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Friday, November 11, 2011

How to Pay in Singapore

One thing I admire in Singapore is the method of payment when you are buying items, food, bills payments and even services .

This is where I can say that bringing cash/notes are optional in a case to case basis.  As what I have experienced when purchasing something, Hawkers are the only places where I pay cash.

Paying Taxi Cab
Back in the Philippines, some taxi driver's don't want to use the taxi meters for the hundreds of reasons they're complaining about.  I have to pay in CASH and even ask you for additional payment if you were stuck in traffic.

This is not what you'll experience in Singapore.  Taxi cabs in Singapore are equipped with credit and debit card readers where you can just swipe your card for your payment.  For me, I used my Debit card from POSB bank to pay for my fare.   These cards are handy and safer than cash.  But, of course, you can also pay cash.

HDB Season Parking Payments
I have to pay HDB for my Season Parking every month.  Payments can be done in the HDB payment centers or the Singapore Posts by cash or Debit/Credit cards.

The most convenient way for me is to pay online.  Few clicks on the mouse, as long as I have my POSB Bank account and online passwords, will be so easy for me.

Buying Groceries
Having plenty of cash makes your pocket or wallet bulky.  Although it's safer in Singapore when talking about robbery, it is more convenient for me not to bring a lot of cash. This is what I do when buying my groceries in Fairprice or even buying Parking Coupons in the 7-eleven stores.

Just a swipe of my POSB Debit Card will do the rest.  I just key in my PIN number and everything are payed.  But, of course, my card should have money in it because it's a Debit card not a Credit.

Airline Ticket Payment
I think this payment system is already been familiar to everyone. But, for the sake of information, I'll include this for you.

When I purchase airline tickets for my way back home to Philippines, I use my Citibank Credit card (Philippine account).  This is easy, but I have to pay the amount in Peso, so Citibank will convert the Singapore Dollar billing to Philippine Peso with a higher currency rate of around P3.00 per S$1.00 (estimate).

This is the most convenient way of paying, but if I'm not careful enough, it will blow my eyes as soon as I see my billing.

Topping Up my EZ-link card
GTM (General Ticketing Machines) is used to top up the EZ-link card aside from the ticketing booth.  This is convenient since you can pay cash just by inserting it to the cash slots.

One way and the easiest is to pay by NETS.  My POSB card is linked through NETS, so all I have to do is to insert my card to the slot and key in the PIN and that's all it takes.

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