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Monday, March 25, 2013

Employment Pass (EP) Renewal Rejected

So sad...This is my reaction when I heard the news from my Manager.  She told me that my EP renewal was REJECTED!!!

I was pretty much expecting this result, few months ago.  Hearing those EP renewal rejection from my friends made me prepared for this.  But, experiencing it from my point of view is really affecting me in many ways.

The effects of this rejection are:
1. I began to realize that staying in Singapore is only temporary.  Holding a work pass will only secure 1-3 years of my career.  Eventually, the government is the one controlling my Singapore destiny.  My employer wants me to stay for as long as I can, but still my future depends on the government if they will grant me my pass or not.   So, Singapore government is my big Boss.

2. I saw how lucky Singaporeans are in spite of their constant complaining to the government's initiatives (as seen on Yahoo), the government is really listening and giving them the best, cutting number of foreign workers here in SG, as an example.  How I wish my mother country will also do this, care of her citizens.

3. I keep dreaming of my home country.  Realizing there's no other place like home, I always wake up early in the morning, dreaming of my family and my country.  From there, I will be a PR and Citizen at an instant.

4. Money is something to treasure specially when you were given a chance to have a huge amount of salary (compared to my country).  This reminds me that I need to save a lot for the coming Rain!

My employer told me that they will try to make an appeal.  I hope everything will be fine.

For those who have been rejected, be positive and go with the flow of life.  Eventually, everything will be in place.  Cheers!


  1. Hi... how is it going now?
    My EP will expire end of this year. And I totally understand your feeling.

    1. Hi Mimie, currently been given a chance to work with an S Pass.

  2. I just got my EP renewal rejected too! that's a very sad thing to know! =(

  3. EP renewal rejected too. :( now my employer is applying for s pass.


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