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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Moving to Canada from Singapore

For me, Singapore is really a great place to live, earn and save money.  That is why I tried to apply for a Permanent Resident (PR) status here in Singapore.  But, it seems that my qualification is not enough for the eye of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority in Singapore.

Life is all about luck, destiny and perseverance, but I don't have those as of the moment, and I'm not getting any younger.  The need of having an option B is taking my side now.

After knowing the result of my Singapore PR application, which is REJECTED, I then decided to take a new path.  This is not a path for me but also for my family.  Of course, I need to be with them and I cannot do it anymore in Singapore.

If I really want to, I have to apply for the long term or student visa for my wife and kids.  I don't think I can still survive for that here.  That would be a different story.

What is My New Path?
Few days ago, I started my new path.  This is a long time dream, to be in Canada.

The Canadian Immigration opened their country for foreign skilled workers to apply for a Permanent Residence outside Canada.  It has been years since it was implemented.  But, from time to time, they provided a set of new rules.

For this year 2013, they have another set of immigration rules. This is what they call the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW).

What is a Federal Skilled Worker?
A foreign skilled worker, provided that he has a 1-year experience of one of the 24 occupations listed by the Canadian Immigration as of May 4, 2013, and some other basis for the education, age, language and adaptability, if found eligible, he can apply for the Federal Skilled Worker immigration program of Canada.

It so happened that my job here in Singapore is a perfect match to the one of the 24 occupations list.  This might be luck or the start of my destiny?

So I prepared all our documents as a requirement for the Canadian FSW.  I made a new blog that will be my guide and also to those who are willing to move to Canada.  My new website is:

At this website, I will be posting the latest status of my application and also some tips on how to prepare the documents and everything related to Canada.

Some of the applicants asked for the help of the immigration agents, but I don't think it's a must.  Anyway, please visit my new site and you are free to leave some questions and maybe share some views about my journey.  Let's do it!!!


  1. Nice blog bro, especially the moving to Canada blog. Like yours, my pass has been rejected. And will probably downgraded to s pass. I'm also looking at Canada's FSW since I already have relatives there. Do you know if they can do anything from their side to help me with the FSW? or I must do everything here at my end.. Thanks again


    1. HI Eugene, if they are your direct relative (sibling, parents, aunt/auncle) except cousins, you can earn points for that. Like me, I have a sister there so I earned 5 points.

      Anyway, I'll explain it in details on my site. Moving to Canada Blog

    2. Thanks Ben, I've already bookmarked your Move to Canada blog.

      I just found out that the minimum years of work experience is ten years. Is there a work around for this? Im 27 with working exp as programmer for 5 years.

      Thanks again

    3. Eugene, It's not 10 years. The minimum years of experience is only 1 YEAR at your field...I'll make a post about this to clarify the issue. Thanks for the feedback...

      Better post a comment on my Moving to Canada blog so I can make my answer as a dedicated post and that others may benefit.

    4. For the detailed information, please follow this link.

  2. Wow! Outstanding shifting tips….
    You make a very interesting aspect here. I did look for shifting suggestions and I believe that a lot of people will believe the simple reality with your composing. Air Freight

  3. Hey Ben, could u open anonymous commenting in your MTC blog.

    Saw u got positive feedback from your application. Congrats.

    My colleague said that online appl is possible, and theres no need to spend money sending appl via DHL. Is this true?


    1. Hi Eugene, I got my Positive feedback from Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) and waiting for the Singapore Canadian Embassy letter for further processing. I did all my application on my own.

      It is clearly stated at the CIC that you can send your application through regular mail or courier/forwarder (DHL, FEDEX, UPS, etc..) direct to Nova Scotia.

      Regarding the online application, it must be from the agency that will help you process your application with an agent fee. I did this few years ago and not a great help from them.

      On Monday, I will post my story about this at my Moving To Canada (MTC) blog.

      By the way, you can post a comment at my MTC site as Anonymous...see you there!

  4. Loved to read your moving to Canada from Singapore blog and by reading your blog I got lot of encouragement to go there. I had lot of wish to go Canada and couple times tried but at the end disappointed So from now I have to start once again and hope that this time will get some sort of hope. Thanks mate:)

    1. Thank you and hope my blog will help you achieve your dream.

  5. Hi Ben,

    Are you now in Canada? Saan ok magsimula?


    1. Go to my website, and click the NEW APPLICANT from the right side bar.

  6. Hi Ben,
    I'm a Singaporean and I wanted to ask what are the requirement if I wanted to be a PR in Canada?

    1. First, you need to have an IELTS exam and a credential assessment from a Canadian assessor, then you need to have an Express Entry profile so the government can see all your skills, credentials,'s like a resume. They will send you an invitation for PR if you're eligible.

      Visit my blog in to more on the details.


  8. Hello bro,

    I would really love to live and work and Canada. I've been pretty much everywhere already. I was in Dubai for about 11 years, 2 years in Hong Kong and currently in Singapore for 4 months now. I wish I can send my resume to you and advise me whether Canada is for me.
    By the way, I am currently holding a multiple entry visa to Canada. Will it be safe for me to fly to Canada for job hunting?

    Thanks bro.
    God bless


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