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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Philippines: No Need to Show Printed Plane Tickets

I was browsing the internet and brought me to the Yahoo News, where it stated that there's no need to show the printed plane tickets to go abroad.  Read here in Yahoo News.

This I wondered why it goes out to the news just now.  I've been doing this 2 years ago.

What Do I Present When I Check-in?
Each year, I travel 5-6 times, going to other countries or in Philippines from Singapore. There are some documents that immigration requires, like Visa, Invitation, etc.. depending on the country of destination.  I don't show my e-ticket, but I bring it along with me just in case they ask, and they never.

If I'm from Singapore going to an ASEAN country, I don't show my e-ticket, just my passport and my Singapore Identification Card (IC).   Some may ask me for an invitation, some don't.

When going to China, where I need a Visa, I showed my passport with a Chinese Visa in it, and IC. 

If I'm departing from the Philippines, I just show my passport, Overseas Employment Clearance (OEC), and IC.  This is always the case.

Usually, the airline should have our names ready on their database before the departure.  They will just type in the name of the passenger and the list follows...

Going out of Singapore's Immigration
Usually, when a tourist or worker returns to their country.  After the check-in process, they will go to the immigration officer for a stamp.

In Singapore, if you are a Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or holding a Long Term Visit Pass (Overseas Foreign Worker), you may not go to the immigration officers for a stamp.

Instead, Singapore has an electronic immigration pass where you can just scan your passport and your fingerprint then you're good to board the plane. 

This is applicable for Departing and Arriving passengers.  Cool, right?

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