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Saturday, November 26, 2011

EPEC List of Institutions Changed

One of my follower prompted me that the list of institutions from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for the EPEC Philippine Applicants has changed.

Few months back, the list were composed of six institutions, namely:

1. Asian Institute of Management
2. Ateneo De Manila Unviversity
3. De La Salle University
4. University of the Philippines
5. Mapua Institute of Technology
6. University of Santo Tomas

On September 01, 2011, MOM updated their list and took out the last three Institutions from it, leaving the first 3 behind.

I think they are taking their move on reducing the foreign workers in Singapore.  A lot of foreigners are going in Singapore and looking for a job, maybe an effect from the Thailand flood incident. Of course, the locals are not happy with the competition.

As we all know that Thailand is also strong in attracting foreign workers.  But the flooding causes some to transfer to other countries like Singapore where the milk and honey is more abundant.

What we can do now is to make our experience stronger and maintain the job that suits our degree.  This will be our ultimate goal to have the career that we wanted.

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