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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birthday Gifts and Greetings in Singapore

It's time for me to go back home for the birthday celebration of my youngest.  He's getting older now and chubbier!  I'm thinking on some birthday greetings for him, which I can find it on this website.

Free Birthday Greetings Website

My airline ticket is from Jetstar, although there are few of the airlines serving Singapore to Philippines, but I found JetStar convenient and cheaper.

Now, I have to prepare on buying a gift to my son, thought of giving him a tablet to play with,  but he's only a toddler.  I'm afraid it will not last long at his cute little hands.

There are electronics shops that are cheap here in Singapore and you might as well try at Sim Lim Square.

SIM LIM Square is a mall here in Singapore where all that you can find are electronics.  From electronic massager to Computers and Tablets. You'll definitely find any type of electronics here especially for the photographers.

TIP: Do not immediately buy the item that you want.  You go to other shops (5 shops are better) and haggle the price until it's free (just kidding).  

You can do it here and you'll be surprised how high are the first few shops that you've been.

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