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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Raining Ice in Singapore

This afternoon, the wind started to blow hard on the trees, bringing some branches of it down to the ground. One instance was it fall at the middle of the expressway, making cars dodging from the debris.

I can see and hear the strong wind blowing the leaves up swirling in the air.  I'm used in typhoon back in our country, but this is not normal in Singapore.

As I was talking with my colleague, heavy rain came and we thought that it was normal until we heard a knocking sound at the window. It seems like something small, like pebbles, hitting it. 

We opened and looked down the window and found that it was raining with ice pellets.  WOW!  

I thought that the office upstairs were throwing their extra ice from their beer drinking session. But comes from the heavy rain and gusting cold wind.  It's my first time to experience this in Singapore, although I had experienced it in Philippines, few years back.

Why are There Ice Pellets in the Rain?
The ice might be caused by the hazy environment few days ago.  I'm not sure about this, but the ice formed when water condensed at the atmosphere, due to the freezing point, before reaching the ground.

I checked the internet and here is the explanation from my friend, Wikipedia.

Check out this link from Wikipedia.

The raining with ice is also known as hailstorm.

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