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Friday, September 27, 2013

48 Hour Parking at Changi Airport: How Much?

We all know that taking a taxi late at night, specifically after 12:00midnight, the fare will be 50% more.

Usually, the fare from Changi Airport to my house, by taxi, cost me around S$42.00.  This I considered as expensive.

Why I Decided to Park at Changi?
Few days ago, I have a trip to Penang for two days.  Since I travelled with a companion, I decided to bring a car to Changi and decided not to take the taxi back and forth.

Our flight is at Changi Airport Terminal 1, which has an open parking area.  But instead, I decided to park it at the covered parking of Terminal 2. 

The reason I parked the car there is not for some price difference, because there is none, but I thought that it might rain when we arrive the next two days. It's difficult for us to run through the rain with the baggage and tired faces.

Parking at the Terminal 2 is so energy consuming.  The reason is that we have to walk from Terminal 2 to the Skytrain then going to the Terminal 1.  What a waste of time and effort.

Terminal 2 has a walking distance of about 300 meters, please correct me if I'm wrong with this number.  Adding up the 100 meter walk from the Terminal 2 parking area then the ride on the Skytrain, is not worth it.

How Much is the Parking Fee at Changi Airport
Two days or 48 hours after, we arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 1.  So, the next destination is to walk to Terminal 2, the long walk...Again!

We reached the carpark and placed our baggage inside the car, then headed to the parking gantry.  It cost me S$45.00 dollar parking fee for a 48 hour parking at Changi Terminal 2 airport.

If I compare it when taking the taxi, this is feasible enough.  But, if I stay longer than 2 days abroad, it's not worth to park the car at Changi, better take the taxi.

Let's do the Math:

Rate:  S$20 per day parking fee

Taxi - house to airport (early evening) - S$28.00
Taxi - airport to House (late night) - S$42.00
Total for Taxi: S$70.00

Car - Petrol - S$10.00
Car - Parking - S$45.00
Total for Car: S$ 55.00

Savings: S$15.00 (But next time, I'll park near the terminal)

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