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Monday, November 11, 2019

How to Prevent Spammers Getting in to My Website?

I received so many unfiltered spams in Blogger this time. They're annoying in a way that you have to check your comments every now and then. It wasn't like this few years back.

When I first started, Blogger will send all the spam comments to the SPAM folder and I have to review and delete it manually. It was easy. Now, It seems that spammers are getting wiser and they can penetrate the algorithm of Blogger.

The spam comments are no longer going to the SPAM folder. They will stay at the legitimate Comment section. That's annoying, right? Google Still Helps Although the spammers are penetrating the codes that Google made, the big brother is still here to help.

I still receive an email from Blogger every time a comment is posted in my blog. This is a way for me to review the spam easily without going straight to my website.

If it looks illegitimate, I will go to the comment section of my website and delete them.
Email from "Emly Mia" seems a legitimate comment, but it's not.
Take a look at the spammer's comment that was sent legitimately from Blogger to me. The name of the sender seems legit, it's a real person's name and not a company or a weird code name.
An email from Blogger that seems legit comment, but it's just a spam.  Creating a lot of backlinks to other sites.
The body of the email seems fine. But, when you dig down to the body, it placed a lot of nonsense words and phrases. These are usually links to another websites. This time, the email will be into the bin, a confirmed spam. This is just one of the hundred spams that I receive. It comes in many forms but with the same purpose, to create a lot of backlinks. Deleting them is the only solution for now. Blogger or Wordpress? For SEO... I was thinking of migrating to Wordpress for my new branding. I've done it before on my other websites. There are advantages and disadvantages that I had encountered. Advantages 1. It's free. 2. More beautiful theme designs and can easily be customized. 3. More plugins 4. Upgradable to a dedicated paid hosting. A server for my website. Disadvantages 1. There are frequent upgrades for the Wordpress site and Plugins. Constant upgrades to look into. 2. Some plugins may make the website slow. 3. Search engine optimization for Google needs to be setup properly and manually. I really love both blogging platforms. But, one thing that I needed more in Blogger than in Wordpress is the free SEO since Blogger is owned by Google, the largest search engine in the world. It prioritizes my blog than others in my same level, next to the ones who buys Google Ads. If I move to Wordpress, it might affect the SEO if not set well. Having a new brand will make it harder to be noticed online without the help of the Big Bro. I will stick to this platform for now to regain my readers and eventually move to a dedicated web hosting once I gain traction. This is important in Online Presence Building (OPB). Although Blogger is free and SEO friendly, the plugins are limited unlike the platform. For now, it's still good. How to Prevent the Spammers to Prosper? Most spammers also have their own algorithm that can detect words on Blogger site. They will then attach their messages that seemed legit and with links to other sites, like parasites. With so many backlinks in it, will boost their SEO fast. Companies hire people or a firm to do their marketing. But the issue is that these guys go beyond the unethical way of marketing. They spam websites and create a lot of links for click baits, so readers will click on it. Companies will see this as a success, but in reality, it's not. To prevent these guys spamming the site, I may consider creating a new membership site, just like what I did in . Membership site has protected contents, which is difficult for the spammers to get into. They need to login and authenticate the membership. The drawback for this though is it will give me a poor rating on my SEO. I fear not for now, the plan is to build my Blogger site first and gain readers as many as I can and then eventually move to the membership site. This is my long term goal. But for now, I'll stick to my short term plan. Email: benalagnam at gmail (to prevent from spammers, change 'at' to @) Follow my Twitter: Ben Alagnam Facebook Page: Facebook profile: Ben Alagnam Report: Send wrong grammar, misspelled words, and others to my email.

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