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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is SingPass in Singapore and its Purpose?

Few months ago, I renewed my driving license at the LTO (Land Transportation Office) in the Philippines.  It took me 3 hours for the whole process, waiting in a room without air-conditioning.

I didn't complain, because it's the way it is "ganun talaga!", I am not surprised then.

In Singapore, I had made few government transactions and it was totally a different experience.  

It took me just 3 minutes in renewing my Employment Pass card and 1 hour on applying for a conversion of my Driving license.  The government offices are so comfortable, where you can feel the cold air-conditioned rooms, the seats are almost empty with few people queuing-up and counter staffs are fast and friendly.

The reason why there are few people queuing up in Singapore Government offices is because of their online transactions.

How can we transact with the Singapore government Online?
What I like in Singapore is that I can transact to any government agencies by just having the internet connection and the SingPass.  You can visit this link to apply for the SingPass, but you have to read below if you're eligible.

What is SingPass and its uses?
SingPass is short for "Singapore Personal Access" where a person can transact to any Singapore government agencies through the use of the internet.

If you are included in one of these groups, you are eligible to apply for a SingPass.

Singapore Citizen and Permanent Resident
Employment Pass and Personalised Employment Pass holders
EntrePass holders
S-Pass holders
Dependant Pass holders (of EP, PEP, EntrePass and S-Pass holders)
Selected Work Permit Holders (check eligibility)

The SingPass has a username and password.  Just like having Facebook, Yahoo or any internet account.  But SingPass account is for all Singapore Government agencies online.  

Some of the uses of having the SingPass is that you can view your CPF, Statement of Account, Registering a company, car and renewing parking, etc...

There's no hassle for me, I can renew my HDB season parking anytime...

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