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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sipping Hot Coffee in a Straw in Singapore

When you buy coffee from a coffee shop like Starbucks or McCafe in Singapore, they usually place it in a mug or a coffee cup.  If it's for take out (take away), they'll place it in a styrofoam cup or a waxpaper cup and you take it out with the stirrer and extra sugar.

But, at the hawker stations in Singapore, they serve it differently when you take it out (ta-pao).  They pour the coffee at a plastic bag with a straw.

Hot Coffee inside a plastic bag
with a straw in Singapore
Take note, the coffee is still hot at the time.  Now, the way to drink it is to sip from the straw.  This is quite awkward since we are getting used to sipping cold liquids, right?  Singapore hawker stations are truly unique.

Warning: Be careful sipping the coffee from the straw, it will burn your upper lip.  I burnt mine...

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  1. now there's even a cup for hot drinks in plastic bags! designed by singaporean designers hahah. gotta check it out:)


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