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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where is the Right Spot When Waiting for a Taxi in Singapore?

Night time, the car broke down in a quite place in Singapore. Quite for me is a place where you barely see people at the road. 

I took all my things out of the car as the tow truck started harnessing the wheels of the car, and told the driver to which workshop he can bring it for repair.

I waited for a taxi at the bus stop.   So far, there were couple of taxis passed by but with their "TAXI"  lights in red.  The green light on top of the taxi is what I'm aiming for.

The upcoming traffic made me dizzy until I got one taxi with his green light on.  I waved my hand to attract the driver's attention, but to no avail, he never stopped.

What? Is this for real?  Why they don't bother to stop?

The second was then seen far ahead and again I waved my hand for an attention.  He stopped and told me that he's only going to Telok Blangah after asking me where I want to go. 

Then more taxis came, but they never stopped. Oh well, I guess they don't want me to go in for a ride. At this moment, I got a lot of questions in my mind specially the What and Why?

So, I thought maybe it's because of my location.  Then I started to transfer to another place just after the intersection.  Luckily, I found one and hopped in.

Why the Taxis Did Not Stop?
As I was locking the seatbelt inside the taxi cab, I asked the Uncle Driver why taxis did not bother to stop when they saw me waving at the bus stop?

He calmly told me that Taxis are not allowed to stop at any bus stop in Singapore.  They will be fined in doing so.  They will also never stop inside the yellow and red lanes. 

Bus Stop are for buses and Yellow and Red Lanes as well. If they are caught stopping, loading and unloading at these points, they will be fined for S$150.00 and 6 demerit points.

As he finished his explanation,  I found myself biting my fingernails, feeling guilty and ignorant. 

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  1. He stopped and told me that he's only going to Telok Blangah after asking me where I want to go.


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