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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best Time to Visit NTUC Fairprice

Another day in Singapore, my rest day, very fine Saturday.  So I decided to meet with my friend at Jurong Point, Boonlay MRT Station at 2pm.

After that I went to buy some groceries at the NTUC Fairprice.  Before telling you the perks in NTUC, I want you to know that this store is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Nice right?  By the way, I had tried to buy some groceries at 2am.  This is like 7/11 but in a big scale, a supermarket.

What are the Freebies?
Anyway, I went up at the 2nd floor of Jurong Point and headed to NTUC Fairprice.  The time was around 2-3pm.  I saw an Auntie distributing something.  I was curious and went nearer to her.  A man was sipping a cup of Nestle Coffee beside her.  She was giving a free drink of coffee.  I said, Wow, this is good!

At the far end corner, another Auntie is giving free biscuits.  So, I tried it and it's nice.  And then free fish balls, finger foods and juice(in a small paper cups) are all over the place.  So I thought that this is the best time to visit NTUC.  I printed in my brain memory (2pm-3pm every Saturday).

I am not sure if they're giving away freebies during Sundays.  There's nothing else better than this.  Finished my groceries with a smile and a full stomach.

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