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Friday, May 17, 2013

Importance of OEC: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

OEC is an abbreviation from the words Overseas Employment Certificate.  This document is only issued to an Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW) to show that he/she is properly documented and protected by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

In Singapore, every OFW who wished to have a vacation in Philippines needs to secure a valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC).  By the time an OFW is due to return to Singapore, he/she will be required to show the OEC at the Philippine airport check-in counter for verification.

What are the Requirements to Get an OEC?
You can click on this link below for all the requirements for each type of worker.

Where and How to Get an OEC in Singapore?
I have made a post on how to get an OEC in Singapore.  In this post, you can check on where to get the OEC and what are the things to prepare before going there.

When will I use the OEC?
You only need to show the OEC when you are going out of the Philippine territory.  This document is only recognized by the Philippines.

What is the Procedure if I Have an OEC?
You need to add around 15 minutes for the OEC at the airport terminal.  First, you have to go to the POEA booth for verification.  They will stamp all 4 pages of your OEC and they'll get one copy.

NAIA Terminal 1 - Do not go inside the Terminal first, you go to the rightmost part which is for 
                                OFWs.  (This can be obvious since there are a lot of OFWs on that area)
NAIA Terminal 3 - You can find the POEA counter at the rightmost part inside the terminal.

After all the stamping and minutes burned, go check-in your baggage and they will get one copy of you OEC.  Proceed to the terminal fee booth and they will get another copy. The last copy is for your souvenir... 

What are the Benefits of Having an OEC?
Aside from documenting and protecting yourself , you can have benefits of having this small piece of document.  Ussually, at the airport, Filipinos who are going out of the country are required to pay the Terminal Fee (P750.00) and the Travel Tax Fee (P1,620.00). Note: These amounts might not be the current rate when you read this post.  Please check updated rates at the airport. 

If you have the OEC, you only need to pay a Smile to the tax and terminal fee cashier! Yeyyyyy!!!

What If I don't have an OEC with me?
You can get an OEC at the Airport or at the POEA.  This is risky because you don't know if you're in a hurry at that point in time.  This will consume parts of your time while in Philippines.  We all know that, as OFWs, once you step at our soil, you need to keep moving...

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  1. OEC is just a burden to OFWs... This is a waste of time, effort, money etc.
    Why other countries do not have this? Are we Filipinos really so dumb not to think of a better convenient way
    that all of us have to suffer for this non sense processing? In Singapore I think Phillipine Embassy is the richest embassy... You see how much transaction daily it is processed there compare to other embassies but still the service and the staffs are crap! When you step in our embassy you really can feel na nasa Pilipinas ka talaga... Ramdam na ramdam mo ang kabulukan lalo na sa sistema. Kabayan wake up pinagtatawanan lang tayo ng ibang lahi... Oi Gobyerno magtrabaho naman kayo with the passion of real Public Service!


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