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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beating the Red Traffic Light in Singapore: What is the Penalty?

A Traffic Police Officer was tailing behind me with his siren lights flashing as I glanced at my rear view mirror.  He then drove to my right and I thought that he will be going ahead of me.  What I thought was wrong, he looked at me and I was surprised to see him do that.

Traffic Police Officers should wave their hand, gesturing violators to stop, right?  The problem is that he only looked at me as if nothing had I done wrong.  I drove normally as if nothing happened.  He tailed me again until the traffic light flashed red.

I stopped the car as the Officer walked nearer to my car, he was at my right window looking at me. Alas! He gestured and pointed his hands to the side of the road.  Now I know what he meant...

What Had I Done Wrong?
I stopped and stepped out of the car to ask the police.

"What is my violation?"

"Sir, I saw you beating the red traffic light! Can I have your driving license?" the officer said with a serious face.

"When and where did I beat the red light?  I can't remember a thing."  I explained with a low voice.

He took out his small palm-sized notepad and explained  to me how I violated the red light with few sketches of the junction.  I explained to him that the light was still amber/orange.

"Sir, I will not stop you if you did nothing wrong.  But, I saw you beating the red light!"

What is the Penalty of Beating the Red Light?
My jaw was still locked open while he wrote my identification details at his small notepad.  This I can't believe is happening.

"OK sir, beating the red light is an offence that has a penalty of S$200 with a demerit points of 12."  

Oh my! I have only 12 points remaining from a total of 24 points and a few deductions from my budget.  This is not good.

He handed me my license and informed me that I can write an appeal to the Traffic Police Department and a letter from them will be sent to me.  He drove off leaving me speechless.

Now, I am preparing for the arrival of my letter and I'm drafting my explanation letter to send it to them.  Hoping for a positive result...(finger's crossed)

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  1. totoo po bang super hirap ng maghanap ng work s SG ngaun khit pa thru agency eh parehong hirap ang dadanasin mo? after daw ng contract from agency eh mahirap na magrenew or kumuha ulit ng work from another agency, totoo po ba to?

  2. Yes, I agree. Few of my friends who went here to find a job but wasn't able to find one. One of the reason is because of other talents are coming from the middle east.

    I have 5 Filipino acquaintances and 4 of them are from the middle east.

    We hope that talents will be distributed again to other places so others can have a chance to work in SG. As of now, this is the situation.

    1. In addition, MOM rejected my Pass renewal and we appealed. Thank God they reconsidered.

      I tried to apply for other jobs but no one ever sent me a reply.

      Singapore is helping their people to be employed 100%. This is how good their government is. Of course, for OFW, this is a disadvantage.

  3. thank you po sa info mr. ben... goodbye s pangarap kong SG life!

  4. If I received message from smart pinoy can I checked who is using it?


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