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Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Long Does the SPass Application Take?

Few days ago, I told you guys about the renewal of my EP, which was rejected by MOM.  So, my employer sent an appeal to the Ministry if they can reconsider my application.

We've waited for about 3 weeks and finally we received a letter from the Ministry of Manpower.  I regret to inform you guys that my Employment Pass (EP) appeal has been rejected.

What Did We Do After the Rejection? 
In addition, to make the situation worse, is that my EP is going to expire for the next 7 days! Well, life is really challenging and there's no other option but to go on with it.  This doesn't affect me big time since we can still apply for the SPass.  But what did we do next once we received the rejection letter?

My boss, called the Ministry of Manpower and requested a letter to extend my permit to work in Singapore.  The next day, a letter was received stating that I can still stay and work here in Singapore for the next 30 days and the letter together with my expired pass should be shown to any government body once they requested it.

What's the Step to Get the SPass?
Quite a relief, I can still work in Singapore for the next 30 days, but I still need to have a long term pass.  My boss sent all my requirements (Degree Certificate, TOR and also my wife's Diploma and TOR).  The third requirement is quite surprising, but we applied for the SPass anyway.

Two working days later, my boss sent me an SMS and informed me that my SPass application was approved.  A smile on my face is the obvious expression after reading the text.   Relieved and motivated, I hurried to the office and asked my boss for the next step.

Medical Exam Taken
Each renewal or new application of a pass requires a medical examination from a clinic or hospital in Singapore. This examination includes the Chest X-Ray (PTB test) and HIV Test.

The IPA (In-Principal Approval) from MOM includes a medical form, which the applicant should bring along  to the doctor and have it signed, this is the proof that the applicant is fit enough to work.

The medical examination includes the physical and a Chest X-ray, but HIV was not included at this time.  On the previous year, they required me for the HIV test and lucky that I have a negative result. Wew!!!

The Chest X-Ray and the physical examination is quite fast.  It took me 2 days to get the result at the clinic, personally.

Next Step After the Medical Examination?
I handed the result and the IPA to my boss and she sent it to MOM online.  A letter from MOM came in the next day and it was the letter of issuance for my SPass.  It stated that I have to get the SPass Identification Card at the Work Pass Services Center (WPSC).

Where is the WPSC?
The Work Pass Services Center (WPSC) is located at:

         Tanjong Pagar Complex, 7 Keppel Rd. #02-06, Singapore.

Click this link to go to the map of Tanjong Pagar Complex.

The nearest MRT is the Tanjong Pagar (EW15) but you have to walk around 10-15 mins to the WPSC.

What is the Total Timeline of the SPass Application?
Online Key-in               :  1 working day
SPass IPA result           :  2 working days
Medical Exam               :  3 working days
Pick Up (Spass IC)      :   4 working days
                  Total days :  10 working days

Please take note:  This is my timeline, it may vary depending on the applicant's status.

Hope that your Spass will be approved SOON! Please leave a comment below if you do...

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