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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where to Eat a Crocodile Soup - Jurong Point Mall

It was time for us to bring our guests for dinner.  Since we were near the Jurong Point Mall at Boonlay MRT Station at this time, we took our dinner at the Dian Xiao Er restaurant.  I admit, at first, it's difficult to pronounce the name of the establishment.  It's pronounced as "Dee-yan-shaw-erh" , I hope you got it too.

Anyway, it's in the 2nd floor of Jurong Point Mall at the same level of NTUC FairPrice, along the corridor just in front of Starbucks and beside the Malaysia Boleh.

Dian Xiao Er at Jurong Point Mall
We went in at 5:45pm and was lucky to avail a 15% discount because of their early bird promotion.  But this is only for the first 10 tables.  Nice!

The place is decorated with Chinese patterned lanterns.
Chinese decorated lanterns
What We Had for Dinner?
Peanuts in a saucer were first served and a wet paper towel for your hands...These peanuts are the appetizers to get you ready for the main dish.

Peanut for appetizer
Wet paper towel

We ordered five dishes, soup of the day and crocodile soup for our guests.  Sorry, I don't have the photo of it.  But I got three photos of the other dishes.

Lotus Vegetable with Sweet Peas, carrots and nuts

Duck Meat with herbs

Soup with pork meat and vegetables

Mongolian Pork
The lotus vegetable and soup taste nice and the duck as well.  The Mongolian pork is difficult to tear, you have to hold it by your fingers, in other words "need to boil more", but the sauce is good.

The average cost per serving is around S$18 - $30 and depends on the size of the serving.  All we've ordered are good for 5 persons.

For me, the overall rating is 8 out of 10.  Please visit the place.

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