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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Most Valuable Item You Need If You're New in Singapore

Few years ago, as I step out of Changi Airport, I still can't imagine how Singapore look like.  The signs were strange to me, names are quite new.   The picture of the whole Singapore is blurry inside my head.

Then, a friend of mine, whom I owe my future in Singapore, had helped me along the way.  He instructed me where and how to go to the most important places for jobseekers.

The most important item that he lent me is the book that I'll never forget for the rest of my life in Singapore. 

At that time, the book was the latest. This is the Singapore Street Directory book, the most important item for me, aside from my laptop.  

I made sure that every time I go out of the my friend's place, I'll bring it along with me. This serves me the guide on where and what to ride to reach my destination.  This is very useful during interviews and walk-in job seeking.

Why is the Street Directory of Singapore Book important?
I know that having smartphones right now is quite an advantage for visitors or even jobseekers in Singapore.

These smartphones can have some apps for the maps of Singapore.  But, some of the visitors don't have these phones or gadgets.  This is also true for those jobseekers, who only have the limited money and time to find a job, which is only 30 days.

Most of the Smartphone Apps needs to be connected online and this is difficult to have when you are just new or just visiting Singapore.

The best item that you can bring along is the Street Directory of Singapore.  It is not that bulky and can be carried inside your bag. 

What is inside:
1. Detailed street addresses
2. Complete housing and commercial block numbers
3. Detailed and updated Expressway road layout.
4. Easy to use guide (user friendly).
5. Preferred choice for expatriates, drivers, motorists, taxi drivers and despatch riders.

Where to Buy the Singapore Street Directory book?
You can buy the Street Directory at the grocery stores, petrol shops and supermarkets.

You can also buy the book even before you arrive in Singapore through online by clicking the link below. 

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