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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Remittance, Pagibig and SSS at Metrobank Lucky Plaza

Another month of tears and joy, and it's time to go to Lucky Plaza.  But why is Lucky Plaza or famously known as "LP" connected with the end of the month?  Is it for shopping?

Lucky Plaza is the second home of Filipinos when salary comes at the end of the month.  This is the time of remitting money to Philippines.

Visiting the place is like visiting a mall in the Philippines, you can see a lot of Kababayans queuing at remittance centers, eating and shopping.  You feel like at home.

My monthly destination in Lucky Plaza is the Metrobank Remittance center.  Although there are other remittance centers inside the mall, I have chosen this bank for a good reason:
  • I have a Metrobank account in the Philippines and sending money is a mouse click away.  My wife can withdraw the money at the atm machine at once.  No hassles of showing company IDs and all.
  • I can pay for my PagIbig and SSS as well, it's free when I send it together with my remittance.
  • The exchange rate is the same with the market rate.
  • It is Metrobank, I can't say more.
I have doing this for several years now and the service is consistently good, they even renovated the place to a better and wider area.

How to Go To Metrobank Lucky Plaza?
Go to the MRT RED line and alight at Orchard MRT Station, 
  • then exit at EXIT A 
  • walk through the tunnel leading you to the Tang Plaza
  • You can see the escalator at the right going up to the main Orchard Road.
  • Walk your way going to the direction of the traffic.  This will lead you to Lucky Plaza.
  • Go up to the 3rd floor and say Hello to our Kababayans there.
Map of Lucky Plaza

Have a nice month end and hope to see you at Lucky Plaza.

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