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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Blogging as a Hobby and a Business Opportunity While Working in Singapore

One of my reader sent me an email at, asking me about blogging.

Her name is Cassie, her hobby is writing. She had created her blog websites but was not able to maintain it.  She writes contents for other people as well.

Cassie's problem is that her blog is not popular enough and few visitors are coming in to her website or nothing at all.  She wants to know more on how to attract people to visit her blog and earn money from it.

Cassie and Me are just few examples of hobby bloggers.  We blog because we are passionate about something.  

The only thing that separates me from her is that I had learned how to separate a hobby blog to a money making blog.  

Also, I learned how to do these,
  • Attract more readers/visitors (getting traffic at your site)
  • Keep readers loyalty at hand (keeping the reader returning to your blog)
  • Having an authority at your niche (expert at a specific product).
  • Analyzing visitors behavior.
  • Monetize the blog (earning money from blogging)
The above lists are gained through time, research and reading lots of materials.  I've been reading blogs and studying authoritative websites to gain more knowledge on how they do their thing.

As a disclaimer, I am currently not making lots of money on blogging but I'm on my way to make that possible.  Earning a little is still good to keep me from doing the things that I love, blogging.

This is an additional money for me while working in Singapore and this will be my future income when the time of a big harvest comes.  

What are the Different Types of Bloggers?
I know a lot of bloggers who are all the way to the top, earning thousands but end up broke at the end. 

Some are so successful until now.

There are many types of bloggers, I'll name a few:
  • Hobby Blogger - Someone who creates blog websites and writes blog posts almost everyday, just for fun, but never monetizes it.
  • One-Time Blogger - Someone who blogs for a few months straight and loose enthusiasm, leaves the blog hanging.
  • Business Blogger - creates a blog website and a lot of money making posts, only cares about the visitors money.
  • Long-Term Blogger - Creates websites, taking care of the readers, keeping them loyal and recommends them products that leads to sales.
Now, where do you think you belong to from the list?  

How Do You Learn Blogging From Scratch?
Blogging is not an overnight get-rich scheme...NO!  It takes time and effort. That is why it's a future income, which you plant the seeds now, watch it grows, and harvest the fruits later.

Interested?  You can visit my blog just for this topic and I named it as Make Future Income .  There are posts about earning offline there as well, but I will concentrate on blogging for now.

In that blog, you can expect future posts for the following:
  • Posts about how to create a blog at a beginners level
  • How to attract readers to a blog by quality posting
  • How to take care of your readers
  • How to earn money from your readers without hard-selling
  • How to make a sustainable blog using free web host.
  • ....and a lot more about blogging
one more thing,
  • You can ask anything, and that would be about blogging
Remember, the Make Future Income is not only for me, but for you as well.  Blogging is a continuous learning and we should do it together.

You can leave a comment below if you have questions about this post or email me at for your private emails, all is FREE.

We'll see each other at the Make Future Income blog and let's do it!

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