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Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Invest In HSBC Singapore?

I have few investments in Philippines and I say it is worth it.  Having no parents since young made me feel unsecured...always.  Learning through this experience opened up my mind to my future preparations.
I'll never know when the lightning strikes, so I need to invest for my future.

Investing now is painful in my pocket and sometimes takes me away from being, "japorms", spending great gadgets like Mcbook Air, Iphones, Beat by Dr. Dre, etc...Well, I guess life isn't that perfect. 

I don't care having no expensive gadgets at all. The most important thing is how to prepare myself in the next future. 

My life here in Singapore is not permanent.  I'm not sure when my work pass will be denied forever by the Ministry of Manpower or may not be granted with a Permanent Residence status. So, I need to save and save for the rainy days.

How did I learned about investing?
My sister is working in a bank so she has some ideas on how to save money through investments.  She opened up my eyes to this schemes and found it very useful.  I had my first insurance when I was in college and got my first Pension Plan as soon as I started working. Too young to think about it? I don't think so...

I was walking along the Jurong East MRT Station and met a lady from HSBC.  They have a HSBC booth right at the MRT Station, some kind of a promotion. She asked me if I want to invest in HSBC?  So, with no second thoughts, I said "Of course"!

What Type of Investment in Singapore?
I gave the HSBC agent 5 minutes to explain the scheme and turned out to be great. We arranged another meeting so she can explain it clearly.

We all know that HSBC is one of the best banks in Asia and a stable company.  But, I never knew that they are offering investments scheme.  What I was familiar of is their credit card business.  So, I was eager to learn more about it.

We had the second meeting and she explained to me the Life Manager Plus of HSBC.

Why did I Invest in HSBC in Singapore?
We all know that income from our salary is always unstable.  My greatest fear is how will I survive after 30 years?  Not only that...who will provide my needs when I'm disabled? What if I found out soon that I had cancer?

HSBC Life Manager Plus is an investment that will grow your money to an average of 9% per annum.   The minimum investment amount is S$1,800 per year and its a long term investment. That means, you will only realize the full potential of your investment after years of investing.  The good thing here is it includes life insurance, critical illness and disability benefits. 

This will also allow me to invest in HSBC Singapore even if I am a foreigner, it's a world wide investment.  I can continue investing even if I am not staying in Singapore.  When time comes, I or my family can receive the benefits even if we're in the Philippines.

What's the Process of Investing in HSBC in Singapore?
The agent and I met again for the third time.  This time, it's in the Starbucks,  I signed up for the Life Manager Plus of HSBC.  

A lot of documents were signed during that time and we proceed to the ATM paying station to pay my premium at HSBC.  I keyed in my bank details and the payment was fast.  She got the receipt from the ATM and told me that HSBC will review my application and will send all the approved documents to my home address directly.

After 3 weeks, my policy arrived at our doorstep and was direct from HSBC.  All the photocopies  of my documents that I had signed was there with all the list of computations for the benefits.

I slept during that night with ease, knowing that I am insured even if something wrong will happen to me tomorrow.  Saying this is not pleasant, I know, but we have to face the reality.

Are You Interested in Investing at HSBC Too?
You can send me an email so that I can refer to you to my Authorized HSBC Investment Adviser.  My email address is

Invest your money while you're able.

Warning: Do not deal with unauthorized agents.


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    1. You can check this site...,com_adsmanager/Itemid,27/catid,1/expand,0/order,0/page,show_category/text_search,/

  2. hi sir, ask ko lang po sana kung through agency sa SG kame magaapply me babayadan po ba kme? if meron, how much nmn kaya.

  3. Hi,please check this post...this may help

  4. Hi Ben, it's my second comment of the day, your posts are a worth while read :)
    This is a great choice and the interest rate is amazing at 9%! Thanks for this post!

  5. Oh and by the way, I'd appreciate it if you could send us the info on the HSBC account adviser, does he/she have an email address? I checked their website, calls are made internationally, too costly. Many thanks is advance!

    1. You must be in Singapore to get an HSBC investment. My contact is a Singaporean and she only handles Singapore Area.

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