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Sunday, September 8, 2013

How to Find the Hawker Locations in Singapore


I guess you are, it's not because I can read minds but because you had your time to visit this post.  You must be looking for the Hawker's location in your place, right?

You can Google the word hawker or you can just find it here.  I found a website that is helpful for you, tourist or even me, who has been here for few years.

I just want to share this website to you.  Click the image link below.

Hawker is the most convenient place to eat because you can find different varieties of food at a multicultural environment.  This means that you can find Malay, Indian & Chinese food in one area.

Some of the Hawkers have Filipino stores like in Jurong East and Yew Tee MRT station.  I still need to find the other kababayan stores.

Anyway, I'll just make my blog short so you can start looking for a Hawker center near you and start munching.

If you need something to read when you're taking your meal, please feel free to read my blog.  You can gather a lot of information here about Singapore.  Cheers!!!

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