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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Singapore View on Video

The road is my everyday mate and now I'm taking videos of it.  The cool thing now is that it has directions and street labels.  This video is intended for new motorist and also for tourists that has no idea how the road of Singapore looks like.

You can check my YouTube Channel not only for the videos of the road but some of the random places like parks, stations and airport in Singapore.

For me, taking these videos are not just for FUN but also storing my memories of Singapore in a digital way.  Through this, when my age reaches 80 years (I hope), I can see how I traveled to a place where a ship is placed on top of the building (Marina Bay Sands), the Lion has a fish tail and the Right way is LEFT.

*If ever you found a copy of the law or rules that disallow filming road or streets in Singapore, kindly send me the link below so I will take out these videos immediately.   I really can not find the regulations such as this. Please help me find. My intentions for this video is to let the foreign motorists know what the road of Singapore looks like before their visit.

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