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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Best Gate in the World in 2013

Have you ever been to the Best Gate in the World?
Gate is the very first location where you invest a lot in beautification.  This is to let your visitors see before they go in to your home. 

The first impression of each visitor as soon as they visit your home is the most important to achieve. You want them to be blown away and be totally relaxed once they enter your place.

Singapore Has The Best Gate in the World!
A country is a big scale of a house (home).  The visitors are those from neighbouring countries or even at the farthest east and west side of the globe.

The Gate of a country is the airport and is obviously where the visitors had their first glance as soon as they arrive.  As long as you can read the English alphabet, you will not be lost in Singapore.  A lot of big signboards that directs you to each terminal designations can easily be spotted.

Digital clocks with large size numbers are positioned few meters apart that you can keep track with time.

Oh, I forgot to mention the free use of computer with internet that are located at a strategic corners of the airport.

Singapore had made its gate as attractive as she can.  The Terminal 1 (T1) is decorated with unique Kinetic Rain Sculpture that can change figures once each piece of raindrop is positioned.  It can be in a wavy figure or even an aircraft.  Watch the video below or at the Youtube channel.

On the other side of the airport, which is the Terminal 2 (T2), you can see the beautiful sculpture inside a small garden.  It's a colourful tiled flower-like structure that has live flowers enclosed in it.

The flooring is made up of wood with small LED lights that changes colors at a given time.  A small pond flows continuously within the garden.

This is definitely the best place to relax, be calm and release your flight stress.  The artificial sound of the forest is played on the speakers placed at a strategic position around the garden.  This simulates the sound of a rainforest.

It's A Shopper's Paradise
After visitors visited the garden and calmed down for while, there are places where shopaholic visitors love and enjoy.

Terminal 2 is surrounded by shops that sells high end products from bags to chocolates.  This will make you feel like you're not inside an airport.

What is the Best Airport of the World in 2013?
The gates of Singapore are its airports and no doubt that the world had voted the Singapore Changi Airport as the World's Best Airport in 2013.

It was voted at the World Airport Awards at the Passenger Terminal EXPO in Geneva.

I've been to the best airport in the world, so can you! 

Plan your next vacation in Singapore and see why it's the No. 1!

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