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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Flying to Singapore with a Signal No. 1 Typhoon

Ten Domestic flights were cancelled few hours before my flight.  I was waiting for the official announcement from the Philippine Airlines if they really give it a go for the International, but heard nothing from them.

It was raining that day and was worried about the flood in Metro Manila.  If the international flights will be cancelled, I will be doomed.  I need to be in Singapore on time or else got nothing to explain to my boss.

At the Airport 
Lucky that I was near the airport 3 hours before my flight, the rain starts to pour as expected and the wind blows as a typhoon signal number 1 does.  

On my way to the airport I saw the water was coming out from the drainage.  This is not good because the next stage to this is FLOOD!  But, I was still hoping that I could make it to NAIA 2.

Made it on time! Seeing the NAIA2 at the second time since my first flight to Singapore had brought back the memories. 

Done with all check-in and immigration procedures, we boarded the aircraft 30-minute late.  I haven't noticed the time because I was nervous about the typhoon.  The second thing that I was worried about was that it's night time.  Typhoon + heavy rain + night = Nightmare!!!

During the Flight
The aircraft started rolling to the runway and I can see raindrops at the window.  This is it, we're really going!!!

The engine started to roar, the runway and the light nearby started to blur as the speed is gaining for take off.  As the wheels started to separated from the asphalt, I can feel the aircraft vibrates as if it has difficulty in taking off.

Usually, the fasten seatbelt will turn off for about 10 minutes of the flight.  But this time, it was an agonising 30 minutes of anticipation.

Even though I can see the dwarfed lights of the whole Metro Manila, what's on my mind were the clouds and the air pockets thereafter.

The air pockets shaken our aircraft in all directions that made me nervous and dizzy.  It was like a bus ride at the bare provincial road.

As soon as we hit the stratosphere, took us probably an hour, I was relieved!  The air was calm and the fasten seatbelt is switched OFF!

I've been travelling many times now and this time is my unforgettable flight and was happy to be here sharing my experience to you.

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