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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How to Use Your OEC Wisely and How to Get One at NAIA?

Just came back from my Philippine vacation and I discovered something useful to share with you. 

I have 2 pieces of OEC that I can use anytime until next year, which is the green type.  For the past few months, I was going back and forth from Singapore to Philippines because of some personal reasons.  I don't want to use these OECs to avoid the hassle of going back to the Philippine Embassy Singapore and will waste half of my working day.

What I discovered is that I can get an OEC instantly at the NAIA entrance counter.

How to Get an OEC at the NAIA airport?
I just want to let you know that this is only applicable if you travel back to Philippines for 5 days or less.

At the NAIA Terminal 1, there is a counter before you go in to the terminal entrance, where the X-ray section is located, you can approach the OWWA counter there and tell them that you want to get an OEC.

When I got mine, they asked for my passport and the Singapore Employment Pass.  They handed me a form to fill-up.  After that, you have to go to the OWWA Section, a counter just beside the OEC Section,  for verification.

After the verification, you will hand it over to the OEC Section counter again and they will stamp it as verified or cleared.  Then, you're good to go!  It took me around 5 minutes time to finish the whole process.

The OEC that they will give you is the white type and the validity stamped/written on it is until the day of your departure.

How much is the OEC in NAIA cost?
In Singapore, the OEC cost SGD3.50 and that is around P122.00 pesos equivalent based on the 35SGD/1PHP currency exchange rate.  (Please see top right section of my blog for an updated exchange rate)

At the NAIA counter, the OEC costs P100.00 only.  This will save you around P22.00.  Not Bad!

Now you know some tips about the OEC, try it by yourself and Happy Trip!

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