay Sands photo taken along Temasek Avenue
The view taken at the intersection of Temasek and Raffles Avenue
We alighted at the bus stop just in front of Marina Bay Seating Gallery and we walked about 3 minutes and went up to the mouth of the Helix Bridge, then I took this photo...
Marina Bay Sands - taken at the mouth of the Helix Bridge
We are curious to know what was that building with a shell like figure or a hand, I think?  So we walked through the bridge for about 5 minutes and reached the entrance to the Marina Bay Sands mall...
Marina Bay Sands mall Entrance
Then, I looked at my right and the view of the weird building is towering over me.  It is bigger than what I had expected.  My goodness, what a huge structure!

At the foot of the Marina Bay Sands, looking at the structure
I wanted to know what's the name of the building and is there any special thing inside?  So, we went down to take a closer look...
So, it is a museum...Art Science Museum 
We went inside and checked how much would be the fee to get in...Oh, it's just S$30.00. Then I said, "I don't really like museums". *sour-graping dude* 

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Sexy Alien in Marina Bay Sands

Warning: If you are below 18 years of age, please do not proceed reading this blog.  If you do that...I warned you!

We were walking at the foot of the Marina Bay Sands. It was a huge mall and the ceiling is so high.  We did some window shopping but haven't bought any. Just looking at the windows, how nice the glass were built. haha!

Anyway, we saw people crowded on one spot of the corridor.  Curious enough to see what's happening, we went there with a haste!  Then three aliens, with long feet, were taken photos by the tourists.  And one alien caught my attention. See the photo...

Hey kid, I already warned you!  

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Philippine Embassy Schedule

I was walking twice as I could from the Lucky Plaza to the Philippine Embassy.  Taking a chance to get in the gate before it closes.  It was a Saturday afternoon at around 4pm and it was raining.

As I was walking at Naseem Street, I haven't seen anyone walking to and from the Embassy, I wondered.  So I proceed to the place.  I arrived at exactly 4:30pm at the gate and no one is around.  I saw a banner and says..."Philippine embassy is under renovation".  My sweat started to drop and felt cold, all my 30-min walk was unrewarded.

I decided to post these reminders to you guys that there is a new or temporary schedule for visiting the Embassy.

This is the schedule for the Philippine Embassy.

I was unlucky that day, oh well, it's alright and was still happy to know that the Philippine Embassy is now improving...Renovation means Progress!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Catholic Church in Singapore

Sunday is a special day for Catholics.  This is the time to go to church with family or friends. 

I went to the Church of St. Mary of Angels in Bukit Batok together with my friends. I can see people in different races gathered on one roof.  

How to go to the Church of St. Mary of Angels?
Go to the Bukit Batok MRT Station (Red Line) and take the Bus 852. Then, alight at Bukit Batok East Avenue 6, Church Of Saint Mary (B43199). To go back to the MRT Station, take the Bus 852 at the opposite side of the road. You have to use the overpass.

The church is air-conditioned and there are rooms for those who are bringing along their infants. So no worries if your small ones are crying. This room is enclosed with a huge glass window where you can see the priest and everybody else. You can still hear the priest's sermon through the built-in speakers.  

I took photos of the church...

Hear a mass every Sunday, and during this time, a lot of Filipinos are there where you can meet and have a few chats.  It's good to boost your social and religious life...

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hawkers in Singapore

My stomach is growling when I see this place.  Stomach says, it's time to eat our meal.  This place is famous to all low-budget-eating people, like me...LOL.  We call this as Hawker.

When I first heard this word, like "Have you been to a Hawker?".  What comes in my mind is some sort of a guy thing.  I was wrong because it was spelled differently...Guys, you know what I mean! 

Anyway, you can see hawkers like the photos below and some are found underneath HDB buildings or commercial buildings.
Hawkers, eatery in Singapore
The Hawker has tables and chairs, usually in mono blocks.  The place is quite similar to "Karenderia" , eatery in Philippines.  But this is cleaner, I think!  I have no negative feedbacks taken from these places.  I haven't seen a single fly since I arrived in Singapore.  If your lucky enough to see one, you've just WON a free raisin on your plate. LOL!

First, when you come to eat at the Hawker, you have to find a chair and a table.  Put something on it and that place is already reserved.  I noticed that some put a single pack of tissue paper on top of the table and whallaa! It's reserved. What the..#@$!  So better be the first to place that tissue paper, huh!

Inside the Hawker has different types of food and stalls. You have to go to your favorite stall and place your order and wait for your food.  Unlike with restaurants, they'll take the order for you.

