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Friday, November 2, 2012

Eating A John Sandwich

It was a very busy day, full of unfinished job and yet few are still coming in to our doors.  What I like with my working attitude is that I don't care what my boss wants me to do.  Just finish the job and go on with the next.  That's it! Complaining is just a waste of time and MIGHT decrease my Christmas bonus!

So, enough of that crappy office work.  We went to this Changi Village just after work and found an Indian restaurant.  My colleague invited me to try it since he just tried it few months back.  I was so excited since he will pay for it...haha.

I ordered two prata with cheese, which I had mentioned at one of my post, and a sandwich called John sandwich.  The name of it is not that attractive but the photo on their menu looks delicious.  It looks like this when placed on top of the table.

This is really nice. It's like a scrambled egg which is laid flat together with a sandwich.  The sauce tastes like barbecue.  This costs S$4.00 and might as well consider it as a best buy.

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