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Monday, June 17, 2013

What Caused the Foggy Monday?

This morning, just like an ordinary day, I looked at the window and saw that it was foggy.  Well, I thought that it's a normal foggy morning but it's quite a bit strange since I don't feel the cold air.

So I went to work, everywhere I look is foggy, like you have a defective or scratched lens in your camera. Then, after reaching my office, logged-in to Facebook and saw a post from a friend that Orchard has also this foggy thing.

What is this Fog?
I checked the internet and found out that this is not a fog at all.  This is what they call Haze, a slight obscuration of the lower atmosphere, typically caused by fine suspended particles.

The haze is actually due to the smoke that was coming from Indonesia.  There is a forest fire happening particularly in Sumatra Islands of Indonesia.  The wind blows the smoke on the path through the area of Malaysia and Singapore.

Is the Haze Dangerous?
Haze is considered as an air pollution and it can be measured by the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI).  While we can still breath the air, this is considered as unhealthy to humans or even animals.  The Index that was measured today in Singapore is already at 111 which is in the unhealthy range of 101 - 200.  The last time it reached to the unhealthy level is on the year 2010.

PSI Value as of 11:00pm 17 June 2013 is 150.  (
Please check the latest PSI value at the top of the sidebar.

The government already warned the citizens not to expose themselves outdoors specially doing too much outdoor activities.

This is not the first time of this occurrence, this also happened last year.  This year is the highest PSI reading in Singapore since 2010.


  1. the haze reached 400+ level

    1. Yes, that's can see the data at the top sidebar.


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