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Blogging from Zero w/ Ben for Free!

Do you want to learn Blogging from Zero?
Do you want to have a website like this? If yes, reserve a seat below...
Who needs this?
- If you have no knowledge on how to setup a website.
- If you want to tell the world about your experience, skills, talent, and expertise and will potentially become your business.
- You want to educate, inform, and teach people about your passion.
- Wanted to have a website, but don't know where to start.
- You have many gadgets but don't know how to be productive with it.

You will learn:
- What is Blogging
- What is FREE and Paid Hosting
- What are the gadgets or devices needed 
- Choosing the right topic from a list of categories
- Start your first website for FREE
- Create your first blog
- Publish your first blog

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