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Friday, January 20, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012: What's About It?

Chinese New Year 2012 will be celebrated two days from now and I just realized that it's another year for me in SG.

This time of the year is when company workers, especially Chinese, are out for a vacation. Some company closes for the whole week and might have a half-day off on a Friday just before the week of the festival.

This is like Christmas for them.  They will have a reunion with their friends and families.  Others will have a vacation/tour somewhere else in the world.  A lot of preparations to be done especially on food, that's why a lot of Sale on items in every Mall in Singapore is going on this time.

Just last night, at the supermarket, crowds of Chinese are queuing at the counter.  Bringing carts of goods for their Chinese New Year 2012 preparation.  

What will I do during Chinese New Year?
People are doing the what they call "Spring Cleaning".  This is the time to clean their houses. Get rid of old items and replaced it with a new one.

This is also my time to check what's on the garbage bin.  This is weird but I always enjoy it a lot.  I make it sure that there are items that I can still use and bring it up to our flat.

Believe me or not, last Chinese New Year 2011,  I have got a sofa, center table, soccer ball, guitar & kitchen table. These items are all good.  It's just that some people don't want to see it inside their house for the next lunar year.  So, they throw it away and I scavenge it my way....hehe

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  1. kong hei fat choi! mang ben i need some enlightenment... ano po ba talaga?? me nagsasabi na dapat dito palang sa pinas magsend na kme ng resume kung walang employer sa SG na pumansin or magreply man lang that means we have a slim chance of getting hired khit pumunta pa kame sa SG. Me nagsasabi nmn na dapat physically nasa SG ka para maghanap ng work or else di ka papansinin ng employers.. ano po ba talaga???

    1. Before I went to SG, I sent hundreds of resumes and was unlucky. No one replied. I think it's because my contact details are in the Philippines. It's a hassle for employers to hire someone outside their country, a lot of paper works, unless you have the best talent.

      When I arrived at SG, changed my address and contact numbers, this time there were calls for an interview.

      You can send resumes from Philippines a week before you leave, change your contact numbers and address to SG. Ask your friends if they can provide it for you. At least you're now at SG once they call you.

      You need to apply to jobs that are in line with your degree or else MOM has a greater chance to deny your employment application.

  2. agree ako jan. I also sent several resumes to SG employers pero tuwing tatawagan nila ako nire-refer lang nila ko sa mga company dito sa Pilipinas at siguro dahil ang gamit kong address eh dito nga lang.

  3. can I send a resume with a Singaporian address but contact number is a Philippine mobile number?

    1. There's no point having an SG address and with a Philippine contact number. Employers usually contacts you through phone, so better have a mobile number in SG.

  4. hi, i was about to book a flight sa cebupac kanina pero I was advised na ang returning flight daw pabalik sa Phils ay 21 days lang. un lng daw po ang allowed days para magstay ang tourist sa SG, akala ko po ba 30 days. I'm not sure if i can find a job within 3 weeks. scary..

  5. 21 days to tour in SG is suspicious. This will only mean that you are looking for a job, in an Philippine immigration officer's point of view. That is the reason why they don't allow 30-day return tickets.

    Once you enter SG, the immigration officer will usually give you 30 days stay. Once you're here in SG and if you will go beyond the 21-day return ticket schedule, you can re-book anytime.

    This is my experience at the NAIA Philippines. Please read the link..


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