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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Business Opportunity in Singapore

To be honest, I want to go back to my country and be there for the rest of my life.  Enjoying every moment of it with my kids and my wife. 

Everyday is always a lonely day for me.  Even though I am having a great time roaming around at each corner of Singapore, there are still something missing.  They are there in Philippines and waiting for me, but I don't know when to achieve that moment?

Situations of an Overseas Foreign Worker in Singapore
Yup, I agree that the salary here in Singapore is nothing compared when in Philippines.  If only you compare the salary of the same occupation, apple to apple, no doubt that it's doubled or even tripled here.

Yes, I know that we have high salaries now than before, but it seems it's still not enough.  Then I asked some of my friends on how they feel about their salary, "Kulang pa rin pre! (It's still not enough bro!)".  

What happened and where are the salaries go?  The answer is to their love ones back in Philippines and specially to Steve Jobs company Apple or to Mr. Samsung.  People are having more money and can now afford to buy iPhones and smartphones.

So, what do they mean by "salary's not enough"?

What I Realized
Now, I realized that even if the salary goes high, we still are not contented of what we have right now.  This means that you and I have to do something about it.

As of now, I am planning to have a business in Philippines, but it still remained as a draft.  I planned to build my own business, even considering to have a sari-sari store, but found out that it can cost me around P30,000. 

Taking it to consideration, the building of the small store and filling it up with grocery items is really costly for a Return Of Investment (ROI) that could be two years or never (CLOSED).

A perfect opportunity knocked few days ago and I was lucky and found this new business platform that would be a great help for me and my career.   A very potential business that can be huge in a short span of time.  It can also build me a team that can also help me to grow my business.

Training and self-development is also conducted by the pioneers of this platform.

Business Platform Opportunity in Singapore
An entrepreneur is always an entrepreneur.  This attitude will never change, it can rest for a while but comes back naturally in YOU!

If you're interested in just listening or viewing something like an opportunity, which can help you long term, and just spend an hour by studying it, why not? 

You don't need to pay for the viewing, just listen and see how you build your business, it's that easy.

If you're really a business open-minded person, you'll always listen, look and if it's a good opportunity, you'll give it a GO!

Email me at if you're open for opportunities and is living a life in Singapore.


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