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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to Save For Your Food and Drinks In-Flight to Singapore

A bottle of water is SGD2.00 inside the aircraft and a meal is around SGD12.00 for a kaldereta or chicken adobo.

For some people, these prices are still affordable, especially to those Overseas Foreign Worker or business traveller.  How about the tourist and even the supposedly tourist that are looking for jobs in Singapore? 

I know how it feels like having the "just exact" cash on hand, budgeting is difficult.

I can teach you how to save few bucks,  starting at your first journey in Singapore. This is for practical people only.  We will start at the Philippine airport... 

Bring Your Food
Before you go to the airport, cook your own food that are dry, like fried liempo, chicken, and fried fish.  Do not bring food that has a strong smell like bagoong, please...

Pack it in a sealed plastic container such as Tupperware or Lock and Lock.  But, if you don't have these containers, don't buy one for the sake of this trip, just buy the cheap plastic containers.

You can bring your packed food and enjoy it during your flight.

How to Bring Water Inside the Aircraft
I know, we are not allowed to bring liquids inside the aircraft if the liquid was bought outside the airport.

For your information, you can buy drinks inside the airport and can bring it aboard the aircraft.  These liquids are available at the stores located after the immigration security checkpoints. But, the price of these drinks are more expensive.

So, the best way to have a cheap water inside the aircraft is to bring an empty water container or empty plastic bottle.  Once you passed the security checks at the immigration, look for the drinking fountain/station.  Some of it can be found outside the toilet.

Refill your water container and now you can bring it aboard the aircraft.  Even while on flight, you can ask the steward to refill your empty bottle.  They are friendly enough to refill it for you.

This is even applicable when in Changi Airport Singapore. You can see a lot of drinking fountain/station here and are always located outside the toilet.

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