After you have taken your food, get some fork and spoon or chopstick, and proceed to your reserved table.  Some Aunties, like waitresses, they come at you and asks an order for your drink.  Other Hawkers don't have this type, so you have to go to the Drinks stall to order.
One type of stall where they served noodles
Get your stomach a break and try those food varieties.  I'm sure you will have a fine day!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Singapore Botanic Garden

Got a long holiday this week because it's Chinese New Year. So, I decided to go to the Singapore Botanic Garden to see the beautiful flowers, orchids in particular, and took photos of it.

I took the entrance at Nassim Gate located at Nassim Road, where the Visitor Center is located and there are available carparks. The parking nearest to the Center is full so I decided to park in front of Raffles Building.  The carpark at raffles has a capacity of more than 500 parking lots.  It took me 15 mins to find the right carpark.

Because it's Chinese New Year, the entrance were all in red danglers and a lot of Chinese decorations. I took a 360Ben here at the Entrance of Botanic Garden. Watch these...

The Symphony Lake
The view of the lake is Awesome!  I took photos of it.  The field surrounding the lake is wide and you can have your picnic and gatherings there.  Bring your food, packed lunch and some matting for you to sit.

Open field around the lake

This is a slope going to the lake and the stage.

The stage has a unique design.
Has a resemblance with a clam or some kind of a leaf.

At the National Orchid Garden
This is my favorite part. I paid S$5 for the entrance, was so excited to look at the beautiful flowers.  You know me, I like flowers, I'm a flower-lover guy! See some of the pictures which I took.

At the entrance of National Orchid Garden

You got to see this place in person...there's nothing you can compare when you're there and holding those flowers.

That was a fulfilling day, but tiring.  I think,  I had walked a total of 4 kilometers...whew!  Maybe, it's time to make a brand name for me, "The Working Tourist!"

Monday, January 31, 2011

Creeks of Singapore

I was walking along the street and I noticed the creek.  The creek is so clean, you can even do some fishing...other people do this but I'm not sure if it's allowed here. If I really want to catch fishes, I'll go to the Fishing Pond.

So I remembered when I was in my country.  I took the photo of one of the creeks in Sto. Nino, Paranaque, Philippines.  This is what I see creeks in my country.  I'm ashamed of what other people did with our creeks and that does not spare me.  I admit..I throw trash everywhere and was not aware that the creeks are already full with irresponsible doings.

Creeks in Singapore
My first time to see a creek in Singapore is at Toa Payoh.  I was shocked to see the cleanliness of it. The Tilapia fishes are enjoying their swim with the trash-free water.

This time, I took some photos to share how clean the creeks of Singapore are...
All creeks are concrete to eliminate soil erosion

Notice the grass and the fence? 

This is a small canal and I can't see any trash,
even one cigarette butt

Look at this photo and compare to
above photos in the Philippines 

This is where I jog and the creek is at my right.

Please let me know if you found any trash in this photo
Indeed, Singapore government is doing really well, they implement the law with an iron fist "Kamay na BAKAL". If you break it, the only help you can have is your attorney.

Chinatown Singapore on Chinese New Year

Two days from now, Chinese New Year will be celebrated here in Singapore. We're on a holiday from February 3 to 4 and that means, Ben's free time!  My friends will go home to Philippines, but I rather stay here and save the $500 worth of one way ticket and just wait when it drops to $80.  This time of year, a mass leave of absence were filed by Chinese employees so they could celebrate at their hometown.  

I was quite curious on how the Chinatown, Singapore will look like during this season.  Of course, it might be nice and exciting to see it for myself.  So, I went to Chinatown for just a sight-seeing and might as well bump to something elegant items, which I can send to my Wifey.

The Way to Chinatown Singapore
I ride the Green line MRT and my aim was to alight at Outram Park station.  I transfered to the Purple line MRT going to Punggol and Chinatown is just one station from Outram.

By the time I arrived at Chinatown MRT Station, I saw crowds of people from all races going to the Exits.  With a crowd like this, it's totally new to me because I used to uncrowded MRT stations.

Anyway, I took the Exit to Pagoda Street , a street where everything you see are stores. See the 360 View of the Pagoda Street... Souvenirs are all over and some house decorations and danglers for Chinese New Year.  I took some photos of them for you to take a look.

MRT Exit to Pagoda Sreet 

Scarves and clothes are sold here. 

Look at those key-chains and magnetic souvenirs

These are the Chinese decorations

I took a photo of this, but too bad, it's plastic

The little dragons are all over me

Food house in Pagoda Street where
you can see mostly White foreigners

Just as I turned right from the food house

Buy Singapore-printed shirts 3 for $10. 

Street going to the Smith Street, food courts.

These are also the magnetic souvenirs. 
The best that I have on that day are the freebies from the merchants, which is jelly with different fruit flavors. I got the peach-flavored jelly.  The taste is sweet and the aroma of the peach is mouth watering, totally delicious...
Worth $1.50 per 100g
Happy New Year to all my Chinese readers...

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