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Friday, September 6, 2013

Discover the 2013 World's Best Airport

Yes, I know, I'm not a Singaporean but a 100% Filipino.  But, this time I have to admire not my country's airport but the Singapore Changi Airport. I'll show you why.

NAIA 3, for me, is the best airport in the Philippines.  It's clean and organized as compared with the NAIA 1 and 2 or other domestic airports.

Singapore Changi Airport is different, it has a lot to share to the visitors and is undoubtedly organized and clean.  You won't be bored here because food and amusement are everywhere and the relaxation points as well. 

Sharing you this is not to brag about Singapore, but to let you know that we (Filipinos) can achieve this.  Our country will soon be like Singapore or even better.  If the economy will keep on moving upwards, why not?

I can't describe it by mere words. Just watch the video for you to find out. 

It's the 2013 World's Best Airport, by the way...if you're a fan of Changi Airport, visit their page on Facebook.

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