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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

45-minute Drink All You Can Beer in Singapore!!!

Alcoholics, this is your time!  I'll tell you why...

Disclaimer: I am not alcoholic, but a social drinker...and take note, if you're below the legal age of drinking, please don't read further.

If you drive and love to drink? Leave your car at home...

Where did we go?
My friends and I decided to have a trip that is not famous with the tourist.  We checked with my colleague about a place and found that the TIGER Beer factory is open for public viewing every weekdays (10am to 5pm).

So, we went for the tour one Friday afternoon and was so excited about it.

The Tour at the Tiger Beer Factory in Singapore
We booked our tour ticket online for S$16.00 per adult, a day before the tour.  Arrived and excited 10-minute before the tour schedule, we took photos of the entrance.  We presented our Identification Cards and  Passports for foreigners and they gave us a Tour Card Pass.

Tiger Beer Factory Ticketing Booth
Tiger Beer Gate
The tour guide came just before the scheduled tour and she brought us to the main entrance of the Tiger Beer Factory.  There are a lot of memorabilia displayed all over the place, what I like most is the touchscreen TV for watching the history of Tiger Beer Singapore.   I saw a souvenir shop at the place but have no budget for buying so.

I took a photo of the table which is covered by a glass and in it are the bottles of the different types of beer that are manufactured inside the factory.  I was surprised that Heineken Beer is one of them. Cool!

Tiger Beer Factory beer display
After a 15-minute introduction from a video and the tour guide, we went inside the brewing factory and unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside.   So, these photos are taken outside the factory where you can see the ingredients used in making your favorite beer.  The process is highly confidential.
Ingredients Description


Oh, by the way, they need to add WATER!!! I did not took a photo of it because it's HIGHLY confidential. LOL!

After a 45-minute plant tour, they taught us a quick training on how to properly serve a beer in a chilled glass.  Better to visit it personally and learn it by yourself, the next part of it is to drink your own serving and it's a Tiger beer. Ahh!

What are the different varieties of beer in Tiger Beer Tour?
The most exciting part is here, the Beer Appreciation Section!  This is your chance to taste the different types of beer, namely:


Sorry if I forgot to mention a brand or two, but as far as I remembered, I tasted all of this.  I took a photo of the Archi Pelago, which is my favorite beer so far.  It's because of its aromatic flavor.

Archi Pelago Beer taste test, my favorite so far

Tiger and Heineken Beer are served in a big chilled glass and others are served just like the photo above.  They'll give you 45 minutes to drink beer all you can.  Hurry but don't mess up.

I end up not remembering the other brands. Hik, Hik $%^$&^%*&!!!

How to Book at Tiger Beer Brewery Tour Singapore?
Go online and book at Tiger Beer Tour Booking and Check out the Tour Booking Info.

Have a nice tour and drink!!! Please leave your comment and experience below. Hik..Hik !^@%&^74 (drunk)!!

How to Get There?
1. Alight at Boon Lay MRT Station
2. Ride the bus 182
3. Approximately 20-minute ride

Car: (Drivers should not be drinking)
Tuas West Road corner Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim

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