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Small and Large business advertisements are very much welcome to Ben Alagnam's website.

How can I help you?
If you have your business ads and your target consumers/market are people in the following categories:

1. Foreigners wanted to find a Job in Singapore
2. Singapore First Timers
3. Singapore Tourists

1. Permanent Residence applicants in Canada
2. Immigrants in Canada
3. Canada Foreign Workers

This is the right spot for you.

My audience is growing fast because I made blogs that are helpful to them.  They are my daily inspiration and am happy to share to them my views about Singapore and how to survive as a first timer.

My readers viewed over 2,000+ pages every month.  This I owe to them, so I need to blog more.

But to do that, I need to finance my site in order to keep it running.

So, I am now welcoming any advertisers (small to large business entity) to display their banners on my sight, as long as it's legal, so my readers can view about your products that can also help them in their quest to Singapore...

You can email me at ( and Let's talk... 

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