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Monday, February 20, 2012

MOM Singapore's New Qualifications for Employment Pass (EP) Holders

It's a bad news for the Foreign Workers (EP holders) who are renewing their passes this year and to those who are going to find a job here in Singapore .

MOM has heightened the qualifications for the Employment Pass (EP).  The minimum salary limit of an EP holder to be approved or renewed is $3,000.

Also, each foreign worker will be strictly screened for their academic qualifications.

Here is the statement from the MOM for your information:
"Enhanced Employment Pass Framework
From 1 January 2012, the qualifying salary for the Q1 Pass will be increased from $2,800 to at least $3,000 for young graduates, while older applicants would have to command a higher salary to qualify, commensurate with the work experience and quality they are expected to bring. The qualifying salary for the P2 Pass will be raised from $4,000 to $4,500. There will be no change in the qualifying salary for P1 Pass which remains at $8,000. Concurrently, educational qualifications requirements will be tightened. For more information, please refer to our press release. "
          Source: MOM Singapore

This will be advantageous for Singapore locals.  They are lucky that their Government is looking for ways to help them find a job that fits to their qualifications.

For us, OFWs, we are just visitors in their country.  There is nothing we can do with their policy.  What we can do is to work hard and save some money for the future to come.


  1. di ko po gets e2? ano pong impact nito with us, foreign job seekers? ibig bang sabihin nito we can get a job pero dahil mababa salary walang pass? ano po ba ung Q1 Pass?

  2. idol ben :)) kindly explain po:))

  3. It means that if your salary is below S$3,000, You will not be granted an EP Pass Q1 (salary level). They will only give you an S Pass and the company needs to pay levies for you.

    There are some advantages of having an EP other than an SP.

    But, as long as you have a job here, may it be a Work Permit, S Pass or an E Pass, you're still lucky to have one.

  4. is it true na job seekers like us should go to SG around July and August dahil ito daw po ang hiring season nila? i wanna go there to try my luck but i'm a little hesitant because I only have 3 days leave from my work.. help!!

  5. actually that's 3 weeks leave, 21 days.. hehehe

  6. sir san at pano b humanap ng agency sa SG? nagcheck ako online puro kasambahay, gusto ko sana customer service eh...

  7. I think its bad news for the Foreign Worker in Singapore. It means that if your salary is below $3,000, you will not renewing their passes this year and to those who are going to find a job in Singapore. You will not be granted an Employment pass on salary level .They will only give you a Singapore pass and the company needs to pay levies for you.


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