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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The View of Sentosa BoardWalk

There are two ways to go to Sentosa if you're at Vivo City.  It's either you ride the Sentosa Express or walk to the Sentosa BoardWalk.

But before that, how do you go to Vivo City?  First, aim for the MRT Purple Line (NorthEast Line) and alight at HarbourFront or you can read the details at my post about How to Get to Sentosa.

How Much is the Difference Between Sentosa Express and BoardWalk?
Sentosa Express cost you SGD3.00 per entry to Sentosa.  You can use the EZ-link or buy a ticket.  This will bring you to all stations (Waterfront, Imbiah, Beach Station).  This route is fast.

If you want to experience and see the sea and feel the sea breeze touching your skin, you can take Sentosa BoardWalk route. Don't worry, if you're lazy enough to walk, you can just take the long walkalator, it's free.

Sentosa BoardWalk cost you SGD1.00 to enter Sentosa.  You can use the EZ-link or buy a ticket beside the entrance.

How to Go to the Sentosa BoardWalk?
Ok, you're now at Vivo City.   Inside the mall, look for the way to Promenade and you will see the sea and Sentosa at a distant.

For a better view, just watch this video in Youtube.

The only difference of the two routes is TIME.  If you have around 20-30 mins of your time to spare, why not use the Sentosa BoardWalk?  After all, it's the view that you're aiming for...

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