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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

White Nectarine from Australia

I love eating fruits, especially while blogging.  Yesterday, the fruit that I bought from the Fairprice were the Australian White Nectarine.

This fruit has two color tones which is red and yellow.  Some are fully colored red with a touch of yellow, maybe few percent is covered.  Look at the picture of it.

This costs S$5.45 (P180.00) for 10 pieces.  It looks and tastes like peaches.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

US Red Anjou Pears

On my first few days of my stay in Singapore, I make sure that I will eat the unusual fruits in the market.  I tried few of those and here is one that I have just bought yesterday at FairPrice Supermarket.

The fruit has a label "US Red Anjou Pears" and is not common in the Philippines because I haven't seen one before.  It costs S$2.25 (P75.00) for five pieces.

S$2.25 for 5 pieces

So I tried one and gave my first bite, my teeth sinks easily.  The skin is thin and the texture of the fruit itself is like eating a ripe papaya.  The taste is a little sweet and juicy.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Garrett Popcorn in Singapore

Before I left Singapore for my Christmas vacation in the Philippines.  I made sure that my Wifey will be happy when I arrive home. I ask her what she likes for a "pasalubong", a present. She said a 1-gallon popcorn in a can and the brand is Garrett.

Where can I find Garrett Popcorn in Singapore?
There is one Garrett Popcorn branch inside Sentosa and is near to the entrance of the Universal Studios.  To go there, ride the MRT to Harbourfront station and head through Vivo City to transfer to the Sentosa train.  Alight at the first station of Sentosa and walk your way to the entrance gate of Universal Studios.  Garrett Popcorn is located just before the gate entrance, right beside the Universal Studios globe.

No time for me to go there so I decided to go to the second branch, which is in Cityhall.  The Garrett Popcorn is just along the hallway beside Hersheys, left side when going to (Esplanade, Suntec and Marina Mall) from Cityhall, MRT Station.

Are there any Garrett Popcorn Locations in Singapore?
Yes, there are three more branches, they are in Great World City, Parkway Parade and Tampines Mall.

How much is the Garrett Popcorn?
To my surprise, Garrett is expensive!  I took a picture of the price list but unfortunately, it's blurry.

To give you an idea..
1-gallon of Caramel Flavor costs S$51.00 in a can. 
1 large size Chicago Mix(Caramel and Cheese corn) costs S$13.00.

But I tell you, the taste of Garrett Popcorn is soooo damn good, try the caramel'll forget the price after you taste it.  Try it and tell me if I'm bluffing.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Ice Cream Sandwich

Singapore has so many varieties of food. These are from the Indians, Malaysians and Chinese. But, as we went along Orchard Road, we saw this cart, just like the Mamang Sorbetero.

I ordered one Ice Cream Sandwich, a rectangular-shaped ice cream wrapped with a sandwich for a S$1.

It tastes good just like ice cream taking it with a loaf of bread.

You can select other options, you may want it with a waffle or just a plain ice cream.

In this photo, the vendor showed us how to prepare the ice cream sandwich.

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