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Monday, November 12, 2012

WiFi and Wireless@SG Hotspots in Singapore

Got problems connecting to the internet in Singapore? There are a remedies for that here.  These remedy are applicable to tourists and those residing here in Singapore.  Although there are 3G and 4G networks available nationwide, but it can only be available for those who are fortunate enough to pay the bills.

One option is to use the Free WiFi hotspots here in Singapore:
1. Hotel and Hostels
2. Branches of Starbucks
3. McDonalds branches.
4. Berrylite Yogurt branches
5. Coffee Bean outlets
6. Tea Leaf outlets
7. etc....

You can ask the counter for this free service password.

What is the other solution?
Why pay when you can get it Free?  So, the other solution is the Wireless@SG, which is developed by Infocomm Development of Singapore (IDA).  This can be accessed both indoors and outdoors in any public places in Singapore with speeds of up to 1Mbps. Not bad for browsing, email and VOIP.

Wireless@SG is powered by the three big network operators in Singapore namely SingTel, M1 and iCELL.

The registration is FREE, please take not that it will only be free to public until 31 March 2013.

Where are the Wireless@SG hotspots here in Singapore?
You can connect to the internet at these locations here.

What are the Steps to Connect to Wireless@SG?
You need to have a local SIM for you to register, you need to visit the customer service section of SingTel, iCELL and M1 and present your passport for identification.

Make sure that your device has a Wifi (IEEE 802.11bg) network adapter. Please click this link to get to the step by step procedure on how to connect to the Wireless@SG.

For the FAQs about the Wireless@SG in each network provider...please visit these sites

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